Atlantean – Lemurian War

11,000 BCE

Pamela Aaralyn

Time Period: The events discussed took place around 11,000 BC.

Atlantis and Lemuria: These civilizations existed in different parts of the world. Atlantis is often speculated to have been located in the Atlantic Ocean, while Lemuria is believed to have spanned parts of the Pacific Ocean, including regions that are now part of Asia and Oceania.

Key Civilizations


Characteristics: Incredibly shamanic, empathetic, and emotionally driven. They were the healers, empaths, dancers, artists, musicians, shamans, and medicine keepers of Earth.

Beliefs: Emphasized building society on emotional and spiritual foundations. They had intense sentience, which sometimes hindered them from overcoming their pain.

Natural State: Their society once experienced a time dominated by divine feminine energy, devoid of divine masculine influence.


Characteristics: Earth scientists who prioritized intellect and technological advancement over emotional or spiritual matters.

Beliefs: Believed in building society on intellectual and scientific progress. They lacked the same level of human sentience as Lemurians.

Contributions: Worked on powerful tools to heal conditions like ovarian cancer and genetic disturbances in pregnant women.

Conflict and Catastrophe

Cause of Conflict: The differences in belief systems and ways of life between the Lemurians and Atlanteans led to a significant war.

The Flood: Around 11,000 BC, a massive flood occurred, the consequences of the Atlantean-Lemurian war.

Modern Implications and Emotional Triggers

Lemurian Influences

Triggers: Wars, genocides, rape, and power imbalances. These are the beliefs carried over from ancient times that will trigger individuals with Lemurian traits.

Healing: Nature and anything related to natural frequencies or sounds can be deeply healing. Embracing emotional acceptance and empowered empathy is essential.

Activation: Reference to Gaia, nature, and emotional connection.

Atlantean Influences

Triggers: Betrayal and excessive trust. Strong reactions against excessive emotional drama, leaning more towards intellectual and logical approaches.

Healing: Balancing the logical and emotional aspects of oneself is crucial. Building bridges of consciousness between people of different belief systems and fostering understanding and harmony are key activators.

Activation: Building oneself as a bridge of consciousness, teaching, and bringing people together.

Atlantean Ethical Missteps

Unethical Alliance: The Atlanteans, in their pursuit of scientific and medical advancements, formed an alliance with Alpha Draconians and Grays. These beings promised power and healing but manipulated the Atlanteans, leading to unethical decisions and further trauma.

Alpha Draconians and Grays: These extraterrestrial beings convinced the Atlanteans that the Lemurians were too emotional and needed more science, law, and history.

Consequences: The Atlanteans’ trust in these beings and their subsequent actions have led to modern triggers related to betrayal and emotional imbalance.

Spiritual and Intellectual Curiosity:

Time and Metaphysics: Those influenced by these ancient civilizations are often curious about time, portals, astral travel, remote viewing, and crystals. Understanding time beyond its linear perception is a key interest.

Justice and Equality: A natural affinity for justice, law, order, and equality is prominent. There is a strong love for universal law and the equitable application of justice.

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