Around 11,000 BC, a massive flood occurred, the consequences of the Atlantean-Lemurian war.

Ur is the Antlantean word for Light, looking for cities with the name Ur might reveal some Atlanteans traces D’Urville, Antartica Haugh of Urr, Scotland

The people of Atlantis were not human. They came from various star systems and were part of an effort to cultivate and help the planet.



Zeus decision to punish Atlantis for its hubris and moral decline is a central theme, highlighting his omnipotence and authority



Poseidon divides Atlantis into ten portions, each ruled by one of his sons, with the eldest son, Atlas, ruling the central and most important part.



Mummification is depicted as a highly religious practice, often performed by an organized and influential priesthood. This custom was perpetuated over generations due to its deep spiritual significance.

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Atlantis’ Readings

Thus I recreated in Greece all the best from the culture of Atlantis — hoping to preserve it in the memory of people on the Earth for many centuries.

Noah’s condemnation of the idolatrous practices and his prophetic warnings about the destruction of Atlantis highlight the tension between the worship of Jehovah and the idolatry of the Fish-god.

Genesis mentions that the descendants of Japheth include the Ionians, Moreans, Cilicians, Cyprians, Dodoneans of Macedonia, Iberians, and Thracians, all of which are recognized as Aryans, except the Iberians.

Ignatius Donnelly

Atlantis reconstructed

The Atlanteans built aquaducts, practiced irrigation, were skilled architects, sculptors, and engravers, and had a system of writing.

Ignatius Donnelly

The Colonies of Atlantis

Atlantean trading posts evolved into settlements, spreading into the interior regions and the highlands

Ignatius Donnelly

Ad-, Atl-, At-, Atlantis

In exploring the mythologies of ancient civilizations, we find recurrent references to a mysterious and ancient civilization, often interpreted as Atlantis.

Ignatius Donnelly

The Chaldean Deluge

Berosus describes how Xisuthros (Khasisatra) was warned by the god Cronos (Ea) of a coming flood and instructed to build a vessel to save his family, friends, and animals.

Changing Woman launched a boat with a group of people and sailed west into the big water, but after four days, she said they must return because she had forgotten something. She gave us seven ceremonies called the Beauty Way ceremonies.

Man: Whence, How and Whither

The Fourth Root Race

Over a million years, the Manu meticulously bred the new race, achieving the red-brown Toltec sub-race known for its splendor.

Man: Whence, How and Whither

Beginning of the 5th Root Race

Lord Vaivasvata Manu began selecting individuals for the fifth Root Race. This was the first step in a long process of choosing the best candidates for developing this race.

Man: Whence, How and Whither

Atlantean Peruvian Civilization

In the thirteenth millennium B.C., the civilization of Peru closely resembled that of the Toltec Empire at its peak.

Man: Whence, How and Whither

The Civilisation of Atlantis

Mr. Scott-Elliot describes the famous City of the Golden Gates as surrounded by a beautiful, park-like landscape dotted with villas of the wealthy.