This one we are now on, Taha Earth, was given to grow up to 24 points. Its circumference is 24,000 miles. Land mass: one mile for every year to relate to its ages, cycles of 24,000 years, called one Equinox, or even shadows.

Paa Taraq

Their 3 Abodes

This is the scheme with which the demonic Pleiadians inspired a fake revelation of fake religions and passed it on to them. But they could not follow Tamila’s records of the Enuma Elish and Atrahasis stories from the seed of Cush.

Sarah witnessed the destruction caused by tidal waves from an explosion in Atlantis.

The Muslim Adam Story

The Creation of Adam and Hawa

The Mussulman tradition is, that Adam having eaten the bunch of grapes given him as a reward

Credo Mutwa

Women were mining

Mutwa explains that the mining of gold and other metals was an important activity in ancient South Africa, carried out by the indigenous people.

Ignatius Donnelly

Atlantis reconstructed

The Atlanteans built aquaducts, practiced irrigation, were skilled architects, sculptors, and engravers, and had a system of writing.

The sacred status of gold and silver contributed to their use as currency. The Atlanteans’ demand for these metals likely spread their value across cultures

The city of the sun god, Tulan or Tonatlan, as the place of their origin, of the land Zuiva and of the Nonoalcos

Simularities in architecture, metallurgy, sculpture and painting, engraving, agriculture, navigation, manufactures, music, weapons, religion and beliefs.


Yima and the Vara

Ahura Mazda foreseeing a catastrophic winter that would devastate the world. This winter, known as the evil winter

Captains including voyages around the country of the Afrites, trading missions to Chimu and Khemi, and encounters with unknown vessels.

Man: Whence, How and Whither

Turanian, in Ancient Chaldaea.

The planets themselves were not believed to influence human affairs directly. Instead, the solar system was seen as one great being, with each part representing different aspects of it.

Man: Whence, How and Whither

The Civilisation of Atlantis

Mr. Scott-Elliot describes the famous City of the Golden Gates as surrounded by a beautiful, park-like landscape dotted with villas of the wealthy.

The monster, who was old and gray and had control of hoarding all the water, agreed to create paths for the water to flow where the Diné would live. He let the water loose from the big lake in the north and promised to bring water down from the mountains

Paul Wallace

A populated universe

Paul Wallace reveald how biblical texts may depict advanced extraterrestrial beings influencing early human civilizations. He explores themes of hybridization and underwater bases.

Approximately 12,800 years ago was approaching the end of the days of the Atlantis civilization



A phoenix is a mythical bird known for its cycle of death and rebirth, featuring prominently in various mythologies, particularly those of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome

Angels of Orion: Anunnaki’s Role: Cycles of Souls: Earth’s Role: Future Transformation: Grand Vision:

Chinese folklore

The myth of a sinking city

The myth of a sinking city, particularly in Chinese folklore, is often associated with the legendary city of Yingzhou, also known as the City of Immortals.

In the biblical book of Numbers, they organized large groups to transport their Ark of the Covenant to the specified location.


The Holy Seven

Seven Sages Across Different Cultures

Legends of Old Testament Characters

Androgyne Adam

And God created man in His own image, male-female created He them,” Adam and Eve were formed back to back, united at the shoulders

Creation, transgression, and the loss of an idyllic state, which are central to the story of Adam and Eve

Manna fell from the sky in the morning and collected on the ground like dew.

The secret book of John

Adam in Yaldabaoth’s Paradise

The Apocryphon of John, also called the Secret Book of John is a 2nd-century Sethian Gnostic Christian text attributed to John the Apostle.

The Rigveda is one of the oldest known religious texts and a foundational scripture of Hinduism.

A statuette of a pantheistic deity with the face of the god Bes. It is made of bronze inlaid with gold, and is dated either to Late Period or Ptolemaic Period


Who is Enki?

Enki was associated with water and was often depicted as a god of rivers, oceans, and underground springs.


Golden objects

This list of 70 golden objects out of the Bible includes specific physical objects, symbolic uses of gold, and metaphorical references.

It is said that God created the demons from the semoum (burning wind); that from the demon he created his woman, as he created Eve from Adam; that the demon having had relations with his woman, she became pregnant from him and laid thirty eggs