The 10 Chaldean Epochs: 432,000 Years

The Babylonians and Chaldeans had a concept similar to the Hebrew Adam-Kadmon, or first man, and recorded ten epochs from their head mortal to the Flood. This mirrors the Hebrew story of ten generations from Adam to Noah. Here are the epochs and their corresponding lunar years before the Flood:

EpochNameLunar Years Ago
First EpochAlorus36,000
Second EpochAloparus10,800
Third EpochAlmélon46,800
Fourth EpochAmmenon43,200
(Oannes, a fish-man, came out of the Red Sea to teach mankind)
Fifth EpochMelagarus64,800
(A second Merman teacher, came out of the sea)
Sixth EpochDaonus36,000
Seventh EpochEdoranchus64,800
(Another Merman who came to teach the human race)
Eighth EpochSancharis36,000
Ninth EpochOtiartes28,800
Tenth EpochXisuthrus64,000
(The Man of the Flood)
TotalFrom Alorus to the Deluge432,000


  • Alorus: The first epoch, starting point of the timeline.
  • Aloparus: The second epoch.
  • Almélon: The third epoch.
  • Ammenon: The fourth epoch, during which Oannes, a fish-man, came from the Red Sea to teach mankind.
  • Melagarus: The fifth epoch, another merman teacher appeared from the sea.
  • Daonus: The sixth epoch.
  • Edoranchus: The seventh epoch, yet another merman teacher.
  • Sancharis: The eighth epoch.
  • Otiartes: The ninth epoch.
  • Xisuthrus: The tenth epoch, associated with the Flood.

Total Time Span

  • From Alorus to the Deluge: 432,000 lunar years.

This structured timeline provides a clear view of the Babylonian and Chaldean epochs leading up to the Flood, reflecting Randolph’s discussion of ancient chronologies in “Pre-Adamite Man.”

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