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And he had 700 wives, princesses, and 300 concubines; and his wives turned away his heart.

1 Kings 11:3

Solomon, gifted with a luminous ring from the angel Gabriel, gains dominion over winds, animals, birds, and even the jinn. He commands the jinn to construct a grand palace, adorned with marble and pearls from the sea, and to prepare lavish feasts.

One day, Solomon learns of Bilqis, the striking and powerful ruler of Saba, from a hoopoe bird. Intrigued, he invites her to Jerusalem. Bilqis, curious about Solomon’s wisdom and divine connection, visits and stays to explore more about him. As they spend time together, a deep bond forms between them, alarming the captive jinn who fear their servitude might extend if the pair were to marry and produce an heir.

Rumors spread by a jinn named Zabwa suggest Bilqis has jinn ancestry, evident in her hairy legs and peculiar feet. To uncover the truth, Solomon devises a clever test involving a deceptive glass floor over water, making it appear like a pond. When Bilqis attempts to cross, lifting her skirts to avoid getting wet, Solomon sees her legs but remains tactful about his observation.

Despite the revelation, Solomon assists Bilqis in embracing a monotheistic faith, leading to their marriage and the birth of their son, Rehoboam, who is marked by long arms, a sign of leadership. Bilqis lives with Solomon for several years before passing away. Solomon buries her in Palmyra, Syria, a city with mystical connections to jinn and supposedly built on Solomon’s command.

Magic ring

In the Kabbalah

Early adherents of the Kabbalah portray Solomon as having sailed through the air on a throne of light placed on an eagle, which brought him near the heavenly gates as well as to the dark mountains behind which the fallen angels Uzza and Azzazel were chained; the eagle would rest on the chains, and Solomon, using the magic ring, would compel the two angels to reveal every mystery he desired to know.

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