Creation Stories

Pangu Creation Story

In the ancient times of the Zhuang people, a great deluge submerged the world, sparing no life in its path. Amidst this catastrophic flood, a brother and his sister found refuge by crouching inside a large gourd.

Mesopotamian Creation Myths

Everything was dark; there was neither sunlight nor moonlight. However, the earth was green and had water underground, but there was no vegetation.

Tree Of Life

The Origin of the World

The Origin of the World is a Gnostic work and describes the creation of Eros and Psyche, Paradise, plants and animals, and humans

Creation Stories

There’re about 260 Creation stories found in cultures around the world that explain the origins of the Earth, life, and the universe.

Australian Creation Myth

In this Aboriginal creation myth, the Father of All Spirits first awakens the Sun Mother to bring life to a dormant Earth. Her presence stimulates the growth of plants across the barren landscape.

Creation story

Abraham 4 from the Latter-day Saints describes the actions of the Gods in creating and organizing the heavens and the earth.

Padma Purana

Creation story The creation story in the Padma Purana generally follows the cosmological model common to Hinduism, involving cycles of creation, preservation, and dissolution. The primary aspects of the creation narrative include the emergence of the cosmic egg (Brahmanda) and the subsequent division of the egg into various elements, leading to the formation of the … Read more

Enuma Elish: Tablet I

When the atmosphere did not exist and the crust was not containing life. The Asteroid Apsû brought water to the planet. And the primordial soup or DNA gave life to all living beings.


In the beginning, the Elohiym created new conditions in the atmosphere of the earth, the earth was without form, and void and darkness were upon the surface.