The Laman form, the original human prototype

The transcript involves a detailed conversation about ancient civilizations, particularly focusing on Mū (often referred to as Lemuria), Atlantis, and Egypt. The speaker discusses the involvement of extraterrestrial beings in these civilizations and the role of the listener’s soul in these times.

Ancient Civilizations and Galactic Beings: The speaker mentions that the listener was present during various ancient civilizations, including Mū, Atlantis, and Egypt. These civilizations are foundational templates of Earth’s history. Mū, also called Lemuria, is particularly emphasized.

Role in Mū (Lemuria): The listener was part of the initial seeding group of Mū. The seeding involved creating new civilizations and life forms. The speaker notes that the listener found this era boring due to its lack of action and because they couldn’t physically interact with the environment due to a frequency mismatch. As an Arcturian, the listener helped in collecting and preserving life forms from different galaxies to seed them on Earth.

Visualization and Environment of Mū: Mū is described as having dark greens and blues, reminiscent of a dense forest at night. The speaker refers to a time when Earth had no clouds, which aligns with some ancient periods shown in AI-generated images.

Transition to Lamia and Atlantis: The timelines of Mū and Lamia (and later Atlantis) overlap. The listener played a significant role in Lamia by being a seer, someone who could open portals or veils to other dimensions and realities, providing others glimpses into these spaces.

Galactic Influence and DNA: The Laman form, the original human prototype, combined DNA from several galactic races and Earth humans, creating highly connected beings. Over time, this DNA was hybridized into what humans are today.

Frequency and Perception: The speaker discusses how humans’ frequencies are rising, allowing them to perceive other dimensions, similar to tuning into a radio station. The listener’s past role involved removing veils or frequency overlays created by the Atlanteans, which limited perceptions.

Current Incarnation and Purpose: The speaker suggests that the listener’s current incarnation is to help humanity remove these frequency overlays, similar to their role in Lamia. The listener’s mere presence on Earth, due to their energetic imprint, is said to be sufficient for this task.

Energetic Imprint: The concept of energetic imprints is emphasized, suggesting that every being has a unique energy signature, more significant than physical identifiers like names or social security numbers. The listener’s energetic presence is enough to influence and aid the planet’s current transformation.

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