Mu & Atlantis history

Interview with Huna Flash

The first civilization of Lemuria

Mo Auw: New Zealand’s Ancient Name

Here, the focus shifts to New Zealand, known in these ancient times as “Mo Auw.” This part of the narrative underscores the deep historical roots and the significant geographical identity of the region in the context of Lemuria.

The World’s First Mountain

The narrative then highlights a major geographical feature – the world’s first mountain located in this region. This symbolizes not only a significant physical landmark but also a cultural and spiritual beacon for the Lemurian civilization.

The Embrace: A Momentous Encounter

This section delves into a pivotal event named “Embrace,” which seems to signify a crucial meeting or encounter, potentially marking a key moment in the Lemurian societal or spiritual journey.

Maui: The Village of the Descended

The story moves to the village of Maui, intriguingly dubbed the “village of the descended.” This suggests a lineage or descent from celestial or divine origins, adding a layer of mystique and spirituality to the Lemurian people.

Descendant of Heaven

Further exploring the celestial connections, this part touches upon the concept of a “descendant of heaven,” adding to the enigmatic nature of the Lemurian heritage and belief system.

Pamu and Po Na Mu: The Greenstone Connection

The creation of “Pamu” or “Po Na Mu,” linked with greenstone, is discussed here, emphasizing its significance as a foundational element or belief in Lemurian culture and geography.

Superintelligence: A Blend of Earth and Sky

This section reflects on the notion of a Lemurian “superintelligence,” suggesting a remarkable blend of earthly and celestial knowledge or capabilities, potentially rooted in their mythology or actual practices.

Mystical Abilities: Portals and Transformation

The narrative concludes with a fascinating glimpse into the mystical or metaphysical beliefs of Lemuria, highlighting the supposed ability to open portals and undertake transformative journeys, symbolizing their spiritual depth and metaphysical prowess.

4 Stages of Lemuria

  • In the Pacific

Stage of Lemuria 2

Americas to Europe, Greenland, Iceland, UK, Ireland, Wales

  • Stone Henge – Portal
  • Dingle Harbor Cave
  • 300 million years ago

Stage of Lemuria 3

Asia, India, China, and Japan, Mountain began to rise in Tibet

Stage of Lemuria 4

Table Mountian – Africa

Fall of the 4th Lemuria ( 16 million years ago)

-The war (Yucatan, Gulf of Mexico, comet was a weapon)

-The sea was red, the red water, lasted for millions of years, Millions of years of peace, then Atlantis arose.

Atlantis began in Yucatan

Stage of Lemuria 5

  • Age of Aquarius
  • Draconion language, poisoned
  • Created Zodiacs in the sky
  • Clock towers to enslave humanity
  • The last quarter of a million years
  • Draconion, Jesuit, Julian, Adamic …
  • We can’t remember, made to not remember
  • The undoing of the things that don’t serve us
  • Draconion dragons, Lemurian Dragons
    • Dragon Families
    • Consumption of their babies
    • Vertebrae
    • Mesopat

4 Stages of Atlantis

Atlantis 2

  • Egypt, Khem(et)
  • Anunaki and the Naki
  • Laboratories of Adam and Eve, there were at least 3
  • Star Nations Draconians entered with the Arcon Essence, certain Anunnaki agenda, and placed it within their DNA during the times of Adam and the Eve Laboratories and placed it into and interfered with the humans. The Mayans interfered with it, and that’s why they couldn’t grow anymore. Draconian experiments. Draconion families, Winston, Windors, Rothschilds.

Paka, Palangi is infections, the ones that walk with no breath. Polaris in the north Star, Nothern star constellation. Kingdoms of Draco.

Anunnaki took over and came up with the idea of serving one god. Before everybody spoke from the sacred breath. Giant Nation people. Blockade a barricade and you need the right frequency to access through it.

Europeans, Zionists are paka infection, this infection is colorless. Capturing of our children and stealing their essences and those energies from the blood and the fluids, the depopulation program. There is a repopulation program

Motu Grid

Atlantis ended in the Pacific on the Easter Island and the Marshall Islands. Atlantis went full circle, in the last 100,000 years.

The time before confusion/distorted light


striations – code

where in Dingle Harbor in a cave


Pleiadians – came in to help to support our DNA and bring in more codes of our lineage.

Nascar, Nosa (Nota), Anasazi, to support of the human DNA


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