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The 3rd dimension

Mathias de Stefano’s explanation

3th Dimension – I will get inside the system that I create, I will become that, in order to exist. But the only way to do that is to separate my parts, because I am so huge, that I cannot experience everything all together, I have to divide myself into many (people, realms, etc). The only way that I can do this is through polarity (2nd Dimension)

3rd Dimension is about the movement of duality, which creates a triangle. The first structure that ever existed in the universe is the triangle (from there we get fractalization). All the parts that you have created become REAL. And they will live in a certain time, in a certain space. Height x Width x Depth. Past, present, future. In 3D you get to live, to experience what you have designed, created, thought, felt, in other dimensions.

Our physical dimension

3d dimension start at 29:00

THREE holds the key of all hidden magic,
creator he of the halls of the Dead;
sending forth power, shrouding with darkness,
binding the souls of the children of men;
sending the darkness, binding the soul force;
director of negative to the children of men.

Emerald Tablet III – The Key of Wisdom

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