The beings in Sky World had more powers than human beings. For instance, they could make things happen just by thinking about it.

Ta’aroa was the ancestor of all the gods; he made everything. . . . He was his own parent, having no father or mother. . . .

Kukahi goes on to explain the Po as a time of nonhumans when there were no “souls” (’uhane) of men living in the flesh

12,800 Years Ago

African Flood stories

The great god Unkulunkulu warns people of a flood, and they survive by climbing the Drakensberg mountains.

The Adityas, particularly Varuna, are closely associated with upholding Rta, the cosmic order in Hindu mythology

Inpu is the original Egyptian name for Anubis, meaning “to decay” or “to putrefy,” which aligns with his association with mummification and the afterlife.



The World Turtle, sometimes depicted as the god Kurma, an avatar of Vishnu, supports the world on its back.

My grandfather said that the turtle was tilted sideways a bit, and this would be the Rockies. The tectonics follow the marking of the turtle as well.

Paschal Beverly Randolph

Estimates of human origins

the last great cataclysm as occurring between 42,000 and 58,600 years ago, caused by the breakup of a planet in the solar system, resulting in the asteroid belt.

This one we are now on, Taha Earth, was given to grow up to 24 points. Its circumference is 24,000 miles. Land mass: one mile for every year to relate to its ages, cycles of 24,000 years, called one Equinox, or even shadows.

Paschal Beverly Randolph

Our history – A Shemitic Myth

I believe that this earth has, for millions of ages, been the scene of human activities; you, that it is but a few thousand years old! Your God is human; mine is celestial.

When all this was done, God called into existence a being named Kyomarz, or Gil-Shah; and he was the father of all the present human race—that is to say, of the Persians. ‘Gil’ means ‘clay,’ ‘Shah’ means ‘king’

Paa Taraq

Their 3 Abodes

This is the scheme with which the demonic Pleiadians inspired a fake revelation of fake religions and passed it on to them. But they could not follow Tamila’s records of the Enuma Elish and Atrahasis stories from the seed of Cush.


Creation Story

In the beginning, there was Light and Darkness, and Chaos and Order intertwined. In the covenant of Light and Darkness, and Darkness and Light intertwined.


Co-Creation of Mū

Although physically submerged, remnants of Lamia exist in locations like Easter Island and New Zealand.

Aboriginal people are described as truly Gaia beings, indigenous to Earth, unlike other humanoid races that originated from Lyra and other star systems.


Inner Earth

This channeling focuses on the concept of inner Earth, past lives, and the interconnectedness between inner and surface Earth.

Hindu cosmology

World Elephant

The Ashtadiggajas (Sanskrit: अष्टदिग्गज) are a group of eight legendary elephants in Hindu cosmology. They serve as the guardians of the eight zones of the universe.

The Anunnaki were created as a hybrid race combining angelic and reptilian qualities. Their primary mission was to protect Earth by eliminating distortions and corruption.

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Lemuria: Temples of Juvenation

In Lemuria, there were “Temples of Rejuvenation” where individuals could undergo processes to significantly extend their lifespans and maintain youthful vitality.

Long, long ago there were only creatures on the earth. There were birds, bears, deer, mice, everything but people.

Long ago before Mother Earth existed, the Creator sat alone in darkness thinking, and with His thoughts He formed Mother Earth.