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The fifth and the sixth wave

The nine waves

Fifth Wave (Unity Consciousness)

Starting 102,500 years ago, this Wave is characterized by light, reflective self-consciousness, the emergence of art, spirituality, and ritual. It signifies a time when humanity was closely connected to the Source.

Sixth Wave

Beginning around 3000 BCE, this Wave introduced a dual pattern, symbolized by one side being dark and the other light. This duality led to the dominance of the left-brain ego, creating a sense of separation from the Source and giving rise to individual power dynamics and patriarchal structures.

Ninth Wave (Unity Consciousness)

Activated in March 2011, this Wave represents the highest frequency of consciousness. It has a short cycle of 36 days and is associated with unity consciousness. During its ‘Day’ phases, there’s an easier access to creative vibrations and co-creating new realities. The ‘Night’ phases are times for introspection and alignment with inner consciousness.

The Ninth Wave, activated in March 2011, has an entire wave period of 36 days, 18 days common days in a spiritual Day, followed by 18 common days in a spiritual Night. During the Days or peaks of the waves, we have easier access to the creative vibration of One Being.

The last wave that incorporated unity consciousness was the all Light holistic Fifth Wave, which began 102,500 years ago in which a single wave period lasted 15,800 years. A sense of reflective self-consciousness, art, spirituality and ritual all have roots in this age. Humanity then was still intimately in touch with the Source. However, the Sixth Wave rolling in around 3000 BCE had a dual geometric pattern, one side dark the other light. When downloaded into the brains of humans, this created a left-brain ego dominance, which left us feeling separated from our Source. The consequence in human culture was the establishment of individual power-over dynamics and public dominance institutions, commonly known as patriarchy. Of course, power-over others can never solve the problem of acute abandonment we feel being out of touch with our Cosmic Mother Creator.

Carl Calleman

Beginning with the Big Bang he believes creation has continued through a series of waves, each one a factor of 20 times shorter in duration than the one preceding it. Each wave has driven the structure of the universe to a higher level.[

  • The first wave drove the creation of physical matter
  • The second living cells
  • The third multicellular life
  • The fourth organisms living in family groups
  • The fifth, saw humans in tribal groups
  • The sixth in national groups

The seventh wave encompasses human awareness of the whole planet, and the eighth awareness of our place in the galactic structure.

 The final wave, the ninth and shortest of all, began on 8 March 2011 and will complete along with all the others on 28 October 2011 sees awareness of the whole of the cosmos achieved.

Rather than the series ending with an Apocalypse he describes it as the completion of the creation process of the Universe. The way will then be open to the full realisation of consciousness at its highest level which he terms “Unity consciousness”.

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