This one we are now on, Taha Earth, was given to grow up to 24 points. Its circumference is 24,000 miles. Land mass: one mile for every year to relate to its ages, cycles of 24,000 years, called one Equinox, or even shadows.

The practitioner confirms that Ra, or similar entities, could manifest in various forms, including avian.


Mount Shasta

The Lemurians established an underground city, Telos, beneath Mount Shasta after their continent sank

Thoth and his companions arrived in Khem after the fall of Atlantis. This period marked a time of confusion and fear among the locals, as they were unaccustomed to the advanced energies and wisdom that Thoth

The camel’s foot is perfectly adapted for walking on snow, its thick fur coat is excellent for surviving in icy conditions, and it carries its food in its hump.

Ancient symbols date back 60,000 years and show a sophisticated understanding of nature.

Matias De Stefano estimates that civilized humanity emerged around 70,000 years ago, with civilization forming gradually across the globe.

The people of Atlantis were not human. They came from various star systems and were part of an effort to cultivate and help the planet.

The pyramids, including the Pyramid of Giza, are over 22,000 years old. The Pyramid of Giza was not built haphazardly by slaves.

Atlanteans often overtook local leaders and established themselves as rulers and teachers.

Cycle of creation and destruction orchestrated by the “Illojim,” with each civilization reaching a certain level of development before being eradicated for unknown reasons.

The breakdown of each month in the ancient African calendar, including the deities associated with each period and their significance

Credo Mutwa

Women were mining

Mutwa explains that the mining of gold and other metals was an important activity in ancient South Africa, carried out by the indigenous people.

Manetho divided the rulers of Egypt into 30 (or sometimes 31) dynasties, beginning with the semi-mythical First Dynasty and extending to the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great.


Account of Cheops

Herodotus describes Cheops (also known as Khufu) and his building of the Great Pyramid in Book 2, Chapter 124-127 of “Histories”

Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian, wrote that Egyptian history spanned over 11,340 years before his own time. This assertion is found in his work Histories

Ignatius Donnelly

The Colonies of Atlantis

Atlantean trading posts evolved into settlements, spreading into the interior regions and the highlands

The sacred status of gold and silver contributed to their use as currency. The Atlanteans’ demand for these metals likely spread their value across cultures

The pervasive reverence for the Cross, the myth of the Garden of Eden, and the construction of pyramids across ancient civilizations point to a shared cultural memory and religious symbolism

the story of the Deluge plainly refers to the destruction of Atlantis and that it agrees in many important particulars with the account given by Plato.

The city of the sun god, Tulan or Tonatlan, as the place of their origin, of the land Zuiva and of the Nonoalcos

Man: Whence, How and Whither

Beginning of the 5th Root Race

Lord Vaivasvata Manu began selecting individuals for the fifth Root Race. This was the first step in a long process of choosing the best candidates for developing this race.

Ignatius L. Donnelly

Babel Story of Cholula

Immediately after the light and the sun arose in the east there appeared gigantic men of deformed stature and possessed the land

Ignatius Donnelly

The Destruction of Atlantis

Ignatius Donnelly (1831-1901) was an American politician, writer, and amateur scientist. He is known for his diverse interests and contributions in several fields, including politics and history

Approximately 12,800 years ago was approaching the end of the days of the Atlantis civilization

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Birth of a New Humanity

The story is shared from the viewpoint of ancient Egyptian knowledge, contrasted with Mayan insights, although it incorporates global spiritual traditions

Known as the “Sleeping Prophet,” Cayce gave thousands of “psychic readings” while in a trance state, providing insights into health, astrology, and reincarnation.

In Genesis lifespan decreases after the Deluge. Before the flood some people lived for several hundred years

Why should we care about ancient history? Exploring the past isn’t just for historians; it’s a way for all of us to discover valuable lessons from how people lived and thought long ago.


Who is Enlil?

Enlil played a key role in the creation of humanity. According to Sumerian myths, Enlil helped to create humans.