• The Elohim are the creators of the evolution of Earth and the cosmos
  • It’s an evolution of steps, from energy to vibration, to patterns, to dimensions, to matter.


  • Elohiym (Hebrew)
  • Anunna or Anunnaki (Sumerian)
  • Theō (Greek)
  • Ilū / Ilānū (Easter semitic)
  • Anunna
  • Deva (India)
  • Viracochas (America)
  • Aessir
  • The powerful one(s)
  • Heavenly Father (Mormon)
  • The 6th dimension
  • The architects
  • The biggest body in the universe
  • Chronos
  • Wheel of the universe

Types of Elohim

  • Jehovah Elohim
  • Ben Elohim
  • YHWH Elohim

“Jehovah saw that the wickedness of the ADaM was great in the earth”; and “it repented Jehovah that he had formed the ADaM,” and “Jehovah said, I will destroy the ADaM whom I have created,”

Preadamites, by Winchell, Alexander, 1824-1891

Rudolf Steiner

In Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical teachings, as reflected in the provided transcript, the concept of the Elohim plays a significant role. The Elohim, according to Steiner, are high-ranking spiritual beings within a hierarchical cosmic order. Here’s a breakdown of how Steiner describes the Elohim:

Hierarchical Position
The Elohim are identified with the Exusiai or Spirits of Form, which places them four levels above humanity in the spiritual hierarchy. This hierarchy, as described by Steiner, includes three triads of spiritual beings, with the Elohim belonging to the second triad. They are above the Spirits of Personality (Archai), Archangels (Archangeloi), and Angels (Angeloi).

Role in Cosmic Evolution
Steiner describes the Elohim as key participants in the creation and evolution of the Earth and the cosmos. They were active since the time of Ancient Saturn, the earliest phase in Steiner’s cosmology, through the stages of Ancient Sun and Ancient Moon, leading up to the Earth’s existence. Their creative thinking and activity go beyond mere thought forms and extend into the realm of being, shaping and creating in the physical and spiritual worlds.

Connection to Genesis
Steiner connects the Elohim to the Book of Genesis in the Bible, interpreting the “days” of creation as periods marked by the activities of different groups of spiritual beings, with the Elohim playing a central role. He suggests that the account in Genesis, when understood esoterically, aligns with the findings of clairvoyant research and the stages of Earth’s development as described in anthroposophy.

Warmth, Light, Sound, and Life
In the development of Earth, Steiner explains that the Elohim were responsible for introducing warmth (recapitulating Ancient Saturn), light (recapitulating Ancient Sun), sound ether (recapitulating Ancient Moon), and life ether. These elements represent both physical elements and spiritual activities.

Delegation to Time Spirits
After initiating major cosmic events, the Elohim delegate the management and further development of these events to subordinate beings known as Time Spirits or Archai. This delegation is seen as part of the orderly progression of spiritual activities in the cosmos.

Anthroposophical Context
In the broader context of anthroposophy, the Elohim’s activities are understood as part of a complex spiritual evolution that includes not just the physical universe but also the development of human consciousness and spirituality.

Mauro Biglono

The 12 Elohim

Elohim and its interpretations and meanings

The term “Elohim” has various interpretations and meanings, primarily in the contexts of religion and mythology.

In Judaism and Christianity: “Elohim” is a term used in the Hebrew Bible. In its most basic sense, it is one of the names for God in the Hebrew language. The word is plural in form but is often used with singular verbs and adjectives, which has led to some debate among scholars about its precise meaning in different biblical contexts. It’s commonly interpreted as a majestic plural, denoting the supreme God.

In Mormonism: The term takes on a slightly different connotation. In the Latter Day Saint movement, Elohim is believed to be the name of the Heavenly Father, distinct from Jehovah (Jesus Christ).

In Various Mystical or Esoteric Traditions: The term “Elohim” is sometimes used to refer to a group of divine beings or angels. This interpretation is less common and is usually found within certain mystical or esoteric traditions.

Elohim, what does it mean?

According to

  • Elohim is plural
  • It’s a mistake that it is translated to ‘God’
  • No one knows the origin of the word, better not to translate it.
  • Translates as ‘Many individuals in flesh and blood’
  • There are several Elohim names, YHWH was just one of them
  • In Hebrew are Elohiym, in Sumerian are Annuna or Anunnaki, in Greek is Theō, they are the same individuals
  • They make the humankind
  • They are not Gods, they are not humans
  • The bible doesn’t tell us where they came from
  • They intervene with surgery intervention
  • YHWH was in charge of the family of Jacob

Conclusion of Elohiym from the Old Testament

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Mathias de Stefano

6th Dimension (architects) was the most important dimension, the 6 spheres, the main structure of creation, and by polarity, living in time and space.

Architects were divided into different trinities, seeds of life, and seeds of the universe.

Bringing life to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions. These beings are called the Elohim. The first ones were big bodies, that decided to divide themselves.

Each one of us comes from one Elohim. Elohim was divided into different rays of light. The idea of archangels (Archangels in other vibrations)

Witch of Endor

The witch of Endor tells Saul that she saw elohim ascending out of the earth when she summoned the spirit of the Prophet Samuel at Saul’s request. The word elohim, in this context, can refer to spirits as well as deities.

Gnostic text

In the Gnostic text known as the Secret Book of John, Elohim is another name for Abel, whose parents are Eve and Yaldabaoth. He rules over the elements of water and earth, alongside Cain, who is seen as Yahweh ruling over the elements of fire and wind.

Elohim left exactly 2944 BCE

Note: this seems to be incorrect since Elohim is not a species.

This was our planet until they arrived here and began to experiment with evolution on your species. In my personal opinion, we are fighting to save our planet. Then, exactly 4,943 years ago – according to your time scale – the Ilojim left this planet again for unknown reasons. (It is a very important date for us, because it changed so much of our history. Because scholars call it a victory)

Interview with Reptilian Woman – 1999

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