Ignatius Donnelly

The Destruction of Atlantis

Ignatius Donnelly (1831-1901) was an American politician, writer, and amateur scientist. He is known for his diverse interests and contributions in several fields, including politics and history

Father Seán ÓLaoire explains that, according to Gaelic mythology, Atlantis, or Tír fo Thuinn (the Land Under the Waves), was an advanced civilization that sank under the Atlantic Ocean.

Ivan, a young hero from a small village, sets out on his quest after hearing the elders speak of the mystical Alatyr stone, which grants wisdom and power to its possessor.

Chinese folklore

The myth of a sinking city

The myth of a sinking city, particularly in Chinese folklore, is often associated with the legendary city of Yingzhou, also known as the City of Immortals.



In ancient times, there was a race called the Atlanteans who lived in a land known as Atlantis.


The Sirians

Beings from the star system Sirius often referred to as “Sirians,” are thought to have played a significant role in the development and guidance of ancient Earth civilizations.