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Lemuria: Temples of Juvenation

24,000 BCE

In Lemuria, there were “Temples of Rejuvenation” where individuals could undergo processes to significantly extend their lifespans and maintain youthful vitality.


The host introduces the Paranormal Experience show and announces the presence of international guests, Dr. Todd and Gustavo Amorin.

Dr. Todd will discuss his childhood spiritual influences and his journey into mystical practices.

Dr. Todd’s approach to healing integrates advanced scientific research with spiritual practices. Here’s a detailed breakdown of his methodology:

Healing Techniques:

Stem Cell Activation:

Dr. Todd has developed a method to isolate and activate dormant pluripotent stem cells in the body. These cells have the potential to differentiate into any cell type.

By using laser technology, these cells are “awakened” and directed to specific areas of the body needing repair or rejuvenation.

This technique involves separating stem cells from blood, stimulating them with a specialized laser, and then reintroducing them into the body.

Reversing Entropy:

The technology aims to reverse cellular aging and disease by inverting the process of entropy at the atomic level.

This involves using light waves that are out of phase to create a zero-vector field, which can penetrate deep into tissues and affect the nucleus of cells.

Photodynamic Therapy:

A combination of specific compounds (like methylene blue) and light therapy is used to target and eliminate pathogens, including viruses and cancer cells.

This method enhances mitochondrial function and overall cellular energy, aiding in the body’s natural healing processes.

Applications and Results:

1. Heart Failure Treatment:

  • Study and Method: Dr. Todd conducted a clinical study on patients with severe heart failure using a minimally invasive procedure that involves intravenously injecting activated stem cells guided by laser technology.
  • Results:
    • Patients experienced a 14% improvement in heart function within 3 days.
    • Continued improvement to 25% within 1 month and 50% within 2 months.
    • Compared to traditional methods, this approach showed six times better results, with some patients even being removed from the heart transplant list.
  • Published Data: These findings have been documented in clinical studies, showcasing significant advancements in heart failure treatment.

2. Dementia and Cognitive Function:

  • Case Study: A woman with dementia underwent treatment involving activated stem cells and laser guidance.
  • Results:
    • Within 3 days, there was an 80% increase in her brain energy production.
    • Her alpha brain waves, which are crucial for cognitive function, were restored to normal levels.
    • She experienced complete memory restoration, which was confirmed through quantitative EEG measurements.
  • Implications: This demonstrates the potential for reversing cognitive decline and improving brain health significantly.

3. General Rejuvenation and Longevity:

  • Treatment Protocol: Regular treatments using activated stem cells and laser technology aimed at rejuvenating the body.
  • Results:
    • Patients experienced biological age reversal by approximately 3 years per treatment.
    • In some cases, individuals who underwent multiple treatments over a year showed a biological age reversal of 12-18 years compared to their chronological age.
    • A specific case involved a 73-year-old who, after three treatments, had the biological markers of a 55-year-old.
  • Athletic Performance: Another individual improved their peak heart rate from 173 bpm to 185 bpm, suggesting enhanced cardiovascular health and performance, akin to that of a much younger person.

4. Stem Cell Activation and Healing:

  • Laboratory Findings:
    • Initial experiments showed that laser-guided stem cells could align perfectly and exhibit behaviors of young, healthy cells.
    • Infected or diseased cells, such as those affected by HIV, were restored to a healthy state after treatment.
  • Practical Application: These findings support the broader application of this technology in treating various conditions, from viral infections to chronic diseases.

5. Pineal Tones and Spiritual Healing:

  • Pineal Tones Workshops: Participants engage in vocal exercises designed to activate higher dimensional aspects of DNA.
  • Results:
    • Enhanced spiritual awareness and physical health reported by participants.
    • The tones are said to help unlock dormant potentials within the DNA, contributing to overall well-being and expanded consciousness.
  • Large-Scale Gatherings: Events where hundreds of participants sing the tones together have created powerful collective energies, which are believed to contribute to planetary healing and increased collective consciousness.

6. Blue Methylene and Photodynamic Therapy:

  • Method: Using blue methylene combined with red light therapy to target and eliminate pathogens and improve cellular function.
  • Results:
    • Effective in treating viral infections and enhancing mitochondrial function, thereby boosting overall cellular energy.
    • Applications include cognitive enhancement, improved skin health, and potential anti-cancer effects.

Spiritual Integration:

Pineal Tones:

Dr. Todd employs pineal tones, a set of specific sounds and vibrations intended to activate higher dimensional aspects of DNA and consciousness.

These tones are part of a spiritual practice designed to awaken and enhance human potential, aligning the body and mind with higher states of being.

Whale Sounds:

Inspired by the sounds of whales, which resonate deeply with the human heart, Dr. Todd integrates these natural frequencies into his healing practices.

These sounds are believed to help in aligning the body’s energies and enhancing the healing process.

Overall Impact:

Dr. Todd’s approach is holistic, combining advanced medical technology with deep spiritual practices.

His methods aim not only to heal but to elevate the overall human potential, fostering a balance between physical health and spiritual growth.

The focus is on creating a sustainable, long-term impact on health and well-being, promoting a future where individuals can live healthier, longer, and more fulfilling lives.

Lemuria: An Overview

Ancient Civilization:

Lemuria is believed to be an ancient, advanced civilization that existed thousands of years ago.

It is thought to have been located in the Pacific Ocean region, encompassing areas that are now parts of Asia, Oceania, and the Americas.

Spiritual and Technological Advancements:

Lemuria was known for its profound spiritual knowledge and technological advancements.

The Lemurians were said to have a deep understanding of consciousness, energy, and the multidimensional aspects of reality.

Connection to Lemuria

Past Life Recall:

Dr. Todd and other spiritual practitioners believe in the concept of past lives and soul memories.

Dr. Todd recalls his past life in Lemuria, where he was involved in advanced healing practices and technologies approximately 26,000 years ago.

Temples of Rejuvenation:

In Lemuria, there were “Temples of Rejuvenation” where individuals could undergo processes to significantly extend their lifespans and maintain youthful vitality.

These temples used a combination of energy work, geomagnetic forces, and advanced spiritual practices.

Healing Practices Inspired by Lemuria

Pineal Tones:

The pineal tones taught by Dr. Todd are believed to be ancient Lemurian sounds that can activate dormant aspects of DNA and consciousness.

These tones were used in Lemuria to maintain high states of spiritual awareness and physical health.

Rejuvenation Techniques:

The methods Dr. Todd uses today, including stem cell activation and light therapy, are seen as modern adaptations of the rejuvenation practices from Lemuria.

The goal is to achieve similar results, such as reversing biological age and enhancing overall vitality.

Lemurian Teachings and Modern Applications

Activating Higher Potentials:

Dr. Todd’s work aims to awaken higher potentials within individuals, much like the spiritual practices of Lemuria.

This involves integrating advanced technology with ancient wisdom to foster physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Global Consciousness Shift:

Part of Dr. Todd’s mission is to facilitate a global shift in consciousness, drawing from the collective wisdom of Lemuria.

This includes creating networks of individuals who are awakened to their higher potentials and can contribute to a more enlightened and harmonious world.

Lemurian Coros and Events

Gatherings and Ceremonies:

Dr. Todd organizes events where participants engage in singing Lemurian tones and performing rituals reminiscent of those in ancient Lemuria.

These gatherings are designed to activate and harmonize the participants’ energies, creating powerful collective healing and spiritual experiences.

2012 Alignment and Beyond:

A significant event took place on December 21, 2012, aligning with the end of the Mayan calendar. This event was aimed at reactivating Lemurian energies on Earth.

Such events are believed to create portals of higher consciousness and facilitate the planetary healing process.

To find more about Dr. Todd’s work, you can explore various resources, including his official website, publications, interviews, and events. Here’s a guide on how to access more information:

1. Official Website:

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys’ Website: Visit his official website, which typically provides detailed information about his background, research, and current projects. This may include scientific papers, upcoming events, and contact information.

Website URL: Gematria Products Inc.

2. Research Publications:

Academic Papers: Look for Dr. Todd’s research papers on platforms like PubMed, ResearchGate, or Google Scholar. Search for his name along with keywords like “stem cell therapy,” “laser technology,” or “pineal tones.”

7. Collaborative Organizations:

Cryon Network: Since Dr. Todd is associated with Cryon and Lee Carroll, exploring their resources can provide insights into his work.

8. Documentaries and Films:

Biohack Yourself Documentary: Dr. Todd’s work is featured in the documentary “Biohack Yourself,” which can provide an in-depth look at his methodologies and results.

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