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12 Tribes of the Isra’el

Dinah to Dasnai, 12 sons link to Atlantis

The Israelites were the descendants of twelve sons of the biblical patriarch Jacob. Jacob also had at least one daughter, Dinah, whose descendants were not recognized as a tribe. The sons of Jacob were born in Padan-aram from different mothers.

Mathias de Stefano

Dasnai means the great families, the big families. And those families were brought through the Indian Oceans and the Meditearian ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.

The father of civilization for Atlanteans were Thalan (Poseidon). Thalan was this Aessir with all these other Aessirs that before they had this idea of creating what after was Atlantis, they would spread their regions in the Middle East. Middle East was the main portal of the planet of that time. So all the information and all the energy flowed better in that region. So they would be connected to the stars.

So the main region where all these beings were living was all the region of Anatolia, Iran, part of Africa, and part of Asia. It was a long period of time in which the Aessir were trying what to do with this world and what was there purpose here.

Thalan was in charge of the Islands in the Indian oceans and the southern regions of Arabia and the Persian Gulf.

This portal, the most important portal was where today is the Oman Peninsula, Musandam, that we call the portal of Ahura Mazda.

This portal was in charge of Poseidon – Thalan. All the spiritual information would be downloaded through the Musandam Peninsula and reach the whole Eden Garden in the persian Gulf and Iran and all the mountains till Anatolia.

So all this power was brought from the sun. But the way it could be downloaded and understood here on Earth was through the energy of the moon (in-ku).

Idea: If the earth was hollow, would the force of the moon be less strong… well.. if the earth is hollow the moon also is hollow. So if the moon is hollow does the formula for the gravitational force make sense?

Giving water and the information of the stars.

Issachar: Sun, moon and stars (1 Chronicles 12:32)

And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment.

1 Chronicles 12:32

This Garden of Eden predates this event.

The moment when the Arcturian people came and, in the voice of the Confederation, they decided that humans were able already to create the first civilization according to the idea of putting this planet in balance with the Confederation. The process of the Aessir was finished. They understood that it was just a step in our process of evolution. In our history when we listen about the Annunaki and the Aessir what we have in mind is that they came here to create the human experiment. And that they were our fathers and mothers. And that they were the first ones to create us. But the truth is, not even they knew that they were part of the experiment.

They had to disappear and they were sent to the underground.

When the Anunnaki understood that they had to go, leave the planet. Those are the ones that gave the information to humans, the tree of life, the information of DNA of the snake. How to become powerful.

Seems like a reference to Genesis 2 too.

We are not going to give up on this information, the other ones didn’t want to give the information.

Homids, homo sapiens, we had no idea where we were. We couldn’t handle it. They are not ready. We needed to be protected, held in Islands, until we could understand all this information. So the ones keeping the information from humans were the ones saying they were not ready. They don’t know how to handle this information. So that was their defense on why not to give them the information of what they were, the project of humanity. So they kept that information for them. And that’s why they were sent to the underground. They were hunting them.

And there was a war between the beings from the sky and the Giants on Earth that were held in a part of the Middle East and India. And these beings were called in the ancient texts demons and angels fighting a big war on the planet. But there were not many. There were just hundreds of people from the Aessir. There were not thousands.

So they were trying to use humans to fight for them. But when humans realized that we were working for them, what happened was the biggest strike in the history of humanity when they just decided not to work anymore for them.

So the Confederation came to this planet and they started to change the vibration of the planet. The main technology that they used to have wasn’t the light and energy. It was the vibration. The vibration, the music, the sounds, were the tools that these civilizations had to transform realities.

So that’s why the magnetical reality of every matter like the magnetic field of our planet is easy to change through vibration.

When the planet starts to vibrate different, or the sun starts to vibrate different, the waves of time and space switch a little bit the magnetical realities of our worlds.

And that starts to move the magnetical north pole and south pole towards different regions. And this is very low and very slow in history. This is something natural that happens in thousands of millions of years. But sometimes usually, when they have to make a very quick change in some world, what they do is to send a very high wave of vibration that changed the way that everything which is magntical, the weather mostly in the planet changed.

So the change in weather in 16,000 BC it was forced by them so we could clear the planet of all these beings that were not able to adapt to this change of weather.

The cold that Nemnir were used to, the Hyperborea civilization were used to that cold. But the Aessir wasn’t. They were able to live in Middle East in some regions of the Mediterranean Sea, in India and Pakistan. All that region was part of their empire.

But what really happened to them when the cold came it was that they couldn’t stand to live in the surface.

Weather forced the Aessir to go underground.