Sumerian King List

Antediluvian rulers

The duration of each reign is also given. In this first section, the reigns vary between 43,200 and 28,800 years for a total of 241,200 years

Everything was dark; there was neither sunlight nor moonlight. However, the earth was green and had water underground, but there was no vegetation.



“Apkallu” and “Abgal” are terms from ancient Mesopotamian mythology

The oldest known version of the story of the Ark of Noah comes from the ancient city of Nippur in Mesopotamia and dates back to around 2000 BCE


Who is Enki?

Enki was associated with water and was often depicted as a god of rivers, oceans, and underground springs.

It is said that God created the demons from the semoum (burning wind); that from the demon he created his woman, as he created Eve from Adam; that the demon having had relations with his woman, she became pregnant from him and laid thirty eggs

Tatunca Nara told of the tribe of the Ugha Mongulala, a people who were “chosen by the Gods” 15,000 years ago. He described two great catastrophes that had devastated the earth and spoke of the ruler Lhasa

3 Men are Aessir. Abraham refers to a group, category, or colony. The wicked are the hybrids. If more than 10% of these hybrids are wicked, the colony of Sodom will be destroyed.

These cities of the Sumerian civilization contributed to the development of writing, agriculture, architecture, culture and governance.

The Aessir landed on planet Earth in search of gold. The Aessir were similar to humans, while advanced, in many ways, they were still tribal.

Sumerian King List

Sumerian King List

Antediluvian rulers 241,200 Years
First dynasty of Kish 24,510 Years
First rulers of Uruk 2,310 years

My spirit appearance shall not always strive with altered humans, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be limited to 120 years.

In this narrative, the Anunnaki create humans to serve them and perform various laborious tasks.

Genesis 3

The birth chamber

Genesis 3 describes the situation in the enclosed gardens. The Anunnaki took many earthly species and made experiments with them.

A complete pedigree chart for a hypothetical scenario where Enki lived for thousands of years