Ignatius Donnelly

The Colonies of Atlantis

Atlantean trading posts evolved into settlements, spreading into the interior regions and the highlands

Creation, transgression, and the loss of an idyllic state, which are central to the story of Adam and Eve

Polarity to move time and space – a movement of polarity 2nd dimension is all about polarity, light/dark. And because of this polarity, I can create another dimension –> 1D (unity). 2D is the movement of polarity, duality. Light/dark. Now you are looking at yourself (observer). But observation does nothing. You have to manifest it, you have … Read more

Hollow earth theory

Is the earth hollow?

The Hollow Earth theory is a concept proposing that the planet Earth is entirely hollow or contains a substantial interior space.

Atlantis was an archipelago consisting of two large islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean near the Mediterranean Sea.