Joy Kingsborough

Cycles of Catastrophe and Renewal

Natural Cosmic and Planetary Cycles

Earth’s history involves repeating cycles influenced by cosmic and planetary shifts. These cycles often lead to significant geological and environmental changes, such as flooding, volcanic activity, and earthquakes.

These cycles are part of a natural process designed to reset and realign the planet, ensuring its continued growth and evolution.

Impact on Civilizations:

The rise and fall of civilizations like Atlantis are part of these natural cycles. Each cycle involves a period of growth and development followed by a period of catastrophe and renewal.

The knowledge and wisdom from previous cycles are often lost due to the traumatic events that reset the planet, leading to a fresh start for new civilizations.

Pole Shifts

Scientific Basis and Historical Occurrence

Pole shifts have happened in Earth’s geological history and are expected to happen again. These shifts involve a reorientation of the planet’s magnetic poles, which can lead to dramatic changes in climate and geography.

The speaker confirms that a pole shift is expected to occur within the next 100 years, significantly impacting the planet.

Consequences of a Pole Shift

A pole shift will result in major environmental changes, such as the melting of Antarctica, revealing many of its secrets, and potentially freezing other parts of the world.

The process of the pole shift will cause widespread disruption, including natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and significant flooding. These events will lead to substantial loss of life, especially in coastal areas where most of the human population resides.

Human Adaptation and Migration

Humans have historically lost the intuitive ability to migrate in response to environmental changes. However, as people awaken to higher consciousness, they will feel a natural urge to migrate to safer locations.

Those who are in tune with their migratory instincts will begin to move to safe areas, adapting to the changes brought about by the pole shift and other cosmic events.

Current and Future Implications

Awakening and Preparation

The current era is seeing a rise in awareness and awakening, as more people become conscious of these cosmic cycles and the impending pole shift.

There will be an increasing dissemination of knowledge and information about these events, as those who have kept this information private will feel compelled to share it with the public.

Technological and Spiritual Integration

The integration of advanced knowledge, both technological and spiritual, will help humanity navigate the upcoming changes. This includes understanding and utilizing ancient wisdom from civilizations like Atlantis.

The collective shift in consciousness will facilitate a smoother transition through these cycles, helping humanity to emerge more enlightened and balanced.


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