Polynesians as Descendants of Lemurians

Channeling the spiritual and ancestral connections of Polynesians, particularly their relationship to Lemuria. Here is a comprehensive summary:

Polynesians as Descendants of Lemurians:

The discussion begins by confirming that Polynesians, along with other indigenous groups like Native Americans and South Americans, are descendants of ancient Lemurians.

Polynesians, in particular, have a more concentrated connection to Lemurian ancestry.

DNA Structure and Connection to Lemuria:

The speaker highlights a unique aspect of Polynesian DNA, which contains a “Lemurian indicator.”

This DNA strand, which they refer to as the “god strand,” is crucial for unlocking ancestral knowledge and spiritual abilities.

The speaker sees a DNA strand being lit up, indicating the activation of this unique genetic marker.

Importance of Connection to Earth:

For Polynesians, connecting to the Earth, especially within the Pacific region, is vital for activating their spiritual and ancestral knowledge.

The necessity of connecting to organic elements of the Earth, such as land and sea, is emphasized.

This grounding in Earth is contrasted with the more celestial focus of other cultures, particularly in Europe, where people tend to connect with higher spiritual realms.

Cultural and Ancestral Practices:

Polynesians are described as “people of the land,” deeply connected to their environment and natural elements.

This connection is similar for Maoris in New Zealand and Native Hawaiians.

The westernization and commercialization of Hawaii have impacted this connection, with land ownership and high costs being significant issues.

Challenges of Modernization:

The speaker laments the loss of land and connection to ancestral roots due to westernization and the lack of laws preventing foreigners from buying land in Hawaii.

There’s a shared sentiment among Hawaiians, regardless of ethnicity, about the need to protect and preserve their land.

Living in Urban Environments:

Polynesians and others with this unique DNA structure might struggle with living in urban, high-rise environments for extended periods because it disconnects them from the land.

While some people can thrive in cities, those with strong ancestral connections to the land might find it unsustainable in the long term.

Spiritual and Ancestral Readings:

The speaker notes that it is easier to tap into these spiritual and ancestral insights through readings with others rather than self-readings.

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