Channeling: The Lemurians


The descriptions of Lemurians seem to be identical to the movie Avatar. The story matches many other Lemurian stories, however, I’m not convinced enough (yet) to use this source in the new timeline.


  • Help human race
  • Light blue skin
  • Taller than humans
  • Catlike dragon tail
  • Ropes of energy
  • Dreadlocks
  • Haedians planet Avalon
  • Long fingers – Transmit light/frequencies from fingers
  • Receive frequencies
  • Native Americans, aboriginals
  • Fairy tails -> Hathor tribe: mermaids
  • Lumerians swam in our oceans
  • Reproduction through singing songs
  • Crystals are beings, hold policies
  • Never experiences duality
  • Catomba tribe

Planet Mu

  • Plasma-based environment
  • Not suited for humans
  • Nitro space materials
  • Located at the edge of the universe
  • 1 of 5 planetary systems remaining
  • Mu is hidden
  • Also called Avalon


  • Named after our sound Huuuu
  • Pods
  • Meat-eaters
  • Starseeds
  • Longing for power
  • Infiltrate Incarnate
  • Early humans had tails at birth


  • Gaia
  • Lemurians called Hathor before
  • Incarnate as Lemurian beings
  • Lemurians were here during the Dinosaurs
  • 3 great floods – ice-ages – meteor planet
  • 3 master temples – mountains in Hawai – Elephant, Whale
  • Half of the Lemurians on Earth left after the Atlantis-Lemurian war

Quartz crystals

  • Build the great pyramids
  • Smart Rocks
  • Teleport
  • Instant transmissions

Old Testament

  • Genesis 3 was the 3rd flood
  • Elohim and Seraphim (Archangels)
  • Archangels are beings that are very evolved in the order of angels
  • Angelic or Dragon background
  • Sintiat has an angelic or dragon background
  • Lumerians come from a unique background called the Elohim

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