Atlantis: The Book of the Angels

The sacred symbol of Atlantis, the four-armed Cross

In “Atlantis: The Book of the Angels,” the four-armed Cross is a sacred symbol that holds significant religious and cultural importance for the Atlanteans. Here is a detailed explanation of its role and symbolism based on the text:

Symbol of Victory and Prowess

The four-armed Cross, also known as Tekthah’s standard, symbolizes the national prowess and the victorious empire of Atlantis. It represents the reach and influence of the Atlantean civilization in all directions: North, South, East, and West. This symbol is carried by the Emperor Tekthah and is present in all the major cities of Atlantis, especially in their Temples of the Sun.

Religious Significance

The four-armed Cross is not only a national emblem but also holds religious connotations. It is kept in the central tower of the temple and is revered by the people. Its presence in the temples underscores its sacred status, and it is associated with divine protection and favor.

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Idolatrous Practices

Despite its sacred origin, the four-armed Cross becomes part of the idolatrous practices of the Atlanteans. It is venerated to the extent of being worshipped as a god, reflecting the spiritual degradation and moral corruption of the society.

The people of Atlantis, in their desperation for divine protection, even go so far as to offer the sacred symbol in blasphemous sacrifices, indicating their departure from pure worship and their turn towards idolatry .

Symbol of Surrender to Depravity

During times of crisis, the four-armed Cross is used in sacrificial rituals to appeal to a divinity that the people do not fully comprehend.

This act of offering the sacred symbol in wicked sacrifice is seen as a consummate blasphemy and an indication of the nation’s surrender to devil-worship. The people’s belief that this would protect them from their sins further highlights their spiritual downfall .

Cultural Impact

The four-armed Cross’s transformation from a symbol of national pride to an object of idolatrous sacrifice illustrates the broader theme of moral and spiritual decline in Atlantis. It serves as a poignant reminder of the consequences of turning away from pure faith and embracing corrupted practices.


The cross symbolizes victory and national greatness. It led the nation under Tekthah to its victorious empire and was a rallying symbol during times of war and conflict.During a pivotal moment in the story, the cross is brought out from the central tower and lifted towards the sky, symbolizing a nation’s surrender to a divine power. This act is seen as a form of devil-worship and blasphemy, showing the people’s desperation and moral downfall​​.

R/1/186 – Drawing of an Atlantis-cross, another cross-shape, symbols; and notes – Museum of Witchcraft and Magic
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