The Arcturians


Arcturians are highly advanced beings from the solar system of Arcturus, aiming to share their knowledge and wisdom with Earth’s inhabitants. They are described as other-dimensional star beings, characterized by love, peace, and a willingness to assist any soul seeking higher consciousness.

In this belief system, Arcturians are seen as Earth’s guardians, actively involved in healing the planet and raising its vibrational energy. Their goals encompass emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual transformation for humanity. It is believed that Arcturians regularly incarnate on Earth and have played a role in the planet’s evolution.

Similar communities of advanced beings exist in other star systems such as Sirius, Andromeda, Orion, Pleiades, Lyra, and Antares. These communities are thought to share similar goals of enlightenment, healing, and spiritual advancement.


The concepts surrounding Arcturians are rooted in the teachings and readings of figures like Dolores Cannon, an American hypnotherapist, and Edgar Cayce, an American psychic.

Dolores Cannon, known in the American pseudoscience community, explored ideas about starseeds, suggesting that humans might be reincarnations of beings from other galaxies.

These ideas can be traced back to Brad Steiger’s ufology classic, “Gods of Aquarius.”

Edgar Cayce, a renowned psychic, referred to the Arcturians as the most advanced community in the universe, seeing them as the closest to the divine.

Cayce mentioned the star Arcturus in more than 30 of his psychic readings, starting from 1928. He viewed Arcturus as a “gateway” to higher realms of consciousness that could profoundly influence people’s lives.

Additionally, in the book “The Keys of Enoch,” Arcturus is described as an intermediate station used by the physical “brotherhoods of light” to oversee various experiments with physical beings.

Arcturus, constellation Boötes

Arcturians are generally described as advanced extraterrestrial beings or star beings, often associated with the star Arcturus, which is located in the constellation Boötes.

In these belief systems, Arcturus is considered a significant cosmic center, and the Arcturians are seen as evolved beings who are spiritually and technologically advanced.

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