first civilization

The stages of Lemuria and Atlantis, as explained by Huna Flash. Each stage is associated with distinct periods, locations, and key events.

Cycle of creation and destruction orchestrated by the “Illojim,” with each civilization reaching a certain level of development before being eradicated for unknown reasons.

Paul Wallace

A populated universe

Paul Wallace reveald how biblical texts may depict advanced extraterrestrial beings influencing early human civilizations. He explores themes of hybridization and underwater bases.

The Israelites were the descendants of twelve sons of the biblical patriarch Jacob. Jacob also had at least one daughter, Dinah, whose descendants were not recognized as a tribe.


Our history

The Ubaid civilization (5900-4000 BCE) The Ubaid civilization was located in Mesopotamia, and it is considered to be the earliest known civilization in the region. The Ubaid people were known for their advanced agricultural practices, as well as their use of irrigation systems and pottery. The Indus Valley civilization (3300-1300 BCE) The Indus Valley civilization … Read more