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Who is Enki?

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AI impression of Enki

Enki was associated with water and was often depicted as a god of rivers, oceans, and underground springs. He was believed to have the power to control the flow of water and to use it for both creative and destructive purposes.

Enki was also a god of wisdom, knowledge, and magic. He was often portrayed as a clever and crafty figure who could solve problems and outsmart his rivals through his intelligence and cunning.

Enki was believed to have played a key role in the creation of humanity. According to some Sumerian myths, Enki was responsible for shaping human beings out of clay and imbuing them with the breath of life.

Enki was a complex and multifaceted deity who was capable of both benevolent and malevolent actions. In some myths, he is portrayed as a protector of humanity, while in others he is depicted as a trickster who causes chaos and confusion.

Enki was often associated with the city of Eridu, one of the oldest and most important cities in Sumer. He was believed to have established the city and to have built its most important temple, the E-Abzu, which was dedicated to the worship of Enki and his consort, the goddess Ninhursag.

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