Creation Story


“The Affirmation”

In the beginning, there was Light and Darkness,

And Chaos and Order intertwined.

In the covenant of Light and Darkness,

And Darkness and Light intertwined.

In the embrace of Life and Death,

And Death and Life intertwined.

From the depths of Earth emerged Life in the covenant of Light and Darkness,

And Breath, the essence of existence.

From the depths of Time and Space came the union of Chaos and Order.

Life eternal, Eternal Bond within our souls.

In unity we stand.

In unity we rise.

In unity we endure, Together we endure.



“The Affirmation”

Anuki Jawef Paa ashuq Em Paa Paůut,

Wu Kaleh ashuq Kawun Jawef Neya.

Anuki Qasam-un Em Paa Paůut

Wu Paa Paůut Kawun Qasam-un Em Neya.

Anuki Wahu Aameh Paa Paůut,

Wu Paa Paůut Kawun Wahu Aameh Neya.

Nakuk Qadur Najuh Aameh Qasam-un Em Paa Paůut,

Wu Khabub, Aameh Mushkhas-un.

Nakuk Qadur Kawan Kaleh Pafef Nakuk Dayur Jawef Paa Paůut.

Aameh Waseh Aameh Dayar-Nee Kawun anuki hum Lakay Baquy Jawef Paa-Paůut

Anuki Yabed Bi-Nafash-Nee.

Paa Paůut Kawun, Anuki.

Paa Paůut Qadur, Nakuk Qadur.

Paa Paůut amul, Nakuk amul.

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