Earth’s history involves repeating cycles influenced by cosmic and planetary shifts. These cycles often lead to significant geological and environmental changes

The reptilian species had developed a highly advanced civilization, with technological and scientific knowledge far surpassing that of early humans.

Cycle of creation and destruction orchestrated by the “Illojim,” with each civilization reaching a certain level of development before being eradicated for unknown reasons.

The traditional starting date of the Assyrian calendar is 4750 BCE. The year 3761 BCE is calculated based on the creation of the world according to Jewish tradition.



The days of the week are linked to gods and deities across many cultures, from the Sun and Moon to gods of war, wisdom, and love


Four Yugas

The Hindu Puranic King Lists are found in the Puranas, which are ancient Hindu scriptures written in Sanskrit.

Our ancestors had a very advanced way of teaching cosmology, understanding the cosmos, and using it as a timekeeping system.

Starting 102,500 years ago, this Wave is characterized by light, reflective self-consciousness, the emergence of art, spirituality, and ritual.

Helena Blavatsky discusses the concept of “root races” in her writings, particularly in “The Secret Doctrine”

When these ice masses were present, they caused the Earth’s crust to be depressed under their immense weight.

Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are reported by individuals who have come close to death or have been declared clinically dead but are later revived.