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This is the yellow world

There’s this covering over our mind to shut out our memory as air beings before we were allowed to come into this world.

In the traditional teachings of our people, whenever a ceremony is conducted in a Hogan, there’s a door covering. That covering can be a blanket, a rug, or a skin, similar to what we use with a sweat lodge. There is so much information associated with that blanket over the doorway. When you want to enter a ceremony, you stand outside and say, “May I enter?”

Generally, the medicine man conducting the ceremony will ask, “Who are you?” If you have a ceremonial name, that’s the name you give, or you can say, “I am so-and-so’s son,” referring to your mother or father. They may then let you in. In the past, if you were asked, “Who are you?” and you did not have a ceremonial name, you would give the name of your ancestor, and that’s how you would be recognized when entering the ceremony.

There were times when only relatives of the patient could attend the ceremony. If you were related to them, they would allow you to enter. If not, you might be denied entry because it was a clan or family ceremony. These practices are often disregarded nowadays, but that was how it used to be.

The purpose of that door covering has many teachings associated with it. In our lives, we don’t have the opportunity to see the holy people because our minds are covered with a blanket, preventing us from seeing them. However, they are there.

One day, when we end our existence on the surface of Mother Earth, we will journey into the next world. We are told that the holy people will ask, “Who are you?” before allowing us to pass that covering. You will need to tell them who you are and provide an accounting of your life, how you lived up to the sacred name given to you.

The teachings emphasize knowing who you are. You must tell the holy people about your life, what you accomplished, and how you took advantage of the opportunities given by them. They want to know that you didn’t waste your life.

There is also a covering over our minds to shut out our memory of the time when we existed as air beings in the second world before being born into this world.

Another teaching associated with the door covering is that everything that comes into this world experiences birth. This includes Mother Earth and Father Sky; all things undergo a birth process and were brought into existence for us in the third world.

Many people mistakenly believe we are in the fourth world, but we are actually in the third world.

Everything in our environment is three-dimensional, and this is the yellow world—the yellow corn pollen path existence.

The color yellow is associated with the Sun and the pollen of all life forms, just like corn pollen.

Everything we do in this world is based on the sacred number four, preparing us to live in the fourth world.

Many of our old people have forgotten this traditional teaching. This is the third world, and our lives here prepare us for the fourth world. After that, there are more things to learn and experience.

The teaching about the door covering is crucial. It signifies that our minds are covered, so we cannot see the holy people. But one day, when we leave this life, we will encounter that covering and have to give our name and tell who we are when asked. The ceremonial name you give or are given should only be shared in a ceremonial setting. Your wife may know your ceremonial name, but it should not be divulged to others.

I received a ceremonial name, and the first part I can share is “hash.” The second part is important and private. “Hash” likely means someone who scolds, indicating a person who has gained enough knowledge to direct and scold when necessary. The teachings about the door covering are vital, and these are the things we are told.

Credits: navotraditionalteaching.com

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