First World (~1 million to ~200,000 years ago)
Second World (~200,000 to ~50,000 years ago)
Third World (~50,000 to ~12,000 years ago)
Fourth World (~12,000 years ago to Present)

Ancient symbols date back 60,000 years and show a sophisticated understanding of nature.

Sumarian King List

Dynasty of Uruk

The rulers of Uruk across its dynasties according to the Sumerian King List.

Sumerian King List

Antediluvian rulers

The duration of each reign is also given. In this first section, the reigns vary between 43,200 and 28,800 years for a total of 241,200 years

Credo Mutwa

Women were mining

Mutwa explains that the mining of gold and other metals was an important activity in ancient South Africa, carried out by the indigenous people.

The Akitu festival was celebrated twice a year in ancient Mesopotamia, most notably at the beginning of the Babylonian calendar’s first month, Nisannu (March-April), and again in the seventh month, Tashritu (September-October).

The Anunnaki fashioned Lilith from dust and placed her in the garden alongside Adam.


Who is Enki?

Enki was associated with water and was often depicted as a god of rivers, oceans, and underground springs.

These cities of the Sumerian civilization contributed to the development of writing, agriculture, architecture, culture and governance.

Earth is the third planet from the Sun in our solar system. It’s located in the Milky Way galaxy, which is a barred spiral galaxy.

The Aessir landed on planet Earth in search of gold. The Aessir were similar to humans, while advanced, in many ways, they were still tribal.

Genesis 2

Enclosed garden

And the YHWH Elohiym established an enclosed garden eastward in Eden, and there they put the humans.