The History of Our Solar System

The History of Our Solar System by Bashar

Angels of Orion:

  • Earth serves as a recycling center for various soul routes.
  • Millions of years ago, the Orion system experienced great suppression, leading to a resistance known as the Black League, which ultimately failed.

Anunnaki’s Role:

  • Anunnaki arrived on Earth and genetically manipulated hominids to create Homo sapiens.
  • Anunnaki’s home planet faced ecological issues, prompting them to mine gold on Earth.
  • Despite breaking their own laws, they were tasked with guiding humanity.
  • Nibiru was a way station in our solar system, not the Anunnaki’s home.

Cycles of Souls:

  • Souls from Orion found a new home on Earth to transform dark energy.
  • Earth’s history includes cycles of destruction and transformation (e.g., Maldek’s destruction, Mars’ loss of atmosphere).

Earth’s Role:

  • Earth is a recycling planet for multiple extraterrestrial journeys and transformations.
  • These overlapping cycles of transformation involve ancient Orion, Anunnaki, Maldek, Mars, and even the Grays.

Future Transformation:

  • From 2020 onward, Earth has the opportunity to break old cycles and transform darkness into light.
  • Humanity can become the “angels of Orion” and lead Earth into a new era of prosperity and peace.

Grand Vision:

  • The goal is to create a stable, radiant Earth that serves as a beacon for other beings.
  • This transformation requires embracing and radiating love, light, and positive energy.
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