The Pleiadian Goddess Satya

Channelled during a Star-seed Activation Retreat: the Pleiadian Goddess, Satya, takes on a wonder-ful journey to the Temples of Alorah – usually considered to have existed in Atlantis, but which Satya now reveals were initiated in Lemuria.

The transcript is a guided meditation journey, primarily focused on exploring the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria through astral travel and spiritual visualization. Here is a summary highlighting the key elements related to Atlantis, Lemuria, events, locations, and persons:


Meditation and Astral Travel:

The guide leads participants through a relaxation exercise, encouraging them to activate their “Merkaba light fields” and visualize sacred geometry to facilitate astral travel.

Journey to Lemuria and Atlantis:

    Participants are guided to travel through an interdimensional tunnel, moving backwards in time to ancient civilizations.

    They first reach Lemuria (MU), described as an ancient civilization preceding Atlantis.

    Description of Lemuria:

      Lemuria is depicted as a time when physical continents and the planet were different, with more oceans and less distinct landmasses.

      The planet had different colors, frequencies, and a heightened awareness of the etheric fields and auras of all living things.

      The Lemurian sky was more radiant and colorful.

      Temples of Ellora:

        Participants are guided to the temples of Ellora, described as etheric and multidimensional, with columns that shift between marble and pure light.

        These temples were places of sacred mystery training, where higher-dimensional beings were visible, similar to times in ancient Egypt.

        Interactions with Lemurian Beings:

          The participants interact with Lemurian beings, who scan them energetically and telepathically, recognizing their purity and intention.

          The beings are described as wearing flowing robes, having flowing hair, and adorned with crystal jewelry that aids in their aims.

          The Lemurian Civilization:

            The civilization is depicted as highly advanced, with children being awake and supported by the priestess orders and the community rather than just parents.

            The priestess orders in the temples of Ellora had significant influence, calling into being a multidimensional world.

            Priestess Transmission:

              A collective consciousness of priestesses transmits guidance and wisdom to the participants, emphasizing the importance of women as way-showers and leaders.

              There is a call for men to support and embrace the power of women, highlighting a need for balance and understanding between genders.

              Pleiadian Influence:

                Satya, a Pleiadian goddess and former priestess of Ellora, speaks about her frequency and vibration, connecting with participants to enhance their divine feminine grace.

                She encourages men to let go of the fear of women’s power and to support the awakening of women.

                Spiritual and Environmental Connection:

                  Participants are encouraged to spend time in nature to re-establish communication with plants and animals, fostering a telepathic connection.

                  The journey emphasizes the importance of love, acceptance, and gratitude in opening these connections.

                  Return from the Journey:

                  The guide instructs participants to return to their present time and place, feeling the wonder and ability of astral travel, realizing that they have journeyed through both past and future.

                    Key Locations:

                    Lemuria (MU): Ancient civilization before Atlantis.

                    Temples of Ellora: Sacred etheric temples where higher-dimensional beings were visible.

                    Key Persons:

                    Satya: Pleiadian goddess and former priestess in the temples of Ellora, representing goddess frequency and divine feminine grace.

                    This meditation guides participants to explore their spiritual connection to ancient civilizations and emphasizes the roles of women and the need for balance and support between genders for the collective awakening and ascension of humanity.


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