Paa Taraq

Their 3 Abodes

The transcript describes a narrative of a deceitful and malicious plot by a race referred to as the “Kakasu (Caucasians/Canaanites)” to undermine and control the Nagaru (Negro) race through various methods.

These methods include encouraging unhealthy behaviors, perverting cultural and spiritual values, and promoting race mixing to weaken genetic purity.

The text emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, cultural integrity, and rejecting the influence and control of the Kakasu.

It urges the Nagaru people to return to their roots, embrace their heritage, and resist the manipulative tactics used against them.

The narrative also touches on themes of spiritual warfare, deception through media and religion, and the exploitation of natural resources.

The text calls for unity, self-reliance, and a return to ancestral lands and values as a means of overcoming the alleged oppression and deception.

  1. Their three abodes: One, the evil wicked race of Genies of Kakasu (Caucasians/Canaanites) is determined in their disease, cursed hearts to take you down with them.
  2. They declare, “We will take control of Nagaru (Negroes) and entice them to commit monstrous sins, taking their divine bodies, consuming all kinds of poisons, intoxicants, and drinks.
  3. Eat unhealthy foods, smoke, alter the tones of their body and souls to the music we wish, destroy their tuning forks, and pervert their minds to lust after any and all sexual acts, receiving diseases, spreading sickness, and even death among their own. Practicing such evil things will shut the gates of Heaven and open the pits of Hell’s fire for them.
  4. Thus, we will enslave them until the day of Resurrection has passed. That will be our crowning conquest.
  5. They will never accept the Nadalu as their helpers, who sent me to save them, the true helper.
  6. The Nadalu only consider the most monstrous sins: ignorance and betrayal of your own Salah race.
  7. All other sins are inferior among the monstrous and degrading sins.
  8. Of course, the very worst is trusting your minds, bodies, and souls through the beast race of devils and belief in his religions and way of life, his culture of savage living and spookism worship.
  9. The beast says, therefore, we will definitely infuse these sins deep into their bodies, souls, and bloodstreams.
  10. In this manner, they will not even contemplate our being the source of such thoughts and will be terrified of our fury.
  11. While others of them will adore, worship, praise, and imitate us.
  12. We will breed to create a mixed seed for them to idolize: half-breed mulatto or malady male, adjustment male administration who are malediction and act of misuse for a team.
  13. Yet they will not notice, not reject, but accept them as their own.
  14. The Cockatoo Caucasian is a made man, a built man, a fabrication, unreal.
  15. And his genes are weak.
  16. He was only grafted to last for six thousand years, then fade.
  17. Once he mixes his seed with any others, he is gone.
  18. If a Cockatoo Caucasian mixes with an Afafrey (African), the outcome is a mulatto.
  19. He’s lost, for when a mulatto mixes with an Afafrey (African), the Cockatoo Caucasian gene is faded away forever.
  20. If a mulatto mixes with an Afaf African, the outcome is another mulatto. So, in the end, it’s his end.
  21. Now, he sends his Kakosu Caucasian females to mix with all others in hopes to prolong their Salah race by race mixing.
  22. It’s too late for them by sickness, disease, and weak genes.
  23. They have lost the Sabbat race in Selassie.
  24. Once their female mix and drink of Afafrey (African), they become what they eat.
  25. They will become mulatto by intake as the rest of their race fades out of existence. Six thousand years is over for them.
  26. Yet they will fight to deceive the Tapal world until their last breath of six Ether Force.
  27. Then we’ll hunt this Kawak planet until they all vapor gas fade away out of existence.
  28. And they say, we will assuredly create whatever it takes to have them trust in us and betray their own.
  29. A belief in their hearts, in a god in our image: make movie stars, sports stars, and model stars.
  30. Make their teachers, their preachers, their bosses, their leaders have them trust in us by force or conviction. Love us, wish to be us, like us, and serve us.
  31. We will pay any amount to them to act as we want them to act, speak what we want them to speak, and dress as we want them to dress.
  32. Dance when we say dance, fight when we say fight, kill when we say kill, steal when we say steal, act as we say for them to act.
  33. Trust their consorts with us, trust their parents and grandparents to us, trust us to teach their children, trust us to protect and enforce the law.
  34. Teach them all other Salah races don’t like them. Praise us only. This we have done and this they accept.
  35. We are whom they worship, fear, trust, and obey.
  36. We gave them their tongue. We gave them the name of deity, be it God, Lord, Jehovah, Allah, Yahweh, Dios, created supreme being or Satan, Shaytan, and devil.
  37. And from us, they can’t call for their own helpers.
  38. Jesus Christ is from us, for us, and they will worship and call on this name as we gave it to them. As they ignore the most excellent renowned act names of their own cast spirit and by blood.
  39. That is very pleasant to hear in our ear.
  40. We will also implant in these feelings such deception that the difference between wide good and the wild evil will not be recognized in their daily lives.
  41. If it feels good and is fun to me, it must be worldwide good.
  42. The purpose is to cause them to lose the straightway. Obey our command with a secure heart every day.
  43. Don’t think, act on our behalf only, then conclude that they have found our heaven and lost their own in wickedness.
  44. Then a demigod whom our Pappas will create will be raised up among them to demonstrate leadership qualities and speak great things eloquently.
  45. Additionally, he will cause much death and suffering worldwide.
  46. The intention of this demigod of evil will be live as you wish, do as you please, which will include sensual lust and visions of grandeur like never before for his time.
  47. This demigod of evil, man of sin, will cause their own Shakash people to seek refuge in him from all devoted men and accuse them as crazy cults, lusts, sects of their religious beliefs as blasphemy and cause much confusion with his lies.
  48. These tricks are intended to misguide others as to the truth and in times of who I, as your mother Warner Harman, really is and make himself look innocent of the activities the man of sin puts on others, even his own race.
  49. He only has faith in his own Leviathan, his god Bob, which is the real Satan, the master of deception.
  50. To undictate these monstrous evils and lies on others world over.
  51. With his murder, robbery, wars, hate, imprisonment of all who oppose him.
  52. This demigod, man of sin, will do these things in obedience to the command of counterfeit god voluntarily.
  53. This will become the greatest conspiracy of all, for he is Satan, the best of all conspirators in the universe.
  54. If you forget all else, don’t forget you cannot trust anything they say to you or is for you.
  55. They are liars, killers.
  56. Do not trust them.
  57. He says, additionally, I, Satan, will address his basic instincts with words, pictures, sounds, colors, and tastes so miraculously eloquent that the Nagaru (Negroid) will be utterly captivated.
  58. Even the illiterate will understand it because I, Satan, will simplify its meanings, give wealth to the fools, then put them before the world.
  59. They will think they are accepted by us when they are our tools of deception for their youth.
  60. The loss of the demigods programs works on the basic instincts and propels them to carry out the most monstrous evils and wickedness.
  61. We will accomplish this by urging them to do these things by periodically inspiring erroneous success among them, which is weighty with hidden meanings.
  62. These in turn will flow into the Bible, souls of their youth, like undetected poisons.
  63. Style fashions. Each step leads to evil.
  64. It will strike your Karado children unaware of what they are becoming.
  65. Now, I am and M still warning you that this Satan, by whatever name, is manipulating your emotions by all these things as his procedure to reach his intended victim: you.
  66. So he deliberately drew several illiterates to his plan.
  67. He taught them a new counterfeit teachings of what I tried to teach you.
  68. And in their hearts, they turn on me.
  69. Don’t worship him.
  70. This is not religion. This is Satan’s voice inside them, speaking out of fear.
  71. He makes the emotion jealousy.
  72. Their manhood is in question if they praise or worship another man.
  73. Yet, all their lives, they had sports stars they worshiped: boxers, players, football players, singers, movie stars. To them, that was fine.
  74. However, once you say, let’s give thanks, praise, prayer rituals to our savior Parmen, something inside says, no, don’t, we should not.
  75. That is the voice of fear from Satan speaking out against Atomere.
  76. Let’s respect him, love him, but not remember him as our own Nadal.
  77. He thinks and titles such as Nabob, Masters, Lords, Wabu, Priests, Pastors that I will accept with great pride.
  78. Yet, when it comes to him, he is only a man, just like me.
  79. You who have or feel these emotions are being manipulated to forget your Warner Amanda that week, as we have done our
  80. great leaders in the past, it’s a procedure to reach his intended goal.
  81. He thinks and titles such as Nabob, Masters, Lords, Wabu, Priests, Pastors that I will accept with great pride.
  82. Yet, when it comes to him, he is only a man, just like me.
  83. You who have or feel these emotions are being manipulated to forget your Warner Amanda that week, as we have done our great leaders in the past, it’s a procedure to reach his intended goal.
  84. He feels he will win the race in racism.
  85. With these feelings, they will elevate blasphemy, slander, and begin to lie about and to themselves, promiscuity and rebellion.
  86. The terrible end results is, of course, guaranteed all is forgotten.
  87. Yet with so many Nagaru (Negroes) on his side.
  88. He has thereby own souls.
  89. For when they work for him, kill for him, protect for him, he has that by soul.
  90. Once they put on a uniform, be it military as soldiers, they sold their soul in their armies.
  91. He embraces them in his arms, in his unfair warfare.
  92. It’s only for the fair, as in fair skin, fair hair, fair eye.
  93. His Salah race, only you kill for him or are willing to kill to protect him and his, you have sold your soul.
  94. Once you put on a uniform to be a guard for him, be it a security or prison guard or Coast Guard or traffic guard.
  95. Be it a police person, a sheriff, deputy officer, or marshal.
  96. Once you put on his uniform and plan to work for, kill for, protect for, and guard for.
  97. He has you in a state of natural violation to violate nature for him, to kill, strike, hit, kick, beat, lock up, imprison, hold your own for his own.
  98. If you put on one of their uniforms with the intentions to help your own, protect your own from them, you are blessed.
  99. To be a lawyer for his laws and wealth and not to really help your own, as you see they do.
  100. To become a judge for their system which works against your own people, to become a teacher to teach their lies, a banker to help only his race, a fireman to save his homes and businesses is all to lose your soul.
  101. He needs you to offer your soul to him, he can’t take it, you have to welcome him into your life to sign away your freedoms.
  102. Your rights as a Native American, as a Moorish, as a free person, you give him the right to mistreat you for a seat beside him in his world.
  103. He only is deceiving you, he will pretend on TV, on the news, to accept Nagaru (Negroes), give them a voice if they say what he needs said.
  104. If he says hate one of your own and they speak out on that, they get more air time and that means more money.
  105. If you preach his religions with his images, that means air time, make a church or mosque, and more money.
  106. If you say turn the other cheek when one of your own is beaten or killed or raped one-on-one, if you say keep the peace, they will put you on TV, speak about your organization to bring more to you, that means more members and more money.
  107. If you preach ignorance under racism and he knows the truth from foolishness, spookisms, he will pretend to dislike you.
  108. All the while he keeps bringing up your name or group to make others think you are for our people. When behind your blackness is religious foolishness.
  109. He will give you TV time, the master deceiver.
  110. They will make you rich, a movie star, a singer, a rapper, give you all the money and things you want, as long as you don’t return to Nagaru (Negro) land, a fast red, Ka’u Africa to help build our own homeland.
  111. You can’t do things here in New Cannon, the Western world, because when they are ready, they will create charges against you, public smear, TV, newspaper, radio, then label you whatever, and your blind, deaf, and dumb race will believe anything he says about you, and they will take your money for their people.
  112. For every one of you they make rich, make a star, give wealth, show you in a movie or commercial.
  113. For every one of them on TV, movies, commercials, posters, billboards, all day, all night, they are giving their own Salah race money, be it lotto or gambling, bank loans, one of ten, they find ways to give their race money all the time, around the clock.
  114. Stop and think right now, how many of them do you see each and every day, all day and night, receiving money for being on TV, in movies, commercials, plays, resorts, and as fashion models?
  115. They have found ways to pay their race for doing nothing except being in the background of a show or movie, a cast member, a makeup artist.
  116. You name it, they have created it.
  117. My beloved family, stop, look around you, think, look at a TV and change channels and see who you see.
  118. Restaurants, clubs, resorts, vacations, planes, boats, cars, buses, and trucks.
  119. For every one of us they give money, you see the game.
  120. Now, think if they did not have his system in place, what would they have? Nothing, because, as a Salah race, they don’t do anything.
  121. They pay their own race to live and pretend they’re rich.
  122. They say what is art and music and what stones are valuable.
  123. They set the price on things they don’t even have in Europe.
  124. Look at what they’re doing world over for oil because they don’t have any.
  125. They kill, steal, imprison, frame, or their people will die out.
  126. That is what you see world over.
  127. Now, other races don’t trust him anymore, only the lustful and greedy, but he has lost power world over, and still, you hold on to him.
  128. Soon, others will make their own movies, cinemas, without him.
  129. They get back to their own as we should be doing in a fast red, Ka’u Africa.
  130. Now, look at all the wealthy Nagaru (Negroes) in the world today.
  131. It’s time to return home.
  132. There is more oil in Sudan than any other place on Earth.
  133. As there is gold, diamond, silver, copper, and platinum, all kinds of needed wealth in our own home.
  134. As the weather changes here in the West, you see it gets worse each year and he plans trips into outer space because he knows what is really happening on this planet.
  135. He wishes to save his seed by taking off.
  136. It’s planned in their ancient records.
  137. They speak of three great gods or boats, each with a female counterpart: One, Hades, god of the underworld/caves; two, Zeus, god of heaven above; three, Poseidon, god of under the sea. Now they see nature is working to remove them.
  138. They can no longer live underwater.
  139. They can no longer live on Earth as the sun gets closer, hotter.
  140. So they now seek to live in outer space.
  141. They will not make it.
  142. For up there, also, there are Star Wars going on right now.
  143. It’s time to accept, protect your own, not them and theirs, or believe in their religious foolishness, false hopes, spooks, spirit, or ghosts.
  144. They are falling apart physically, right in front of the world.
  145. They now have all kinds of replacements: replace teeth, eyes, body parts, skin grafts.
  146. Now, noses, new lips, bone adjustments, and transplanting hair.
  147. Now that people see them up close and see beneath the makeup.
  148. They can no longer hide the truth.
  149. They use tattoos and piercings.
  150. They even replaced their own symbols of what they consider beautiful and handsome men and women with strange-looking movie stars.
  151. Look at them now and then think back to the olden days of movies and how their people looked. They are shape-shifters, transforming. Their leprosy is coming out.
  152. Their shapes are changing.
  153. They are trying all kinds of things, but none will help them.
  154. When it’s over, it’s over.
  155. All their so-called greats are dying off.
  156. They can no longer fool the world.
  157. People in the Far East say no to them. People in the Middle East say no to them. People in India say no to them.
  158. Arabs say no. Africans say no. South Americans say no. Caribbeans say no.
  159. Even their own Russians say no. French say no. Canada says no. And so many others world over are all now saying no.
  160. He will soon be all alone. No helpers to fight his fights, to protect his stolen lands.
  161. He is finished.
  162. He only has very few wannabes of each race who serve him, and they too will soon turn from him.
  163. He used and abused the whole world, and now he must pay for his evils.
  164. He now needs you more than you need him.
  165. He is spending more money than he has, being in debt to other races.
  166. To make new
  167. Cinemas, movies of himself as great, of his women as sexy, yet it will not work.
  168. Now others have their own wealth.
  169. Even the Nagaru (Negro) has wealth and will soon realize they don’t need him anymore and will stop acting the fool for him.
  170. He can’t pay his debts world over but is still sending in spacecrafts. Why?
  171. What is he looking for on Mars?
  172. Now, while in wars and not winning, think.
  173. Why is it that the destructive weather only strikes where they live, not where others live in America?
  174. Who is aiming at them, and why?
  175. And will you die with them?
  176. The Kamal Pleiadians came to the Kakosu (Caucasians) in human form, proclaiming, “We are your lords, your gods, and we have chosen your race as ours.
  177. You will be above all others if you serve us.
  178. They say, “Offer flesh and blood to us, kill for us, slaughter for us.”
  179. Yet they put it in a form of sacrifices, offerings, massacres, and you will rule all other human beings with our help and protection.
  180. We will bestow our extraordinary inspiration upon you.
  181. Therefore, accept whatever we grant you and be grateful to us.
  182. Once their hearts were encouraged by remembering their counterfeit lords and gods, they accepted what they were given.
  183. And did kill for them and still kill to this day for them.
  184. Even though they have been gone long gone and no longer helped them, they have used them and now deserted them.
  185. Now, they recite the fresh yet false words.
  186. They rejected their last chances: Yahshua and Ahmed, who came to civilize them and to seek an extension for them past the 2000 A.D.
  187. The year 2000 A.D. for that time ended in 1914 A.D. It was extended, and still, they have not stopped killings, wars, or their racism.
  188. Honor your mother and father that your days belong. The Nagar race are their parents.
  189. This is the scheme with which the Demonic Kamahu Pleiadians inspired a fake revelation of fake religions and passed on to them. But they could not follow Tamila’s records of the Enuma Elish and Atrahasis stories from the seed of Cush.
  190. They re-recorded a false revelation, counterfeit books, mistranslations to their deceived believers.
  191. As a result, the Pleiadians and Dragonians of the Golden Circle, Ring of Fire, the Knights of the Gold Circle, as they are known to this day, dressed up truth with falsehood and falsehood with truth.
  192. Thus, these evil people could not distinguish wide good from the wild evil anymore. Consequently.
  193. They are being propelled to hellfire.
  194. As their time comes to an end, will you still follow after them?
  195. They must drink alcohol, caffeine for the alkaloid, alcohol, beer, whiskey, wine, rum, gin, and scotch for the fermentation.
  196. They have to have intoxicating things and poisons.
  197. They must have nicotine, smokes of any and all kinds, pills, injections, and drugs.
  198. They have to have these things in their bodies each day to feel.
  199. As they need the rush of danger to raise their adrenaline to feel.
  200. Their lives are drink, smoke, drug, loud noises as music, screaming, yelling, sex pleasures of any kind with anything, human, animal, or machine.
  201. And this is what they impose on you.
  202. It starts with a kiss, then a hug.
  203. They promote all of these things in each and every cinema movie.
  204. You can’t watch a cinema without drinking, smoking, killing, speeding cars, crashing planes, boats, ghosts, monsters.
  205. Yet they always lead to kissing, drinking, smoking, and sexuality.
  206. That’s how they subdue you into their wicked world.
  207. Remember, whoever is behind the camera creates what you see.
  208. And can make you believe they’re human by showing themselves acting human, film after film, show after show.
  209. Pretending they have human feelings when they do not.
  210. This is directed to anyone who has given their will, soul, trust to the Kakasu or his helpers.
  211. And yet some still claim to be proud blacks or Muslims, Moorish, Hebrews, Christians, Rastas.
  212. You are not counted among our true bloodline as children upon the Donald, those who provide true guidance for us by way of Unawa, while Satan tricks them into his spookisms and believing they are human beings too.
  213. We have our roots on the Nile.
  214. Both the Nile of the earth and the Nile above the earth.
  215. With all we have given to you, shown to you, which you can see on the walls and in command Egypt with your own eyes.
  216. Others say, don’t make images or pictures of our ancestors.
  217. That’s a religious trick so they don’t have to show who the real prophets were, what race?
  218. So they become upset if you ask about the race of the people of the Bible or Quran or tablets of Samaria, or India, or Persia, or the original Native Americans of MU and Atlantis.
  219. They don’t want you to see their original Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Syrians, Chaldeans, Cushites, Hamites, and Moabites, and the list goes on and on.
  220. They don’t want you to see yourself in its Islamism or Hebuism or any other.
  221. The only land you will find your color, face, nose, hips, hair, eyes still, they are on the walls in command Egypt.
  222. As fast as they cover, conceal, hide, paint over, break up, lock up the findings, another of our ancestors rises from their tomb to reveal by DNA who they are, what race, blood types.
  223. Only in Egypt do you find it so clear.
  224. So come on back to self and kind.
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