• 16,000 – 15,000 BCE – The rise of Atlantis
  • 15,000 – 13,000 BCE – The empire of Atlantis ruled the whole planet (physical and ethereal)
  • 13,000 BCE – Colonial wars
  • Other time markers
    • Second of the breakings-up of the land
    • First destruction of Atlantis
    • Second destruction of Atlantis


  • Poseidia
  • Island of the Egg
  • Island of creation


  • Law of One


  • Involvement by Arcturians
  • 12 families rule the 12 faces of the planet
  • Opening the portals of magnetical structures through temples and pyramids
  • Powerful because every human was connected to the network
  • Only 2,500 years to do so, after transforming your civilization.
  • The families started to think like different civilizations.
  • Try to rule the time, try to handle it, get the power
  • Prepare humans to become gods
  • They put the ‘I’ over the ‘am’
  • Forgot what they had to do, they became an empire instead of a government
  • Colonies were asking for independence.
  • Ended the communications through the colonies
  • Mainland people moved to colonies to survive
  • Main Atlantis problem because the power was leaving
  • They decide to conquer the other colonies
  • Main Island tried to control the colonies
  • Colonies fight back.
  • Use the energy of the Protecta
  • Atlantean people began the was against the Leo era
  • The colonies against the main island.
  • Destroy the network – system shut down – disconnection of the memory
  • Proces of amnesia
  • All the energy of the network destroyed the main island – the pulses went back in one time
  • Ending of Atlantis
  • The North Pole and the South Pole moved faster – Pyramids and temples left in places without energy
  • A process of a thousand years, where every year the disconnection was stronger, and the north pole destroyed itself. The water started to melt.
  • Walls were made of ice, closing the area between Scotland, Iceland, and Greenland. The sea between England and France. All the water reached the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The big flood (less than 50 years)
  • Atlantic and Mediterian colonies had to leave
  • The main colonies to accept were Mediterian, the Middle east, and Central America
  • Ending of the civilization

Persons (Deities, gods)

  • Divine Thoth
  • Hermes Trismegistus
  • Odin
  • Adler
  • Cairo
  • Etey
  • Iltar
  • Atlon
  • Atlan

Atlantis was an archipelago consisting of two large islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean near the Mediterranean Sea. There existed a highly developed civilization of the Atlanteans. The most important point about this civilization is that it possessed the true religious-philosophical knowledge, which allowed many people to advance quickly in their development — up to the Divine level — and accomplish thus their personal human evolution.

However, with time Atlantis’ spiritual culture degraded, and as a result the power in the country was taken over by aggressive people, who preferred black magic and domination over others rather than the principle of the true spiritual development. Then God made the islands of Atlantis sink into the ocean.

But the higher spiritual knowledge was preserved by some Atlanteans, Who achieved Divinity. They brought it into Egypt and other countries, where this knowledge existed for some time providing a basis for the local spiritual culture.

The Atlantean educational system

The Atlantean educational system included the skills of psychic self-regulation, the knowledge about the structure of the multidimensional universe, ethics and different kinds of art, creativity in science and technology, which were developed to a high level.

Divine Thoth -> Hermes Trismegistus

  • Djehuty (in Atlantean language)
  • Part of the 12 families (system of wise people)
  • Most important from all the wise people)
  • Relate to Ibis – the bird
  • Hermes (in Greek) -> symbol of the snake
  • Descended from the Acturians (Blue ones)

Thoth-the-Atlantean moved to Egypt (Khem)
Thoth relates that He went the entire Path to Mergence with the Primordial.
Thoth also explains one of the higher meditations — the Temple and its particular variation — the Pyramid.
“Long then dwelt I in the Temple of the Primordial until at last I was One with the Light.”
Later Thoth embodied Himself again in Egypt and was Hermes Trismegistus (Thrice-born)
Deep beneath the image of the Pyramid lies My secret. Seek and find it in the Pyramid I built.
… Seek and find there That Which I have hidden! There shall you find the “underground entrance” to the secrets hidden before you were men.


“Atlantis was My work: from the very beginning till the end I created the spiritual culture of Atlantis. From there it moved partly to Egypt.

“I took with Me worthy people and led them into Myself — an incarnation after incarnation, a wave after wave. Thus I embodied Myself there several times.

“It was Me who initiated the wave of Lutheranism, Reformation in Europe: i.e. the ideas about the possibility for man to communicate with God directly, without intermediates, without rituals… France, Germany, the Netherlands… This process was completed with the liberating wave of Napoleon, which washed out almost completely the filth of the inquisition from the Earth.


“My name is Cairo. The word Cairo in Atlantis meant Earth: Earth as a living planet!*

“Atlantis was My ‘earth’. From Atlantis this name came to the capital of Egypt.

“Since that time I have never embodied Myself again.”

“Were You a priest in Atlantis?”

“I was one of the five Atlantean rulers. There was a group of five rulers-elders, and I was its leader. I represented the temporal power which possessed spiritual knowledge.


“I am one of many Atlanteans who continued to work on the Earth after the destruction of Atlantis. The sphere of My activity was ancient Greece and the islands close to it. It was far before the incarnation of Pythagoras. Later on, being non-incarnate I participated in preparation of the Mission of Pythagoras.”

“Thus I recreated in Greece all the best from the culture of Atlantis — hoping to preserve it in the memory of people on the Earth for many centuries.”


On November 12, 1933 Edgar Cayce gave a general reading on the Mayan civilization at the request of several A.R.E. members. In making a connection with Atlantis, the reading promptly focused in on the influence of a single prominent Atlantean named Iltar who migrated to the Yucatan just prior to the final destruction of Atlantis:

Then, with the leavings of the civilization in Atlantis (in Poseidia, more specific), Iltar – with a group of followers that had been of the household of Atlan, the followers of the worship of the ONE with some ten individuals – left this land Poseidia, and came westward, entering what would now be a portion of Yucatan. And there began, with the activities of the peoples there, the development into a civilization that rose much in the same matter as that which had been in the Atlantean land. Others had left the land later. Others had left earlier. There had been the upheavals also from the land of Mu, or Lemuria, and these had their part in the changing, or there was the injection of their tenets in the varied portions of the land – which was much greater in extent until the final upheaval of Atlantis, or the islands that were later upheaved, when much of the contour of the land in Central America and Mexico was changed to that similar in outline to that which may be seen in the present. The first temples that were erected by Iltar and his followers were destroyed at the period of change physically in the contours of the land. That now being found, and a portion already discovered that has laid in waste for many centuries, was then a combination of those peoples from Mu, Oz and Atlantis. (5750-1)

Note that Iltar traveled to the Yucatan with a group of followers of the Law of One to build temples and provide a repository for a copy of the records of Atlantis for posterity. The records were said to be in the form of stone tablets.

With the final destruction on Atlantis, the physical contour of what is now Central America was changed as that land also experienced upheavals. The first temples erected by Iltar and his followers were destroyed. The records of Atlantis that were transported to the Yucatan have not yet been recovered, although the readings insist that will eventually happen.

Reading 5750-1 also documents how the Mayan civilization was actually a composite of various sources, including Atlantis, Lemuria, and even the lost tribes of the Hebrew peoples.

Those in Yucatan, those in the adjoining lands as begun by Iltar, gradually lost in their activities; and came to be that people termed, in other portions of America, the Mound Builders. (5750-1)

Gold Tablets of Atlanteans

Before the invention of paper, our ancestors recorded significant information on various other materials, including plates (tablets) of gold. As a result of this, various texts of the highest spiritual significance have been preserved for us, modern people.

Now we can make an interesting comparison. What is more valuable: the gold, of which the tablets were made, — or the information that was written on them from the words of the Divine Teachers?

The one in the Atlantean land, that sank, which will rise and is rising again; another in the place of the records that leadeth from the Sphinx to the hall of records, in the Egyptian land; and another in the Aryan or Yucatan land, where the temple there is overshadowing same.

Reading from Edgar Cayce

Edgard Cayce’s readings

According to Cayce, Atlantis was a highly advanced civilization located from the Gulf of Mexico to Gibraltar. Edgar Cayce referred to Bimini as one of the mountaintops of ancient Atlantis. Before the end of the last Ice Age (12,000-years ago) the ocean levels were at least 300 feet below their current levels. A vast “island” was in the area in those remote times rather than chains of islands. Though the island does not appear to be a mountain today, 12,000-years ago it was one of the highest points on the vast land formation in the region.

Through destructive misuse of advanced technology, Atlantis was destroyed over a period of thousands of years, with a final catastrophic event circa 10,000 B.C. Over its years of destruction, Atlanteans migrated to other parts of the world, including ancient Egypt and the Yucatan Peninsula, where they brought with them their technological advancements, beliefs, and recorded history.

The Aryan and Japhetic Colonies

We come now to another question: “Did the Aryan or Japhetic race come from Atlantis?” If the Aryans are the Japhetic race, and if Japheth was one of the sons of the patriarch who escaped from the Deluge, then assuredly, if the tradition of Genesis be true, the Aryans came from the drowned land, to wit, Atlantis. According to Genesis, the descendants of the Japheth who escaped out of the Flood with Noah are the Ionians, the inhabitants of the Morea, the dwellers on the Cilician coast of Asia Minor, the Cyprians, the Dodoneans of Macedonia, the Iberians, and the Thracians. These are all now recognized as Aryans, except the Iberians. “From non-Biblical sources,” says Winchell, “we obtain further information respecting the early dispersion of the Japhethites or Indo-Europeans—called also Aryans. All determinations confirm the Biblical account of their primitive residence in the same country with the Hamites and Semites. Rawlinson informs us that even Aryan roots are mingled with Presemitic in some of the old inscriptions of Assyria. The precise region where these three families dwelt in a common home has not been pointed out.” (“Preadamites,” p. 43.) I have shown in the chapter in relation to Peru that all the languages of the Hamites, Semites, and Japhethites are varieties of one aboriginal speech. The centre of the Aryan migrations (according to popular opinion) within the Historical Period was Armenia.


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