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4th Spiritual Awaking

  • Widest of the energetic domain
  • The largest bandwidth of frequencies
  • Entirely composed of subset realities
  • The most multidimensional of all dimensions
  • Hierarchial in nature
  • The 4th dimension is where the 3rd dimension is projected from
  • Space/Time dimension

4th dimension is the process of experiencing, as to only one thing that spins – Mathias de Stefano

4th dimension is forever (no time). I can change and create these things in these shapes forever. But where can I experience these things? Because I’m not experiencing what I’m creating (3rd dimension)

4th dimension is about knowing how to manage the shapes of that dimension (no time, no space). Some of us on earth now are already living/conscious of 4th dimension, while most are still perceiving in 3rd dimension only.

Esoteric names

  • Realm of gods
  • Archetypal realm
  • Favorite deities
  • Ascended masters


Angels and demons

Forces of dark and evil

Religious arts, collective consciousness

Rides and rituals.

False light

  • Lower 4th dimension
    • Hell
  • Higher 4th d
    • Heaven

Fabric of space/time – matrix

Where source fragments


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