Holy People

After organizing Mother Earth, the Holy People allowed their children to use this language. However, the children began to misuse it, moving parts of Mother Earth, causing damage and creating mountains for fun.


The Rainbow

The teachings emphasize that besides the seven visible colors, there is an eighth color: clear Crystal Light. This concept aligns with the traditional teaching that all things come in multiples of four, up to 32, based on the sacred number four.

The monster, who was old and gray and had control of hoarding all the water, agreed to create paths for the water to flow where the Diné would live. He let the water loose from the big lake in the north and promised to bring water down from the mountains

All things undergo a birth process and were brought into existence for us in the third world.


The Anasazi

The Anasazi were people who worshipped the darkness, as we are told. They made their prayer offerings to the darkness.