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The Zuzim, or Zuzites (Hebrew: זוּזִים‎, Zūzīm), are a tribe mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, specifically in the book of Genesis. Their historical and cultural context can be summarized as follows:


  • Zuzites
  • Zuzim
  • Zamzummim


The Zuzim were said to inhabit the land of Ham, located east of the Jordan River, situated between Bashan and Moab. This region is notable for its historical and biblical significance.

Etymology of the Name

The exact origins of the name “Zuzim” are unclear. It might derive from the Hebrew word “zīz” (זִיז‎), which translates to “moving things” or “things which move.” This could imply a nomadic lifestyle or characteristic of the Zuzim.

Biblical Account of Conquest

According to Genesis 14:5, the Zuzim were conquered by a coalition of kings led by Chedorlaomer, the King of Elam. This is the sole mention of the Zuzim in the Hebrew Bible, marking their brief but notable appearance in the scriptural narrative.

In the fourteenth year, Kedorlaomer and the kings allied with him went out and defeated the Rephaites in Ashteroth Karnaim, the Zuzites in Ham, the Emites in Shaveh Kiriathaim

Genesis 14:5

Association with Other Tribes:

The Zuzim are mentioned alongside the Emim, a tribe later identified in the Book of Deuteronomy as the Moabite term for the Rephaim, a race of giants or mighty people in ancient texts.

Some scholars believe that the Zuzim are synonymous with the Zamzummim, mentioned in Deuteronomy 2:20. The Zamzummim were another tribe of the Rephaim who later lived in the region eventually occupied by the Ammonites.

The Zamzummim, like the Emim, were noted for their size and strength.

The identification of the Zuzim with the Rephaim, specifically the Zamzummim, and their connection to the Emim reflect the complex ethnographic and cultural landscape of the ancient Near East as depicted in biblical texts.

The Zuzim’s singular mention in the context of a military conquest underscores the turbulent nature of the period and the frequent conflicts among different tribes and peoples in the region.

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