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300 Igigi of heaven and 600 of the Apsû

Who are the Igigi?

The Igigi were another group of divine beings, often referred to as “the younger gods.” They were also considered to be offspring of Anu, and their main function was to serve the Anunnaki.

The Igigi were often associated with celestial and heavenly duties, such as maintaining the physical and divine order of the cosmos, including the movements of celestial bodies.

The relationship between the Anunnaki and the Igigi was one of hierarchy, with the Anunnaki considered superior and the Igigi as their labor force. The Igigi were tasked with various responsibilities, including working on the Anunnaki’s divine projects, such as building and maintaining the infrastructure of the cosmos.

Above — The ‘Igigi’, identified by the horns, in the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa. Source

Made the Igigi bear the workload.
The gods had to dig out canals,
Had to clear channels, the lifelines of the land,
The Igigi had to dig out canals,
Had to clear channels, the lifelines of the land.
The gods dug out the Tigris river (bed)
They were counting the years of loads.
For 3,6oo years they bore the excess,
Hard work, night and day.
They groaned and blamed each other,
Grumbled over the masses of excavated soil:
‘Let us confront our [ ] the chamberlain,
And get him to relieve us of our hard work!


In Mesopotamian cosmology, the Anunnaki were believed to have created humanoids to work as laborers to ease the burden of their own work. The Igigi were often associated with the tasks of serving the Anunnaki, and they were considered to be the heavenly counterparts to the terrestrial beings.

The Igigi are mentioned in several ancient Mesopotamian texts, including the Atrahasis Epic and the Babylonian creation myth Enuma Elish. The Atrahasis Epic, for instance, tells the story of how the Igigi rebelled against their heavy workload and refused to continue serving the higher gods. This rebellion led to the creation of humans from clay as a solution to the gods’ labor problem.

The ‘Igigi’, identified by the horns, in the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa. Source

300 Igigi of heaven and 600 of the Apsû, all of them, had assembled.

69: Enuma Elish

Who distributed the heavenly stations between Igigi and Anunnaki

145 : Enuma Elish

[ . . ] . Marduk, who created the Igigi gods,

159: Enuma Elish

He (Ellil) was furious (with the Igigi,]
‘We, the great Anunna, all of us,
Agreed together on [a plan].
Anu and [Adad] were to guard [above],
I was to guard the earth [below].

The warrior Ellil spotted the boat
And was furious with the Igigi.
‘We, the great Anunna, all of us,
Agreed together on an oath!
No form of life should have escaped!

Part VI – Atrahasis

In order to genetically engineer the humans, “ one god[igigi] should be slaughtered

The Igigi response:

Mami made her voice heard
And spoke to the great gods,
‘I have carried out perfectly
The work that you ordered of me.
You have slaughtered a god together with his
I have relieved you of your hard work,
I have imposed your load on man.
You have bestowed noise on mankind.
I have undone the fetter and granted freedom.’
They listened to this speech of hers,
And were freed (from anxiety), and kissed her feet:
‘We used to call you Mami
But now your name shall be Mistress of All

Followed by the process of artificially created humans. After that, it seems like they made new tools for the humans to take over the work of the Igigi:

Made new picks and spades,
Made big canals
To feed people and sustain the gods.

The Ancient Astronaut hypothesis proposes that a group called the Igigi, similar to the Anunnaki, orbited Earth as intermediaries between our planet and Nibiru, the Anunnaki’s home. They stayed in giant platforms around Earth, processing ore from our planet and sending it to Nibiru after refinement.

People never met the Igigi; texts mention them but imply they were too high up to care about humans.

Eventually, the Igigi rebelled against the Anunnaki, forcing the Anunnaki to find a new labor source. They genetically engineered ancient humans, creating a more efficient workforce, according to many authors.



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