Abel and Osiris

Abel from the Bible and Osiris from ancient Egyptian mythology share several thematic and narrative similarities, even though they come from very different cultural and religious backgrounds

4 Heads and 4 Arms

Deities with multiple arms and heads are common in various mythologies and religions, often symbolizing their superhuman nature and abilities.

God Bes

God Bes

A statuette of a pantheistic deity with the face of the god Bes. It is made of bronze inlaid with gold, and is dated either to Late Period or Ptolemaic Period

Zé Arigó – Dr Fritz

It was proven that the medium’s practice did not involve illusionism or sorcery, declaring that 95% of the medium’s diagnoses were correct and that operations carried out with a pocket knife

Orgone Pyramid

Orgone Pyramid

An Orgone Pyramid is a type of pyramid-shaped object that is part of orgonite, a material to balance and harmonize bio-energy.

Jesus’ Initiation

Different methods of initiation used in post-Atlantean mysteries are detailed, including how they evolved up to Christian times.


The most famous stories about Hercules revolve around the “Twelve Labors,” a series of seemingly impossible tasks he had to complete as a penance


Solomon, gifted with a luminous ring from the angel Gabriel, gains dominion over winds, animals, birds, and even the jinn



Thoth is a key player in human civilization. He appears many times through different reincarnations. Thoth is key to understanding our history.


Goliath was a giant warrior from the Philistine army. He was described as being over nine feet tall and wore heavy armor.



Ptah was often depicted as a creator god who fashioned the world through his thoughts and words.