The 7th Human Civilization

700,000 BCE to 6,500 BCE

Note: I’m not sure about the reliability of this source

First Civilization:

  • Existed approximately 700,000 years ago.
  • Early pre-humans created by the “Illojim” with the capability to handle tools and fire.
  • Lived among the reptilian race with no significant issues initially.

Second Civilization:

  • Created after the destruction of the first civilization.
  • Evolved further with the “Illojim” accelerating their development over 23,000 years.
  • Eventually destroyed by the “Illojim” to make way for the third creation.

Third Civilization:

  • Created through further genetic manipulation by the “Illojim.”
  • Continued the trend of accelerated evolution.
  • Destroyed for reasons similar to the previous ones.

Fourth Civilization:

  • Another iteration by the “Illojim” in their experiment to create a slave race.
  • Continued advancements in intelligence and physical structure.
  • Ultimately wiped out, following the pattern of destruction and recreation.

Fifth Civilization:

  • Known for the construction of a massive triangular structure, the precursor to the Egyptian pyramids.
  • Advanced technologically and structurally compared to previous civilizations.
  • Eventually fell and left behind significant ruins.

Sixth Civilization:

  • Established 16,000 years ago.
  • Known for the underwater ruins found in the Bimini area.
  • Destroyed like its predecessors, leaving behind traces of its existence.

Seventh Civilization:

The seventh and current human civilization began around 8,500 years ago and is the most recent creation according to the text. The archaeological and historical evidence of previous civilizations is limited and often misinterpreted, leading to a fragmented understanding of humanity’s past.

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