Co-Creation of Mū

Co-Creation of Mū (Lemuria):

The listener helped co-create Mū in their Arcturian life.

Mū is significant as an ancient civilization where the listener played a pivotal role.

Role in Lamia:

The listener was instrumental in saving Lamia from collapse, preserving it in a higher-dimensional space.

Although physically submerged, remnants of Lamia exist in locations like Easter Island and New Zealand.

The listener helped transition Lamia into the Fifth Dimension, preventing its complete physical destruction and preserving its pristine state in another dimension.

Visualization of Lamia and Kawai’i:

Lamia exists in a different dimensional space, accessible only to those of the right frequency.

The true essence of Kawai’i (referred to as Kawai in the transcript) is also in this higher-dimensional space, which the listener perceived as being in the clouds or a rainbow-like environment.

The listener’s experiences and visions on Kawai’i reflect this, connecting their soul’s memories and higher-dimensional insights.

Preservation Techniques:

The listener’s efforts in preserving Lamia are likened to wrapping it in a protective force field, maintaining its integrity against corruption.

This preservation is critical for maintaining the template of Lamia, which influences the current rise of new Earth energies.

Soul’s Purpose and Current Incarnation:

The listener’s current life is connected to their past efforts in preserving ancient civilizations. Their energetic imprint alone significantly influences Earth’s ascension.

The listener’s presence in places like Kawai’i is vital for reconnecting with their soul’s memories and further uncovering hidden aspects of themselves.

Energetic and Dimensional Impact:

The listener’s internal work, unveiling and reconnecting with their soul, has external effects on reality. This helps bring higher-dimensional aspects of Lamia into the current Earth plane.

The process involves chipping away internal layers, which, in turn, removes energetic overlays in the external world, making higher dimensions more accessible.

Future Actions and Connections:

The listener is encouraged to spend more time in Kawai’i, as their connection to this place is strong and holds significant spiritual importance.

Living or frequently visiting Kawai’i will help the listener access deeper parts of their soul, aiding in the overall ascension process.

Impact on Others:

The listener’s work in unveiling their inner self helps others perceive higher dimensions, just as they did in their past Lamia life.

By uncovering parts of themselves, the listener facilitates a collective awakening, allowing more people to access higher frequencies and realities.

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