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The Master’s Secret Birth of Earth

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  1. Roll that you, sir. Anuki command Dua. Mood AF have tonight’s part to rock will be The Master’s secret birth of Earth.
  2. Number one: My beloved Nwapian children, the birth of this single planet was on this wise. It was placed as the third sector, that is the third from the nine ball, or its sun.
  3. Number one: Mercury.
  4. Two: Venus.
  5. Earth sector three.
  6. Number five: It was placed on the sixth zone, that is the sixth from the outer planets of this solar system’s order.
  7. One: Neptune.
  8. Two: Uranus.
  9. Three: Saturn.
  10. Four: Jupiter.
  11. Five: Mars.
  12. Six: Earth zone six.
  13. Number seven: The planet, which is not a planet. Pluto is on its own orbit, not really obeying the system. Each orb was made to grow or to be born at an exact point in time and space as a material.
  14. This one we are now on, Taha Earth, was given to grow up to 24 points. Its circumference is 24,000 miles. Land mass: one mile for every year to relate to its ages, cycles of 24,000 years, called one Equinox, or even shadows.
  15. I was called night, the point in its time zone.
  16. The sun crosses its belt or equator, making night and day of equal length in all sectors of it.
  17. It’s time from one moment as a measuring system of duration to become 24 hours. It’s all based on the rotating vortex of its tetrahedron, a three-sided pyramid.
  18. Three equals eight as three times eight equals 24.
  19. So, O8 oxygen was needed for this form of life, which was to be. C6 base life form.
  20. And was to need 24,000 genomes or chromosomes to sustain its life form as Cr24 chromium has the ability to resist corrosion. So as the being to be grown on this planet from it would need not to corrode, it was given C6 carbon coloring. That is promo or chroma color black.
  21. The Nagaro Negroid was the first planet people grown here on sector 3 zone, district 24.
  22. We, on the chromosomes of 24,000, one unique molecule.
  23. Number one: a small particle of element or compound that would exist free and retain the throttle characteristics.
  24. We did this 54,000 years ago, which is when we gave them speech.
  25. And assigned as its Wananu overseers. So they’re overseen by 24 beings of old, 24 elders.
  26. This planet was grown 90 million miles from its sun and expands and contracts up to 93 million miles.
  27. This planet is based on cycles of four, that is four equal time periods of six thousand years each, 24,000 years.
  28. The Supreme Mathematics or Matrix of this planet is 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, or eight digits times 8 equals 24.
  29. So, the Matrix of this planet relates to its genome and its weight, 66 trillion tons.
  30. And the cycle or circumference, 24,000 miles one, land mile for each year.
  31. The planet Taha Earth was projected. The spirit and ba soul being sent here to incarnate or grow into sun genes and had an assignment if they were to return.
  32. So, you had 24 elders, 12 males and 12 females, overseas from Sahad, Orion and Sabatat Sirens.
  33. You have 24,000 miles in circumference.
  34. You have 24,000 years to Equinox.
  35. You have the root race Melonite children, the first world Salah race, the Nagaro Negroids, 24,000 genomes.
  36. You have 24 hours of the day and night.
  37. You have the elements Cr24 chromium.
  38. You have 24 colors of light.
  39. You have actually 24 signs of the star map Dendera or zodiac.
  40. So, the golden children, Melonites, were given 24 accomplishments to master within the 24,000 years to be welcomed home as part of the galactic system of Tapalak worlds from this one universe.
  41. In the Omniverse, the negative Negroid being given 24,000 years to accomplish 24 heights of perfection.
  42. One: Decipher the 24,000 genomes.
  43. Two: Graft and clone.
  44. Three: Overcome killer virus and disease.
  45. Four: Mental or cordless communication of light, sound, and image.
  46. Five: Space travel.
  47. Six: Transform Hg80 Mercury back to Au79 Gold.
  48. Seven: Split the atom.
  49. Eight: Speak, read, write, and record time.
  50. Nine: Organ transplants.
  51. Ten: Genetic manipulation.
  52. Eleven: Flight.
  53. Twelve: Construction.
  54. Thirteen: Time travel.
  55. Fourteen: Discover the three sun solar system.
  56. Fifteen: Master music’s math in relation to light and sound.
  57. Sixteen: Agriculture.
  58. Seventeen: Find the gateway or the wormhole.
  59. Eighteen: Uncover the depths of the seas.
  60. Nineteen: Explore the Earth’s inner realms.
  61. Twenty: Know your being inside out and outside in.
  62. Twenty-one: Speak in one tone.
  63. Twenty-two: Teleportation.
  64. Twenty-three: Uncover the 120th element.
  65. Twenty-four: Communication with the spirit world, both dead and extraterrestrial.
  66. These were to be accomplished before the hourglass of 24,000 years ran out.
  67. This was done on this orb because of the hybrids or Mankind’s. By their nature, they were made to be a distraction and have for the past six thousand years done just that, distracted the Negroids, then the Nagaro under the wham spell of mental sleep.
  68. The eyes of those who created watched and from time to time sent move also investigators to report back.
  69. Warners and to warn, to examine all models of each Salah race and sub-race, to look to see if Nagaro Negroids have accomplished their 24 responsibilities.
  70. The site 24 called Kawak Taha planet Earth. The Blue Planet or rock is protected by the element Cr24 chromium as the first world people. Though, Melanite children of Negroids called Afafrey Reyes, Africans. But this have their sunlit genes or their chromosomes color or chroma. In Greek. It is the key to not corroding as Au-79, gold does not corrode the base of your world.
  71. The liquid gold or Hg80 Mercury. Found in the other elements as gold in its pure state is 24 carats.
  72. It relates to Cr24, the 24th element, which prevents corrosion unlike the weaker state of Serotonin children or hybrids, who start to rot and corrode at birth. The Caucus or Kakasso Caucasoid. Caucus. Asian.
  73. In the Nagato, Negroid’s genes from 24. From Cr24 chromium to Zn30 zinc. Chromium manganese, cobalt, nickel, copper, and zinc.
  74. You were born not to rot and die.
  75. You intermix your divine DNA with those who were only given six thousand years, then they would as the sun’s rays touched them. The dawn of the new day, like Dracula, rot, corrode, deteriorate little by little after their 6,000 years from 4000 BC.
  76. The Kakasu. The Caucasoids race and their help of the sub-races have grafted natural food into Mankind’s synthetic foods, drinks, smokes, and flesh.
  77. They make fake edible food for you to eat.
  78. Some call it fast food in order to remove the natural substances created in each. Created to protect your immune system.
  79. Just as a newborn baby turns to its mother’s breast, but because nature has created in mothers a substance colostrum in her milk that contains immunities.
  80. So that mother nature has in her substances for the original black people.
  81. Substances found in what is naturally grown on the planet.
  82. Substances in your immune system.
  83. The Kakasu Caucasoids have you eating and drinking and smoking and breathing fake unnatural chemicals.
  84. They seek to reduce your immunity and slowly kill you as they know they are dying.
  85. So how to eat to live is not about how much or how often one eats.
  86. It’s about natural intake.
  87. So they know this also, Nuwapians. An accepted partner can bring to your strong immune system their weakness and break down, or even weaken your immune system.
  88. Most fast-food restaurants are established by Kakasu, Caucasoids.
  89. You need to get approved by them to open it.
  90. They check your output to make sure it’s not healthy and is immune deficient. African to have the strongest immune system on this planet.
  91. That we can travel to any part of it, drink any water and not fear, sickness or death.
  92. We survive many diseases that kill other races.
  93. Yet the Nagaro Negroids have lived outside of Africa with other Salah races will become sick and die if they drink water in Africa. Why?
  94. Because Kakasu Caucasoids have them live in their own image, eat what they eat, drink
  95. what they drink, and now the immune system has been weakened and it must be revived.
  96. This is the orb, all that is placed in place for that very reason.
  97. Why were you born? This is why.
  98. You start with free matter anti-matter before the first atom or hydrogen.
  99. So, it would be a with energy surrounding it.
  100. By the time you reach a center with 24, which is proton, which means first an elementary particle in the nucleus of an atom carrying a unit of positive charge of electricity and nuclear is nuclear energy and nuclei.
  101. Atom, that is electrons, protons, neutrons, positrons, nutrient nutrients, neutrinos, quarks, antiquarks, mesons, muons, photons, leptons, hedrons, hyperons. This is one element’s part.
  102. So the hydrogen looks like this, a circle with two small circles and one electron.
  103. So when up to Cr24 you have a completed orb or ball.
  104. As they move in a circular motion of energy. Cr24 chromium.
  105. You see the perfect oil? Globe of every point of the orb to form a perfect circle started with the symbol of Reyes Rey. The sun, which started with H1 hydrogen onto H2 helium. Onto 999, the deity particle of existence.
  106. So the orbs are the root of natural nature and birth and growth of creation.
  107. The perfect number of the source of all existence is 999 plus one or one thousand.
  108. One thousand perfect unity. That is nine to the ninth power of nine which is one thousand for nature.
  109. Plus, zero zero zero or H1. And 08. Water of life in ancient command. Egypt. Was it? It was the symbol.
  110. GR1000 W T E, T L. V B. C X, which is fact. Pass your hand, the result stalk and leaf of a lotus out of the loaf of bread.
  111. Because the water lily closes at night and sinks underwater to rise and open again at dawn.
  112. The natural symbol of Reyes Rey the sun and of creation.
  113. A giant lotus was what first rose out of the primeval water of Nu? And from which the sun itself, Atum, arose.
  114. So in fact, the symbol of the three flags for partner thoughtle is actually 999.
  115. Three times nine equals 27. Two plus seven equals nine, a cycle or a circle.
  116. Or the three zero zero for the three suns.
  117. Or the time fleece of a club zero space absence of form or shape zero material orb of the planet.
  118. The three in one and inseparable is the one.
  119. The perfect orb or ball is the perfect and favorite form of the supreme source or omniverse all.
  120. Then the ball’s outline profile or silhouette is a perfect circle if the form of parkurat. The ball is perfect.
  121. As you gaze up and see Pyre the sun, the moon, and the motion of the solar system universe, all circular motion, the mobility of roundness. Of the Quran child in power of the womb.
  122. The round or circular motion transforms the cube also into an orb.
  123. You have and have number one: time dark hole. Number two: space dark matter. Number three: material dark energy.
  124. That is the birth of one universe and its elements, all controlled by nature.
  125. Or the nine ether symbol, a spiral or a circle.
  126. So, nine is the circle, the perfect form for ontologists of Wunuap versus Zanu. The square zero equals wood loop, a good force. Note the shape of the letters. Zunu, evil force.
  127. The circle or orb is the favorite form for partner star and orb scientists who keep up in the cycles of the 24 elders over this planet.
  128. I am the 19th.
  129. We maintain that the absolute nature is global and perfectly round because from any point wheresoever in internal existence called infinite nature is the center of the roundness of the black or the black dot.
  130. Because of endlessness in omniverse is the same distance in all directions from you the single.
  131. Remember my child, the center point of a perfect ball or a circle or cycle is equidistant from all contours of the ball’s surface.
  132. Now you know your purpose and reason of birth to perfect your being and the world around you.
  133. How do I know these things? Well, I was there, which is here, when the word was spoken at home exists.
  134. So you partner Nagaro Negroids have been given your assignment and Earth is your post to label.
  135. I am your Munza Warner, bringing you wool Noah. You the key to return home to the stars, where your souls have come for your body was grown here. To be returned as Moon Muntar.
  136. If you wish to have your battery gland reactivated, come to Wundup. It’s your third eyesight. Remember, other Salah races only go up to seven sites or chakras. While you Par Nagaro Negroids have nine sites or seats.
  137. You, you’re not the same as those grafted from you.
  138. First, there was you alone on this planet for many millions of years. It was a black planet.
  139. Next from you was the Aborigine of what is now called Southeast Asia or Australia. Then they bred and moved north from island to island, until they ended up in what is called India.
  140. Also were those Asiatics of the Far East? And on those islands to become Koreans, then Japanese.
  141. The mixture of Aborigines and Indians and Asians birthed many subgroups.
  142. Later, much later, the human beast of the North of Northeast descended on them.
  143. These were disease-cursed lepers of Europe, raving, killing, and mixing their Celtic genes to spread westward over to Arabia, northward to form many subgroups.
  144. From Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Scotland, and Iceland, from Ireland to island, land to land, mixing their cursed seed. Then finally, back in and around the outskirts of Africa.
  145. As Kananu, Moabites, Ammonites, Israelites, from north, across westward to Egypt to Morocco, as Berbers or barbaric barbarians spreading disease and opinions of what became religions of Islamism.
  146. From Christes and Moses and of Abrahamism world-like people.
  147. You must clean yourself inside and out and outside in if you wish to be returned, child of Natharo.
  148. You need a way hard to wrap our own way, not others.
  149. You need wool Noah and to become Nuapu. Nuapians speak your own tone.
  150. The continent of Africa is not your only home.
  151. The whole Kawak Taha planet Earth once belonged to you.
  152. You shared it with those that came from you.
  153. Now they seek to rule it as their own.
  154. And to use you as a tool or weapon to help them kill and rob all others. As is the Kakashu.
  155. He gives you a mental or physical uniform.
  156. And religion and you fall asleep in his mind removed out of your own mind.
  157. Remember, you don’t need them. They need you.
  158. You can live under the direct rays of Power Ray, the sun, without fear of death and drink water anywhere on the planet.
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