1st Dimension

The measurement of the one – Mathias de Stefano

1st Dimension is unity experience in itself. Oneness. I know who/that I AM. But in order to observe itself, unity has to create duality.

I AM has a dream: which is in the 8th Dimension, where everything is possible. Everything is there. When I AM sees the dream of the 8th Dimension where everything is possible, everything can be expressed, 1st Dimension says, “Oh I can feel this dream, I can see this dream, where everything is possible” and thus goes to the 7th Dimension.

The first one holds all the realities and every perspective. And the first one is just a spot in the core of the sphere.

So we realized that going out to look for that truth was not the goal. The goal was to go in the core of the planet. And there we could see every perspective from one spot.

So our goal in the reality was to live every dimension, but not to go to those dimensions. But to understand that them all are just perspective of the first one, which is unity.

First dimension is mind

First dimension is the thoughts

There is nothing but consciousness in the universe.

That’s the only thing that exists.

Mind is the only spot from where every perspective is projected in the universe.

There is nothing else but mind.

And the waves that the thinking, the thoughts are doing in the universe create this oceans of thinkings that then we call time and space and every other dimension. But unity was not created. Unity is itself constant and the only thing that exists.

Everything is just a projection of the self, of just one being. And that one being, you may call it God or whatever, I call it the consciousness, we are all in that consciousness and living a different perspective of that consciousness.

So unity is the only place from where we come from and where we go to.

That’s why every being in the universe is telling us to go to unity, to remember that we are one. This is something that we as humanity trying to understand now. We are one. But we don’t really know exactly what it means to be one, because we think that being one is to be together. And everyone think the same. And everyone would be happy and all in peace and harmony. And it’s not that. It’s to remember that we are just holograms of the reality which is one spot and there is no other reality but one. So the beginning of the first dimension is when the only consciousness existent in the universe made a question. The question started from one certain thing, a certain true. That was I Am.

The only thing that consciousness knew was that is was only one. And it was called I am. So the universe was created from the self, from the one. At the moment, then I Am asked itself, who I can become?

So there was the beginning of everything, but not the matter, not the galaxies, just the idea of being someone else. This is the time, where time doesn’t exist.

There was no possibility to say it happened some years ago. It’s impossible to say so, because there was no time. There was no space.

When you try to think about unity, the only way you can achieve that goal to feel it or to think about it is in your mind. In your imagination is the only way you can achieve unity.

There is no way you can do it through the third dimension.

The only way you can go through it is through mind. That’s why when we start to practise the unity and we have to go to the very beginning, we have to go through every idea we have about reality, because every reality is just a thinking.

So it’s not the real true.

So there’s no way to compare the beginning with anything you possibly know. That’s why every being in this planet and other planets that we’re told how to go the unity the first thing that they had to do was to unlearn everything they’ve learned in their life. So you have to forget. That’s the only way. The only way you can remember is if you forget everything you know. So that’s what we call the void. That’s an emptiness. And you just start to see that there is nothing.

And suddenly, when you finally see that darkness and the void is the only place where you could possibly see everything within, so you will understand that the beginning of the first dimension it was not something that you could see. It was something that you could feel.

Feeling is the only way you can understand the first dimension. And it’s so, so many feeling that we call neutrality. It’s like you can feel so many things that suddenly you can’t feel anything. And you just are like floating in the universe and nothingness.

And you realize that the first dimension is just what you project as an idea, as an imagination.

So the only way you can understand the first dimension, is if you go back to your childhood and remember that you could imagine whatever you possibly could imagine. And you are free from every experience you have.

And suddenly, you can travel through time and space, from being in just one spot. So the beginning of everything is not a light, is not an electron. It’s a thinking, a thought, that starts to wave around. And you just start to feel it, like waving, thinking, and suddenly, this waves start to make a sound, the vibration. And this movement starts to sounds like a –humming–

And this low vibration started to go higher and higher and higher. And suddenly, in every mix start to sing. It’s like a.. the most beautiful song you could ever possibly think about. And that’s what you could feel in the first dimension.

That’s why unity is not something that we are going to live as a real thing in this planet. The reality of this universe is that there is no time and no space because everything is just one. There is no split in times. There is not split in perspectives. There is no split in space. So that’s why unity is the only state, where you could feel everything, where you could see everything, where you could be anywhere.

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