Interview with Reptilian Woman

In December 1999, the author interviewed a non-human reptilian creature, sharing the experience in several articles. Initially skeptical about extraterrestrial life, the author’s encounter with the creature, known as “Lacerta,” in a friend’s house in Sweden changed their beliefs.

The interview lasted three hours, but only condensed portions are published due to Lacerta’s request for confidentiality. The author has complete data, including sketches and a tape recording, but cannot disclose them without Lacerta’s permission. The articles detail Lacerta’s extraordinary abilities, like telepathy and telekinesis, which the author now believes to be true.

Despite the compelling nature of the interview, the author can only release a limited version, expecting skepticism from readers. They plan a follow-up meeting with Lacerta for more evidence and potentially more information about a forthcoming war. The author acknowledges the readers’ skepticism but hopes for belief in their account.


First, the articles below are written as they are. We guarantee that no imaginative processing has been done. These articles are part of an interview I conducted with a non-human reptilian creature in December 1999.

This female creature had been in contact with my friend for several months already. (This friend’s name will be briefly written as E.F. in the document.) First of all, let me explain about myself. I have lived my life without any belief in UFOs, aliens, and other strange things.

E.F. Even when he talked about a female creature called “Lacerta,” I thought it was just a dream or a novel. I lived like that until at least December 16, 1999. That day, in the small, warm room of a friend’s house a little away from a small town in southern Sweden, I couldn’t help but believe my eyes.

She was not a person. Through my encounters with her, I have seen and experienced so many unbelievable things beyond just conversation that I can no longer deny her reality and her words. This article is not one of the many articles written to distort the truth about UFOs. I am confident that this article contains only the truth and that is why I think you should read it too

I talked to her for about 3 hours. The articles below are condensed portions of the interview. That’s because after her interview, she demanded that everything she talked about not be revealed. The questions listed in the articles below were not actually clearly asked at the time, but were organized later. Therefore, there may be some parts that are a bit confusing when reading the article.

It was not easy for me to delete many important parts that she requested. For this, I apologize on her behalf and ask for her understanding. Of course, I have all the data from the interview. (It’s about 49 pages long, including sketches I drew of her appearance and belongings.)

I also have a tape recording of the interview. But these cannot be revealed without her permission. I will be sending this summary to trusted friends in Finland, Norway, Germany, and France. I hope they translate it into their own language so that as many people as possible can read and understand it. If you see this article, please share it with your friends via email or print

Also, I would like to tell you more about the “superpowers” ​​of her species that she revealed in the 3 hour 6 minute interview. ” – telepathy or telekinesis (like making a pen dance on its own on a table or making an apple stop a foot above her hand) – were never tricks. Of course, people who have not experienced it will not believe it or understand it. But as someone who has been in touch with her mind, I am now convinced that everything she said is the truth about our world

Unfortunately, even though I have all the data, I am unable to focus on the parts that impressed me the most. Only the abbreviated version has been released. The data and experiences I have compiled are too unbelievable to be accepted as fact, like science fiction stories seen on TV or in movies, so I expect that many people will be skeptical.

But whether you believe it or not, these are true. I cannot provide any additional evidence, and I can only ask you to believe it without evidence. We respectfully ask that you read the text below and evaluate its truthfulness

I plan to meet with her on April 23, 2000. (In the same house in Sweden) She promised to provide her proof of her own existence as well. Until then, I’m compiling a list of questions I’ll be asking. At that time, perhaps we will be able to get permission to release more information about the coming war

Whether you believe it or not, it really makes no difference. (But I hope you will believe this)


Date: 1999

Question 1: First of all, who and what are you? Are you a race from outer space, or do you have origins on this planet?

Answer 1: As you see with your own eyes, I )Not humanity. To be more clear, I am not a mammal. (Even if some parts of my body are similar to mammals, this is a result of evolution.)
I am a female creature belonging to a very ancient race of reptiles. We arose naturally on Earth and have lived for millions of years.

We are included in religious texts as objects of worship by many ancient tribes who knew of our existence, such as the Bible and the Egyptians and Incas. , or has been referred to as God. In particular, the Bible describes a misconception about our role in your creation process.

There we are referred to as “evil serpents”, which is incorrect. Your species has been genetically engineered by aliens to speed up evolution, and (as some of your scientists suspect) we are only somewhat indirectly involved. Your species is evolving at a rate that is impossible naturally in two to three million years.

In the natural world, the process of evolution proceeds at a much slower pace, so current evolution is absolutely impossible. Of course you don’t have to understand this. Your creation is the result of genetic manipulation. But that’s not what we did. It was done by another alien. If you ask us if we are aliens from somewhere else, the answer is no. We originated from this Earth. We have several colonies in the solar system, but our origin is also this Earth.

Truly, this planet belongs to us and not to you. – It was never yours

Question 2: Can you tell me your name?

Answer 2 : This is quite difficult. Because my name cannot be pronounced correctly by your human tongue. (Also, calling someone by their name is very rude in our society.) Our language is very different from yours.

But if you try to pronounce it very slowly so that you can pronounce it with your own tongue, you can say ” ;Sssshiaassshakkkasskkhhhshhh” It can be said to that extent, especially “sh” and “k” You have to pronounce it very, very strongly.
We do not have first and last names like you do. However, there is one special name that is pronounced separately. This is not a name given to children like a human surname, but is a name given to children during “enlightenment” during adolescence. or “enlightenment” This is the name you receive after going through a special religious and scientific process.

If you don’t mind, please don’t try to pronounce my name with your tongue and just call me “Lacerta.” This is the name I generally use when interacting with humans

Question 3: How old are you?

Answer 3: We are like you Time is not measured by the astronomical method of observing the revolution of the As of today, I have lived 57,653 cycles of time (to put it into your numerical terms). I became a saint through enlightenment on the 16,337th cycle (a very important date for us), which makes me about 28 years old in human years. That’s because we generally live below the Earth’s surface. We measure time in terms of the Earth’s magnetic field, which fluctuates periodically.sun

Question 4: What is your mission? Do you also have a “job” like us?

Answer 4 I am a student with That’s why I’m here talking to you and why I revealed my true self to E and F. That’s also why I’m here to answer as honestly as possible the many questions you bring to me.

I will observe how you react, and also how your colleagues and people around you react. We will observe. Among your species living on Earth, there are not us, UFO, alienThere are many lunatics and liars who spread things that are not true about people. There are also those who believe their lies.

I am interested in how your species behaves and reacts when the truth about which I will speak is revealed. I’m pretty sure everyone doesn’t want to believe my story. But on the other hand, I also have a strong hope that my expectations will be wrong. That is because in order to survive in the coming times you must understand the truth

Question 5: I have read all your statements (received from E.F.) I read it. But let me add one quick question. Are UFOs really flying objects controlled by aliens or your species?

Answer 5 : Some of the observed UFOs – as you call them – are It’s ours. But not most. Most “mysterious” flying objects are not mechanical devices, but natural phenomena that your scientists do not yet understand (such as plasmas that occur at high pressure). a i=15> like a luminous body.Nevertheless, UFOs belonging to your race (especially your military organization), other alien races, or to us are real. . (However, it is rare for your airships to be sighted by us. We are generally very careful about their movements in the atmosphere, and have special methods for hiding them.) If you are looking for a cylindrical object, varying in length from 20 to 260 meters, with a light gray metal surface, cigar-shaped, emitting a very low-pitched sound, and with five red lights on the surface (one at the front, one at the front) If you see a flying object (one in the middle and two aft), it’s our ship. In other words, one of us wasn’t as careful as we were.We also have other small, saucer-shaped aircraft. But in general, these disk-shaped objects belong to extraterrestrial races. The triangular UFOs belong to your military, but they were created using alien technology. If you really want to see our ships, you might want to look into the skies over the Earth’s poles or inland Asia (especially the mountainous regions).

Question 6 : Is there a special symbol or something like that that represents your race?

Answer 6 : We have two main symbols that represent our species. One (the older one) is the symbol of a blue snake with four white wings on a black background (the individual colors have religious significance for us), which was used in some parts of our society in the past and is rarely used today. However, this symbol was often used in the old documents of humans.

Another symbol is a circle with a symbol for you “dragon< There is an imaginary being called “a i=6>”, and among them are seven white stars. This symbol is the main one for us today. If you see this symbol on a cylindrical flying object or at the entrance of some underground base, it clearly indicates that they belong to us. (And I advise you that if you really see this symbol, you should get out of the place as quickly as possible.

Question 7: The 7 in the second symbol you mentioned Do the stars meanPleiades Cluster?

Answer 7: Pleiades ? No. The actual meaning of the seven stars is that they were previously planet > and represent our seven colonies built on the moon. The circle with a dragon drawn on a blue background behind the stars represents Earth, and the seven The stars are Moon, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter and Saturn. They are all places where colonies were built in the past, and currently the two colonies are unused and abandoned. Therefore, in fact, the 5 stars are accurate. This is an expression.

Question 8: You were not allowed to take photos that could serve as evidence to prove your presence during this interview. Instead, Could you please describe yourself in detail?

Answer 8 : I also think it would greatly help increase the credibility of this interview if you took a photo of me. On the other hand, even if the photos were released, your species would not be able to stop being very skeptical (which, of course, is beneficial to us and other extraterrestrial species operating in secret on this planet). People will dismiss my photo as just a photo of a woman wearing a mask and call it fake (I would feel very insulted). I don’t want to talk about this issue any further because there are a number of reasons why I wasn’t allowed to film it. Among them, one reason is to keep our existence a secret, and the other reason is related to religious beliefs. However, I have permitted you to make a sketch of my appearance and the belongings you will see. I will also describe what I look like.But I think it would be difficult for other people of your species to imagine what I really am from just a few words. That is because there is an automatic denial in your mind that the reptilian race exists, and that there are races more intelligent than yours. well. Let’s give it a try though.First, imagine the body of a typical human female. That’s probably the best starting point for guessing about my body. Like you, I have one head, two arms, two hands, two legs and two feet all in the same proportions as you. And because I am a woman, I have two breasts. (Despite our reptilian origins, we evolved to have breasts to feed our babies.- This process occurred 30 million years ago. – Breastfeeding keeps you young. For your species, this process already took place during the time of the dinosaurs, and for us – a little later – this process also took place. Of course, this does not make us mammals today.) But our breasts are not as big as those of human women, and all women of the species have the same size.And the externally protruding genitals are smaller than those of humans in both sexes. Yes. However, their form and function are the same as those of humans. (Another gift that evolution has given our species.)My skin is mainly green-beige – a light green – with brown, irregular scales (each measuring 1 to 2 centimeters). degree) is distributed over the skin and face. (This distribution varies depending on gender, with women having a particularly severe distribution and concentrated on the lower body and face.) There are also two lines on the front of the face, from the forehead to the eyebrows, and from the cheeks to the chin. My eyes are slightly larger than human eyes. (This is why we can see better in the dark)

The eyes have small, bright green (dark green for men) irises in the middle and typically black pupils, which can vary in size from oval to straight. This is because our retina is very light sensitive and the pupil has to keep pace. We also have ears that stick out on the outside, but they are not as large or round as humans. However, we can hear a wider range of sound waves than humans. There are muscles above the ears called “lids” that allow us to close them completely (e.g. underwater). Our noses are more pointed and there is a V between the nostrils. It has a ruler-shaped curve. This allowed our ancestors to “see” temperature. Nowadays, this function has almost degenerated, but this “tissue” still helps us feel slight temperature differences. Our lips have the same shape as humans’, but are a light brown color. (Women are slightly larger than men)Our teeth are very white and strong, and are slightly longer and more pointed than mammalian teeth. We don’t have as many different hair colors as you do (but there are differences in hair color depending on age). Typically, the original color – based on my hair color – is greenish-brown. Our hair is thick and strong, but it also grows very slowly. Additionally, the head is the only place on our body where hair grows.

Our bodies, arms and legs are similar in shape and size to yours. However, they are a different color (green-beige, like the face) and have scales on the knees and above the elbows. We have five fingers, a little longer and thinner than humans, and the skin on our palms is flat.We don’t have wrinkles on our skin like humans, and we don’t have fingerprints on our fingers. Instead, they have a mixture of flaky skin and brown scales. (Both men and women have scales on their palms.) If you touched my skin, it would feel softer than your hairy skin. And small, sharp horns grow above the middle fingers of both hands. My fingernails are gray and grow longer than those of humans.To you, my fingernails will look smooth and not very long. This is because I am a woman. In men, the growths are long and pointed, sometimes 5 to 6 centimeters long. The part I am about to describe is very different from that of humans and is inherited from our reptilian ancestors: If you touch my back, you will feel a hard bony stalk over my clothes.This is my It is not a spine, but rather a very complex externally protruding plate. These organs are distributed exactly along the spine, from the head to the hips. This plate contains a large number of nerves and blood storage compartments. (It is 2 to 3 centimeters in size and is very sensitive to contact with this material – which is why I always feel uncomfortable when sitting on a human chair.)The main task of these small plates is to (besides sexual functions) regulates our body temperature when we are exposed to sunlight, either natural or artificial. When these plates are exposed to sunlight, the blood reservoirs attract blood and expand further. It then warms the blood (the warmed blood spreads throughout the body). As the temperature rises, we feel great joy.What else is different? Oh, we don’t have belly buttons. Because we are born differently than you mammals. Other than that, the differences in appearance aren’t that big, so I don’t think it’s necessary to mention them all. Those things are not visible when we are wearing clothes. I think I explained it in sufficient detail. You can draw a few pictures.

Question 9: What kind of clothes do you usually wear? I don’t think I would wear the clothes I’m wearing now on a regular basis.

Answer 9 : Yes, the human daily clothes I’m wearing now are only worn when I’m among humans. To be honest, these tight outfits always give me a weird feeling and are not very comfortable. If we are in our dwellings (meaning our subterranean dwellings), or in great artificially created sun-lit areas, or in the company of persons whose names we have just mentioned, we generally live naked. It is.Is it a bit shocking? We wear thin, loose, soft, and light clothes in public places and places where many races gather. As we mentioned, some parts of our body are very sensitive to touch. In most cases, wearing tight clothes is not comfortable because the small back areas are pressed. Often both men and women wear the same clothes, but the colors are different for each gender.

Question 10 : You said “others with similar names to yours”. Do you mean family by any chance?

Answer 10: No, not at all. When you say “family,” you mean only a group of people who are genetically related, such as father, mother, and children. As I said earlier, we have very complex and unique names. This name has a completely different pronunciation than the others and no one has the same name.

The pronunciation of some parts of this name (especially the middle part) can be interpreted as a means of explaining to others the “family” to which I belong (since there is no suitable expression in your dictionary, in fact, ” I have no choice but to use the expression “family.”) The meaning of the word family as I expressed it does not only mean a group that is genetically linked. Because this group refers to a very large group of people, ranging from 40 to 70 people.

This group is usually related to genetics, such as paternal and maternal lines – excluding those who decide to leave the group. And- contains an emphasized meaning. It is very difficult to explain to you our long-standing and complex social relationships. Just explaining the main concepts will make hours go by. I’ll explain in detail when we meet again next time.

Question 11: Do you have a tail like most reptiles?

Answer 11: Have you seen my tail? No, we don’t have a visible tail. If you had a chance to look at our skeleton, you would only see small, round bones at the base of the pelvis, at the bottom of the spine. This is a deterioration of the tail our ancestors had. This is not visible from the outside.

Oh, we also have a tail during the first month of fetal life. But by the time you are born, it is already gone. The tail plays a role in maintaining balance when humans begin to walk on two legs during the evolution process. But as our skeletal structure became similar to yours, we no longer need a tail to walk on two legs.

Question 12: You are different from us. You said they are born in a certain way. Are you talking about eggs?

Answer 12 : Yes, but not like birds or other reptiles as you might think. In fact, babies grow in protein fluid in their mother’s womb. However, the entire structure of the uterus is egg-shaped with a very thin shell, and within this shell the fetus grows completely independently of the mother’s body.

The fetus grows inside this shell. All the necessary conditions are in place, and a line similar to your umbilical cord connects to a hidden organ beneath your dorsum. When childbirth occurs, the vagina contracts and the soft egg and sticky protein liquid are pushed out of the body in a matter of minutes. The middle finger of the fetus inside the egg has a protrusion, and the fetus instinctively uses this protrusion to tear the egg and come out to take its first breath.

Our infants are not born big like yours. . They are about 30 to 35 centimeters tall and their eggs (because our vaginas are smaller than yours) are about 40 centimeters long. However, when physical growth is complete, the height is usually around 160 to 180 centimeters

Question 13: How do you maintain your body temperature? You said earlier that you enjoy sunbathing. How does such an activity affect your body?

Answer 13 : Because we are reptiles, not mammals, our Body temperature depends on the temperature of the surrounding environment. If you touch my hand, it will probably feel a little colder than yours. This is because the average temperature of our body is around 30 to 33 degrees.

If we sunbathe (especially with nothing on our bodies and with small patches on our backs), we lose 8 to 8 degrees per minute. The body temperature rises by about 9 degrees. This increase in body temperature causes a large amount of enzymes and hormones to be produced within the body, and the heart and brain as well as other body organs are activated, and we feel very good.

You. Humans just enjoy sunbathing, but for us sunbathing gives us greater pleasure than you can imagine (perhaps similar to your sexual arousal). We also cool down our body temperature by swimming in warm water or liquid. It can also be raised. However, when we are in the shadows, our body temperature returns to around 30 to 33 degrees. Of course, this doesn’t do any harm to our bodies.

But we feel much better in the sunlight (although it’s not as good as real sunlight), so all underground bases have artificial rays. A private solarium is available.

Question 14: What do you eat?

Answer 14

Answer 15:

Can you tell me anything about the natural history and evolution of your species? How old is your species? Just as humans evolved from apes, did you also evolve from common reptiles?

Question 15

Because our bodies must consume protein, we cannot live on a vegetarian diet like you. If we don’t eat meat, after a few weeks or a month, our digestive system will malfunction and we will die. Many of us eat meat and other foods in unprocessed form. Personally, I like apples, oranges, and cooked meat. : We, like you, eat a variety of foods: meat, fruits, vegetables, some types of fungi (mushrooms grown in underground farms) and more. We can also digest some nutrients that are toxic to you. The main difference between you and us is that we must eat meat.

: Oh, that’s a really long, complicated story. Besides, even if I told you the truth, you probably wouldn’t believe me. But let me try to explain it as briefly as possible. Approximately 65 million years ago, many of our barbaric ancestors, who evolved from the dinosaurs, were killed by a massive upheaval across the planet.

This massive destruction – what your scientists mistakenly believe was a meteorite impact The cause of – was not natural. It was caused by a war between extraterrestrial groups that took place in the Earth’s upper atmosphere and in space orbit. As far as our knowledge goes, this war was the first large-scale war caused by aliens on Earth,

but (the “cold war” of alien groups for 73 years now – you To borrow an expression from , it cannot be concluded that this is the last war (since this is ongoing and the next war is expected to occur in the near future). This war from 65 million years ago was between two very advanced alien races.
I will not tell you their names because your tongue cannot pronounce them and if I pronounce them correctly it may damage your hearing.

One race was a human race like yours (but much older), belonging to the constellation you now call “Procyon(Procyon). It was a race from our solar system, belonging to our galaxy.

The other race was a slightly different reptilian race from us, and we evolved on this Earth without outside interference (of course, we did too in the latter part of our galaxy). Since they are a race that has accelerated their evolution by manipulating their own genes, they have nothing to do with us. These reptilian races are not from our galaxy.

They are from the “well”. How should I explain this? Your scientists do not truly understand the nature of the universe. That’s because your illogical mind doesn’t see things easily and is conditioned to rely on faulty math and numbers.

This is also part of the genetic programming of your species, which we’ll talk about later. I see. You are about 500 years behind us in your understanding of the universe

Again, I don’t know if it’s possible, but let me put it to your understanding: the other reptilian races are not from this galaxy, they are in bubble form. It comes from an “air bubble” in the entire universe of . You could call this another dimension, but that wouldn’t be accurate. (Incidentally, the way you understand the dimensional aspect is also wrong.)

Above all, what you need to remember is that advanced races are – to use your words. – Using quantum technology, you can “move” between bubbles. Also, sometimes there are special ways to move using only their mental powers. (Our species also has advanced mental abilities compared to yours, but we cannot distort matter or change the “air bubbles” of the universe without the help of technology.

But Earth Some of the other races active in the world have this ability, and when you see it you will think it is magic like your ancestors.)

Back to the history of Earth: the first extraterrestrials Race arrived on Earth about 150 years before the arrival of the reptilian race and established several colonies on the prehistoric continent. Today “Antarctica” The largest colony was on a continent called “Asia” and the other was on a continent called “Asia.” They coexisted well without any problems. When reptilian aliens entered the solar system, human inhabitants from “Procyon” attempted peaceful exchanges. However, the results were not successful, and a large-scale war began in less than a month.The two races were not interested in the ecological activities of this young planet or the unevolved races. They had only one goal: natural resources, especially copper.

To help you understand, copper is still a very important resource to some advanced races to this day.

That’s because copper has the ability to combine several unstable substances into new stable elements. Because there is. If you direct a high-voltage electromagnetic field at a precise angle with a high-density nuclear radiation field, you can produce a fluctuating field that goes back and forth between the two fields. Copper’s ability to fuse allows it to create fields of special nature, which are very useful for a variety of technological missions (but the basis for making this possible is very complex formulas that cannot be discovered by the simple minds of humans). It can be used. For this reason, the two races attempted to take over the copper on Earth, and the war that took place in space and orbit did not last long.

At the beginning of the war, the human race seemed to have the upper hand. However, later on, the reptilian races decided to use a powerful experimental weapon – a special type of fusion bomb that would destroy all life, although it would not affect the Earth’s natural resources or copper. The bomb exploded in outer space above what is today called “Central America.”As the explosion reached the sea, a fusion reaction with hydrogen occurred, causing the impact of the reptilian aliens. Predictions were exceeded, and as a result, elements from excessive hydrogen-fusion fell into deadly radioactive fallout, resulting in a “nuclear winter” that lasted nearly 200 years.

Most of the human-based aliens died, and the reptilian aliens lost interest in this planet and left a few years later for unknown reasons, probably due to radiation. The Earth once again became the property of the beasts living on its dying surface.

On the other hand, among the various elements of the fallout from this time was iridium, which was created as a result of hydrogen-fusion, and this was discovered by your scientists. They are using this as evidence that dinosaurs were killed by a meteorite impact. That’s not true. But how would you know?

Hmm, most of the dinosaurs died (not all of them died in the explosion. Even if they survived, there was a nuclear winter and fallout that was more lethal than the explosion). All dinosaurs and reptiles died within 20 years of the explosion. However, some of them – especially those living in the sea – survived for 200 to 300 years even in the changed world.

But eventually, they too became extinct. That’s because the climate has changed. After 200 years of nuclear winter, Earth’s temperature has become much colder than before. Despite the chaos, several species survived: fish (such as sharks), birds, small mammals (your ancestors), various reptiles such as crocodiles… and there were the giant dinosaurs you call tyrannosaurs. Although belonging to the reptilian species, there was a special kind of small, but evolved race of dinosaurs that persisted until the end.

This new species The reptilian species walked on two legs and had a superficial resemblance to Iguanodon (from which Iguanodon is also descended). . However, this species was small compared to its humanoid appearance (about 1.5 meters long), had a modified skeletal structure, a large skull and brain, and prehensile fingers and hands. a i=17>Also, it had different organs and digestive systems than yours, and even more developed eyes than yours in the middle of its head… The most important difference… was that it had a new and better brain structure. These are our direct ancestors. There is a theory that the radiation caused by the explosion caused mutations in the organs of the new species, but this has not been proven.

Nevertheless, small, human-like dinosaurs evolved over the next 30 million years. It’s possible. (As I said before, the evolution of a species takes a lot more time than you think, especially with artificial facilitation like yours. This is especially true if they don’t have it: they went from mere animals to more thinking beings, but their intelligence was enough to keep them alive for the next few million years.

They learned and changed their habits. They lived in caves to avoid being exposed to the cold environment, and used stones to light tree branches to warm themselves. – In particular, warming the body and blood was a very important issue for the survival of our species. .

Over a period of 20 million years, this species was divided by nature into 27 subspecies (unfortunately, the previous reptilian species disappeared as they split into subspecies in a more or less illogical process of evolution). (Note that many of the early surviving beast-like dinosaur species have already disappeared). There were constant wars between these species for dominance

Well, nature is nature as far as we know. was not kind to us. The 27 sub-species were reduced back to 24 species due to war. The main reason was that their body and mind were not developed enough to support their survival, but also because they were unable to find an appropriate way to adapt their body temperature to the changed climate.

After the war. After 50 million years, the Age of Dinosaurs will end, with only three advanced reptilian races (technically still three races) left on Earth along with the rest of the lower animals. Later, these three races are integrated into one race through natural/artificial crossbreeding, and through genetic manipulation and invention, small genetic branches that are divided in the genetic structure are “removed”

Historically and religiously, this is the period when our last reptilian race – the one you are looking at now – was created by genetic engineering, about 10 million years ago, at which point our evolution pretty much stopped. (But in fact, minor changes that made us more similar to the human world occurred in subsequent eras, but we were not divided into subspecies.)

As you can see, you Compared to our species, we are a very old species. Beasts that were like little monkeys that jumped around on trees developed technology, colonized other planets in the solar system, and built huge cities on planets (even though they disappeared into history without a trace), and your genes still remain in the beasts. At that time, we were manipulating our own genes.

10 million years ago, small monkeys came down from the trees and began to live on land. (Again, climate change was a major factor – It originated in a continent called Africa). But their evolution took place at a normal rate, a very slow rate, and if something special had not happened to your species, we would not have been able to sit down and talk like this. Because I would be living in a comfortable, modern house, and you would be wearing a fur coat and discovering the secret of fire in your cave, or in our zoo.

But the story goes the other way. It has passed and now you live in a modern house wearing the “Crown of Creation”, while we live hidden away underground. About 15 million years ago, another alien race came to Earth. (It was surprising that it came 60 million years after the first species. You would be even more surprised if you knew how many aliens are on Earth today.)

Today ” ;Illohim”

The interests of these humanoid aliens, were not about natural resources and copper. The subject matter was surprising to us, but their interest was in unevolved apes. Even though we live on this planet, these aliens decide to “help” accelerate the evolution of the apes.

The reason for this is that they will fight against the slave-race in the coming war in the future. It was to serve them. The fate of your race was of little importance to us, but we did not like the presence of the “Illojim” on our Earth, and they did not like us in their new “galactic zoo.” They did not like it.

So when you were created the sixth and seventh time, a war broke out between us and them. You can read this war described in a very strange way in part of the book you call the “Bible.” But the truth is a very long and complicated story. Can I continue?

Question 16: No, don’t do it now. Now let’s write some records about your history. I have a few questions.

Answer 16: Ask a question.

Question 17: First of all, you are using a very large time unit. You’re claiming that your ancestors lived alongside dinosaurs, survived a man-made catastrophe 40 million years ago, and that evolution almost ended 10 million years ago. This is a truly unbelievable story. Is there anything else you can say about this?

Answer 17: I understand that my story is truly completely unbelievable to you. Because you are a young, genetically engineered species. The end of your historical horizon is only a few thousand years old. That concept may be right for you, but it’s not actually right. It is impossible for you to catch up with our concepts

because your programmed mind obviously cannot handle such large amounts of time. Our evolution time is an incredibly long time for you. But this is a natural fact in the natural world. Remember, your older mammalian ancestors lived alongside the dinosaurs and, like us, survived the explosion.

They then evolved slowly over the next million years and branched off into various subspecies, some of which Some things changed big, some things changed small. But this is the evolution of the body. What happened to their mind and intelligence? They were just beasts.

Mammals evolved – so to speak – over 150 million years. But only in the last 2-3 million years did they become capable of intelligent thought. In this short period of time, humans like you were created. Is it natural? The evolution of beast-like mammals took place over 148 million years. Could they have developed intelligence like yours in just 2 million years (no more, no less)?

Ask yourself: Do you really think this accelerated evolution is natural? Then your species must be more ignorant than I think. We accept natural evolution, but you are thinking of the wrong evolution.

Question 18: I understand. But I have another question. You mentioned many facts about the war 65 million years ago, an event that occurred long before your species was truly intelligent. (As far as I understand) How can you know so many facts about the “First War” and the evolution of your race?

Answer 18 : This is a really sharp question (than the previous question), but it will be difficult to give an appropriate answer. Our knowledge of the First War rests solely on ancient relics. It was discovered by our archaeologists about 16,000 years ago on a continent called North America.

It was a disk about 47 centimeters in diameter, and it was made of a magnetic material that we do not know about. It contained another, smaller crystal plate that stored a vast amount of information code within its molecular structure. This “recording disc” dates back to “procyon” 65 million years ago. It was created by the last survivors of the human race from the explosion, and was completely destroyed when we found it.

But as our scientists unraveled the data inside, we were able to survive the First War. I learned about the events that occurred here in the distant past and caused the dinosaurs to disappear. The original contained detailed information about the two warring races (although most of them were human) and information about weapons, including nuclear fusion bombs. It included data on dinosaurs and animals, including our pre-intelligent ancestors on Earth. The rest of our evolution comes from backtracking and recombination of our skeletal structure and DNA. As you will understand, the real information we have about our origins dates back 1,600 years. In the matter of our creation in earlier times, we also have a strong religious tinge.

Question 19: What happened to those two races? Do you?

Answer 19 : We don’t know exactly either. It is clear that the surviving human races and their ilk on Earth died within a few years of the explosion. Also, reptilian races have never returned to Earth (as far as we know). As for reptilian aliens, the possibility of their return is physically impossible. That’s because the material between the bubbles moves, sometimes at very high speeds. According to the current theory, those two races have been erased from existence for a million years.

Question 20: You mentioned the skeleton of your race. How is it possible, if you really have been on Earth for so long, that human scientists have no clue about you and your ancestors? We found many fossilized bones of primitive dinosaurs. But we haven’t found any clues about reptiles evolving like you mentioned, such as skulls with large brains and hands with fingers.

Answer 20: Yes, you are. But your “great” Scientists cannot completely assemble the skeletons. That’s because they themselves already want to assemble reptiles not as intelligent beings, but as animals. You would laugh if you realized how many of the dinosaurs in your museums (especially the smaller ones) were made in wrong or non-existent shapes.

There are many types of bones whose original pieces cannot be found. While making artificial bones for missing parts, you are only thinking of dinosaurs as “animals” Many of your scientists are aware of this problem, but no one is talking about it publicly. When there are no suitable bones, it is realistically correct to guess the location and reconstruct it, but even if the problem is raised, there is no way to explain it.

In fact, many of our bones are used to reconstruct Iguanodon. It is being used to do this. For example, a hand with fingers (look at the Iguanodon in the museum and you’ll see I’m right). Scientists in a country you call the United States of America reconstructed our skeleton almost exactly a few years ago.If you open it (I doubt this is even possible) you will enter a round mechanical room, which usually has a ventilation system or an elevator down to the basement. . This may be the gateway to our world. If you have made it this far, you should know that we have already noticed your presence. You are already in big trouble, but if there are no symbols in the room, you are probably in bigger trouble than you can imagine. Because not all underground bases belong to our species. Some of the new tunnel systems are operated by other aliens (including hostile races). My general advice is that if you feel you are inside a strange underground facility: get away from there as quickly as possible.

Question 23

A little advice: if you are in a narrow cave, tunnel, or man-made mine. If, as you walk inward, the walls become softer, if you feel unusually hot air inside, or if you hear the sound of steam rising from a ventilation shaft or elevator shaft, somewhere in the cave you will find a soft wall made of gray metal. There will be a door. : Do you think I will really tell you their exact location? Did you think? If you want to find those entrances, please try hard to find them yourself. (But I would advise you not to) When I surfaced four days ago, I came out through an inlet near a large lake about 300 kilometers north of here. But I don’t think you’ll be able to find the entrance. (There are only a few entrances to this area, the rest have to be further north and east)

Answer 22 : Can we find a near-surface entrance to your world?

Question 22

All cities use strong ultraviolet rays to protect our blood. There are special caves and tunnels to warm you up. To elaborate further, we have secret places to bask in sunlight in remote parts of the earth, mainly in the United States and Australia

Our major cities are in the North and South Poles, Central Asia, North America, and Australia. It spans across. When we talk about artificial suns in our cities, we are not talking about real little suns. Our sunlight illuminates caves and tunnels using various technological sources of light (including gravitational sources).When I talked about our underground habitats, I spoke of large cave systems. The caves that can be found near the surface are narrow enough to be compared to actual caves, and if you go deeper underground, they are connected to huge caves (the depth of the caves ranges from 2 to 8 kilometers in your area). There are also hidden tunnels that lead to the surface. (or connected to caves near the ground) We live in large, developed cities and colonies inside caves. : No, it is not true that the Earth is almost hollow and there is a second sun inside it. This story is ridiculous and physically impossible. (Even your species is intelligent enough not to believe this) Do you know how much mass the sun needs to produce light and energy over long periods of time through fusion? Do you really think there is a small, active sun on the planet?

Answer 21: You sometimes talk about underground cities and artificial suns. Does this perhaps refer to the “Co-Earth Theory”? Is there another sun inside our planet?

Question 21

But the local government (which is somewhat aware of our existence) has confiscated the reconstruction. Today, most of our species lives underground (since nearly a thousand years ago), so you cannot find our corpses or skeletons.

: You previously said that you use the name “Lacerta” among people and that you enjoy sunbathing in the real sunlight on the ground. But how can you be among men? You look so different from us that if any of us saw you, we would think you were a different species. If you’ve been living together on the same planet since we were “created,” how come no one has ever seen or described someone like you? Can you explain this to me?

Answer 23 : First of all, of course the description (and worship) of our species dates back to various times in your early past. There have been times. For example, in religious texts such as the Christian Bible, as well as in various temples in the southern part of the Americas, you can find descriptions of us and even simple drawings. In India, “wise” We were called wise men, and we are described in many documents from the mountainous regions of Asia, and as “wise” even on the African continent. I think we are mostly referred to in your history as a non-human race (as opposed to the “Illojim”). If you don’t believe me, look at your history and you will see that what I am saying is true. Today, your “great” Scientists know us on a “superstition” and “religious” level, and “intellectual” Humans have forgotten that we once lived on the surface.To put it further, our species, even to this day, often reveals to human witnesses the tunnel systems or near-surface entrances in their original form. It is seen in But luckily you and your media are just as “crazy” We do not deal with sounds (this is also to our advantage, which is why we leave people who see us alone).Some of my species also work with human scientists and politicians on the ground. There is direct contact, but this is – as you say – top secret, and no one knows about it publicly. (The main topic of the meeting is generally about the coming war and our support in this war and the alien races)But another explanation is needed here, we are walking among you. Why don’t you recognize us? It’s the camouflage technique.What I’m going to tell you now is once again a story you won’t believe, and will even sound shocking to you. But since you asked, I explain. As I said before, we have more advanced mental abilities than your species. I said “more evolved” This means that we can use telepathy and telekinesis from birth, like you do, without any special training to wake up the sleeping parts of the brain (in fact, mother and newborn usually interact telepathically for the first month). .Our brain structure is slightly different from yours, and our pituitary gland is larger and more active than yours, especially when exposed to sunlight. Compared to yours, our abilities are very strong, but compared to other alien races on Earth, we have the ability to “distort matter or bubbles”. I am weak in ability.I am not very good at this kind of mental ability. However, all of our species have these primary abilities, which we use for protection or offense, for example. When we are on earth and when we meet human beings (even in groups of people – there is no difference, all your minds are like one mind) we telepathize their minds. “Contact” us by giving a command that can lead you to “see us as people like you.” Then the weak human minds will accept this command without resistance and see us as normal humans (despite our reptilian appearance).I have done this many times, and you weak humans are normal. You see me as an attractive brunette-haired woman. Because about a year ago, I created a special “appearance camouflage image” and received training to persuade this image into your mind without any problems. At first, it took me some time to learn how to use this camouflage technique properly. But after that, it became almost automatic and I use it when I walk among people so that no one knows what I am.There is a simple switch here, see who we really are/we are you. This switch in your consciousness was planted by the “Ilohim” when you were created to see us as we want to be seen. We use this switch to make sure that every time you see us you are seeing a person (other aliens also use this switch).It’s more than you think. It’s easy. When your species and aliens meet, the aliens also use this switch, so you correctly recognize them as humans. And sometimes, in our encounters with human-like aliens, we are shown as we really are.) When I first met E.F., he saw me as an ordinary human woman, and when I showed him my real appearance, he was very scared and shocked. I remember receiving it.Question 24: Seriously, in order to instill confidence in me, instead of the current appearance of the reptile,Can you turn into an attractive brunette-haired woman as we speak?Answer24

: It’s possible, but in your case you don’t want to do that. If someone wants to take the form of a human female instead of me, I can manipulate their mind (even a crowd) without much trouble. That’s because no one expects a reptilian woman to look like that. But I already allowed you to see my true self from the first time we met, and I didn’t do anything to guide your mind. So you already know that I am not human.

If I were to change my appearance now, that act would probably lead you into complete confusion or unconsciousness. I don’t want to do anything to harm you. Also, as I said before, I don’t have great skills in this area.

Question 25: That’s a very spooky story. With that ability, can you kill me?

Answer 25 : Yes, but it is a forbidden act. What this means is that it has never happened before and never will again.

Question 26: Do both men and women have this ability?

Answer 26 : Yes

Question 27 : What about the photos? What does it look like in the picture?

Answer 27: This is a stupid question. Of course it looks like a reptile in the picture, because although I can influence the mind of the photographer, I cannot influence the camera or the picture. If he or she develops the photo and shows it to someone else, they will see my original appearance.

That is why our species avoids all cameras on earth for photography or filming. . (This is a very difficult task, and we have been photographed several times in the past, especially by your government or secret agents, without our knowledge)

Question 28: What commands can we plant in our hearts? Is there also “serve” or “obey”?

Answer 28: This is also a really strange question. We are not your enemies (most of us are not) so why would we give such an order? To answer your question: It depends on the mental strength of the human responding and the mental strength of the sending reptile. The switches for “serve” or “obey” are not turned on in your mind.

So giving such orders and persuading becomes a bit more difficult. If the human mind and consciousness are weak and the reptilian inducer is experienced and has been exposed to sunlight for a few hours before he or she does this, it will probably work reliably. no see. There is a secret training for such work, but I have never learned anything about it.My main skills are camouflage, communicating with my colleagues, and sometimes handling personal matters. I use it to do this. But it has never been used to harm humans or their minds. I would appreciate it if you could stop talking about this topic here.

Question 29: This is the last question about what you said before. Can you hide a UFO? Do they do that with the same abilities?

Answer 29 : Yes, but they are usually hidden in the tech base. Each airship contains powerful devices that send artificial signals to convince your minds. So instead of seeing our airship, you only see an empty sky or your regular airplane. These things don’t happen very often.Because we avoid public places when we have airships operating in the atmosphere. If you see our “UFO” it is either because the device is not affecting you for some reason, or you have turned it off. This camouflage effect has no effect on the photo – the reason for this is answered in your question first – but when someone takes a photo of the sky and doesn’t see anything strange, they can see the airship in the photo.< /span>You must understand. You are not the first human civilization on the planet. The first evolved humans (less-evolved pre-humans who lived at the same time as us, because,The “Illojim” (because they experimented with different speeds in their evolutionary stages) had technology and communication, and lived on this planet approximately 700,000 years ago.The “Illojim” thought that their minds and evolved brains and body structures could now handle tools and fire. The “Illojim” have returned seven times over 23,000 years to accelerate the evolution of certain parts of your species.Then they left Earth for another few thousand years, when they brought back the early pre-humans. lived with us without any major problems. (They were just afraid of our technology and flying vehicles) =27>First, they took about 10,000 or 20,000 of your monkey-like ancestors and left Earth for hundreds of years. When they returned, they brought with them your (more human-like) ancestors.This is really hard to believe for a sun-loving species like us.) They seemed intelligent and peaceful at first, so we interacted with them in a friendly way, no more, no less. I did. But later they showed their real intentions and plans: they wanted to evolve the apes, and they saw us as inhabitants of their new zoo planet as a nuisance.They are a very tall humanoid race, typically with blond hair and very white skin. (They are averse to sunlight, as it affects their skin. And it hurts the eyes. : The “Illohim” came from our universe, and on your map they say “Aldebaran They come from the solar system called “.Answer 30: Let’s go back to your and our history. You mentioned a race called the “Illojim” as those who created us. Where do they come from and what do they look like? What exactly happens when they come? Are they our “gods”?Question 30Also, most near-ground tunnel entrances have similar devices hidden in them, and even if you were to look at the entrances, you would only see plain cave walls instead of doors. This is why I previously doubted that you would be able to find the secret door to our world. (But it has happened a few times in the past)

(Your scientists cannot understand this, because they have only found pre-human bones and prehistoric cave paintings of evolved humans and flying devices)

When this genetically evolved human species lived among us, they avoided contact with us. Because “Illohim” Because our teachers taught us with perverse purposes that we were evil beings who lied to them.

Well, after a few centuries the aliens[3] Decides to destroy the first creations. And they choose the second creation as a better test subject and continue to accelerate evolution.

The truth is this. Your current civilization is not the first human civilization on Earth, but the seventh. The remains of the first race have disappeared, but there is one building from the fifth civilization. It was built as a huge triangular structure, what you call the “Egyptian pyramid”

About 75,000 years ago, the Egyptians discovered a huge ancient structure in the sand. I did. And they built similar structures, although not quite as well. And there is also a trace of a sixth civilization. It is the remains of a city that can be found under the sea in the Bimini area and is 16,000 years old. [4]

The last created seventh civilization – yours – began 8,500 years ago, and this is what you remember and what is referred to in your religious texts. . The archaeological and paleontological artifacts you rely on are incorrect and show only a brief past. But how can you know about the previous six civilizations?

And even if you find the evidence, you will deny or misinterpret the facts. This is partly a matter of programming in your mind and partly a result of pure ignorance. I will only tell you about your creation in the future. This is because the previous six human beings have already disappeared and they have no influence on you.

We and the “Ilohim” A long war ensued between them, and the “Ilojim” had internal strife with any faction within them. Because many of them have decided that continuing to reinvent themselves on this planet is not a good choice. The last battle of this war took place on the ground and in orbit about 5,000 years ago.

They used powerful sonic weapons to destroy our underground cities, while we also lost many of their belongings. It was able to destroy ground installations and space bases. Your ancestors were very frightened when they saw our battles and wrote them down in various forms in religion and mythology (their minds could not understand what was really happening).

“Illohim” They – called “gods” in the sixth and seventh civilizations – told humans that this was a war between good and evil, that they were the good race and that we were the evil race. This certainly depends on perspective.

This was our planet until they arrived here and began to experiment with evolution on your species. In my personal opinion, we are fighting to save our planet. Then, exactly 4,943 years ago – according to your time scale – the Ilojim left this planet again for unknown reasons. (It is a very important date for us, because it changed so much of our history. Because scholars call it a victory)

In fact, we don’t know what really happened. “Illohim” suddenly left one day. They disappeared with their ship without leaving a trace. The installations we found on the ground had been destroyed by them. You humans then began to build your own civilization.

Many of us came into contact with parts of your species over the next century and were not the “evil men” the aliens wanted them to believe. ” Success has been achieved to convince people that they do not exist.

Since 4,900 years ago, many different alien races have arrived on this planet. (Some of them even “played” as gods using the programming of your mind and old teachings)

But “Illohim”? They never came back again. Since they have previously left the planet for thousands of years, we expect that they will return at some point in the future and either end the project or wipe out the seventh race. But we don’t really know what happened to them. (The answer to this question will come to you in your future.)

Your current civilization is based on your true origins and true We know nothing about the past, the true world and the universe. And you know very little about us and our past. And you don’t know anything about what will happen in the near future. The longer you don’t believe me or understand me – I will only tell you the truth because we are not your enemies. – The danger to your species will increase.

Your enemies are already here, but you do not understand the situation. If you don’t open your eyes, you will soon be in big trouble. Even if you didn’t believe anything I said before, you must believe and remember now.

Question 31: Why do you think I don’t believe?< /span>: As far as we know, there are 14 races. 11 races are from this universe, 2 races are other “air bubblesAnswer 32: How many aliens are on Earth at this moment? Are you active?Question 32 : I have the distinct feeling that you don’t believe me, even though I’m sitting right here in front of you. Everything I’ve told you in the last two hours is the complete truth about our world.

Answer 31

They are from [5]”, the first race is very advanced, and they come from a very different plain.

The name to me. Don’t ask. Because almost all of them are unpronounceable to your tongue, and eight of them are difficult to pronounce even to us.

Most races – especially the more evolved ones – study you as animals. They are not very dangerous to you or us, and some of them even work with us. However, the three races are hostile, including those who have contacted your government and betrayed them by trading their technology for copper and other important matters.

Among the hostile races, The two races have been waging a “cold war” for the past 73 years, and a third race has been the “winner” in this useless fight.

Note: What happened in 1927?

We want to be more “practical” We expect war to happen in the future (I’m talking about 10 to 20 years) and we worry that it will happen.

And, a new column. There were rumors that a fifth race had arrived on Earth three or four years ago. However, we know nothing about their intentions and have had no contact with them to date. Maybe the rumors are wrong.

Question 33: What do the hostile races want?

Answer 33 a>: Various natural resources. Including copper for use in their technology, water (or perhaps it would be better to say hydrogen in water, which is an important energy source in advanced nuclear fusion processes) and several chemical elements in the atmosphere. Let’s talk a little more about these racesAmong [6], two are also interested in your body.

To be more precise, I am interested in your organs and blood. Because (as far as we know) they have defects in their unique genetic makeup due to faulty evolution and radiation. So they obtain perfect chromosomes from you and animals and continue to modify their own genes over and over again.

But in this way they cannot completely repair the defects. That’s because their DNA and your DNA are not completely compatible. (My race’s DNA does not completely match theirs, so they are not interested in us.) So, they are using artificial insemination and artificial wombs to create crossbreeds between them and you to increase genetic compatibility.

Answer 37 :What does “a race from a very different horizon” mean?

Question 37 Because the act itself may damage the operator’s brain. This method is very difficult, definitely painful and may even be harmful to you. So not resisting may actually be the only thing you can do. But it’s worth a try for weaker races. Although it may not be possible for strong races.The “Illojim” are partly responsible for this operation. Because they have built, or built incorrectly (some of them intentionally), your minds and consciousness have no real protection. If you realize that someone is trying to manipulate your mind, the only way is for you to focus on those speculations and analyze all your memories and thoughts. This is most important: Don’t close your eyes (this changes your brain waves into a more manageable form) and don’t sit or lie down to rest. If you can stay awake even for the first few minutes, you will probably be able to filter out other thoughts and brain waves coming in. The operator will then give up after a few minutes because it is not successful.: I don’t know. Besides, even if there was a way, I doubt whether you could do it. Because your mind is like an open book that can be written and read by almost every race I know.Answer 36: Is there any way to protect us from the influence of such minds?Question 36there are only 14 races active on Earth, and only 8 briefly kidnap humans. (This too, to the best of our knowledge) So to speak, the “kidnapped” you are talking about. All facts are just illusions or lies.In this case, your mind I can’t rely on it. They come in different forms to confuse you and make the kidnapped witnesses who can remember the events, or those who believe they can, into social outcasts. They are capable of being successful. Trust me,For example, you may have memories of several doctors examining you in a normal human hospital without any further memory of what happened to you. (Until you realize that there isn’t a hospital where you guessed it would be.) But, in fact, you may have been experimented on in one of their labs.They can be seen in your mind and remain in your memory as an “appearance” that has nothing to do with their actual appearance. there is. You remember them as they please – ordinary people, gray dwarves, or even grotesque beasts – and sometimes you completely erase from your mind any memory of contact with them: : I think this question has already been answered. As I said before, most alien races have mental abilities better than yours, even better than ours. (However, one of them has no mental abilities at all.)Answer 35: You said that there are 14 races active on Earth. So shouldn’t the descriptions of people who have seen aliens be very diverse and bizarre? Question 35Even advanced and “friendly” races sometimes take sperm or egg samples. But for other reasons.If a report comes in that someone has been kidnapped and returned alive, in my opinion he or she did not encounter a hostile species and is very, very lucky. As I said, the three alien races are hostile. What this means is that they are “kidnapped” It is rare for them to return alive, as they do not care about their lives and fate. : Partially, and specifically, to collect your sperm and eggs. Sometimes, abductees are kidnapped by a more evolved race other than the hostile race, but they only want to recognize your body and mind as a primitive animal. (In this case, some of them are interested in your hard bodies)Answer 34: What is the reason for “kidnapping”?Question 34

We believe that the coming war will be between all three races, between one race and the humans, or between the humans and all three races for resources such as hydrogen, air, and DNA. I expect it.

: To explain it accurately, you must first have a proper understanding of the universe, and teaching your mind this over several weeks would probably be a futile exercise (removing some mental barriers). Of course, when I say that I teach, I don’t say it in words.

Again, as I said before, the expressions “horizon” and “level” are more accurate among your words. In particular, the word “dimension”, which is used for speechlessness, is a completely wrong expression in this case. (Still, it can be said to be a bit lower than the expression “air bubble”) Because dimension cannot exist without a horizon.

If you are a species that lives on or across horizons, and if you are a being who can move across horizons without the aid of technology, then your body is the material you know. You are not made of , and you will have to become the strongest being you can imagine. This very advanced race I mentioned was created off-world, not here, and they actually evolved over trillions of years.

They took you and us and everything with just one thought. It may destroy it. We have only had contact with them three times in our entire history. Because their interest in this planet is completely different from that of all other races. They are absolutely no danger to us or you.

Question 38: What happens when war starts?

Answer 38: This is a difficult question to answer. It depends on the hostile species and their strategies. “War” is not always limited to the meaning you humans define through the word. “War” takes place at various levels. One possibility is to influence your political leaders to “destroy” your social system. The other way is to use advanced weapons systems that can cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or other disasters (including weather disasters), which for you is more natural than war. It will look ugly. The special fields created by the copper-fusion we talked about before could affect the weather of the entire planet.I think they could attack the Earth directly before human civilization weakens. I won’t. Because even you have a chance (though not much) of destroying their ships. That is to say, if next year is “practical” Even if war breaks out, there is nothing we can be sure of. I don’t want to talk about this any more.Question 39: This is the end of the interview. Is there any last thing you would like to add?Answer 39: Open your eyes and look. Don’t just trust your faulty history and your scientists and politicians. Some of them know the truth about various things. But even they cannot be open about it to avoid confusion and fear. I think your people are not as bad as some of my people think.And it is also a pity to see your end. That’s all I can say. If you look at your world with your eyes wide open, you will see it too. (You may not be able to see it.) Your species is ignorant.Question 40: Do you think anyone would believe that this interview is true? a>Answer 40: No, but it will be an interesting experiment for my sociology studies. We will meet again in a few months. Then you need to tell me what happened after this message was made public. Maybe you’ll see a hopeful side to your speciesOle. K. – May 3, 2000Part 2(translated by Doug Parrish)IntroductionI once again confirm that the writings below are complete facts and not fiction. These articles are compiled from three original tapes recorded during a second interview with the reptilian being known as “Laserta” on April 24, 2000.At Laserta’s request. , the original document of 31 pages has been condensed into a few questions and answers. Some existing questions have been partially condensed and modified. In this article, I tried to take several quotes and meanings. This is part of an interview.The parts that are not mentioned or partially mentioned in this document are mainly personal problems, abnormal demonstrations, the social structure of the reptilian race and the technology and physics of the aliens. These are the things aboutAfter the first interview was made public, the time and date of the second meeting were changed due to the possibility of personal surveillance and observation. Although La Serta advised me to keep my personal affairs a complete secret and despite all attempts to do so, in the two days after the documents were scattered, various unusual events occurred. Please don’t think I’m having a nervous breakdown; Be that as it may, I believe that once the interview is made public, the official attention of some organizations or people will be drawn to me. Up to this point, I would have been considered a believer in the story, nothing more or less than a joke. But now I am gathering my thoughts after the events of January.

The incident started when my phone went out of service for several hours. When the phone worked again, it had a quiet ringing sound, a strange clicking sound, and a buzzing sound when I made a call. The defect was (on the surface) nowhere to be found. Overnight, important data disappeared from my computer’s hard drive.

The scanning program strangely reported “corrupted sectors” only in areas where there were completed text or drawings made during the interview. I did. These “damaged sectors” also occurred in parts of my research that dealt with unusual natural phenomena. (Luckily, I had a floppy copy of this data)
As a side note, I also found hidden data in hidden directories by sheer luck.

The name of the directory is “E72UJ” According to my friend who is good at computers, there is no program that creates names like this. And by the time I went to show it to my friend, the directory was gone.

One evening, the front door to my apartment was wide open and my TV was on – I was convinced and turned it off.

British flags and Europe- A minivan with a pattern that said “Greater Supermarket Chain Store” was parked in front of my house. I realized that this same minivan was the one I drove to several places. Even when I went downtown… it was 65 kilometers away.

When I turned around, the car had moved across the street. I never saw anyone going in or out of the car. I knocked on the car door, but got no response through the dark window. About two weeks later, the minivan disappeared again.

When I brought this matter to the attention of E.F. privately, he suggested a change of time and location to ensure our and La Sulta’s safety. The meeting took place on April 27, 2000 at another isolated location. It was so far out of sight that I decided to do it.

Once again, all this is going to sound strange and neurotic, but it sounds like a fantasy straight out of a cheap science fiction movie; Be that as it may, I cannot help but repeat and again assure my readers:

all this is pure truth. Either you believe me or you don’t believe them. Whether you believe it or not, these things have happened and they will continue to happen again. I hope it’s not too late. Our civilization is in danger.

Ole. K. – May 3, 2000

Interview Techniques (Abridged Version)

Date: April 27, 2000

[Ole. K.’s Note: The second meeting started with questions that my trusted friends asked me after reading the article about the first meeting. These questions are selected from a wide range of questions and comments.
Some of the comments – the entire comment runs to 14 pages – tend to be quite favorable toward contact with reptilian races, but others also mention religious pessimism.

Among the opinions, a few included expressions such as “servants of hell” or “a race of evil origin.”
I do not want to be caught up in vain and radical thoughts, so I will not reveal any detailed personal opinions on these expressions.]

Question 41 : What did you think and how did you feel when you saw these expressions of religious and intense hatred? Is the relationship between your species and ours truly shaped by negative tendencies?

Answer 41 : Does it seem strange to you that I am not overcome with anger or passion? I totally expected these reactions. The expression of antipathy toward other races (especially toward the reptilian race) is latent in your race, deep within your individual consciousness.

Such a tendency was created when you were created for the third time. To this day, it has followed an old lineage, biologically speaking, passed down from generation to generation through information genes. The perception of our race as a dark force was largely created by the Ilojim.

They preferred to think of themselves as a light force – they themselves are very sensitive to our sunlight. This is a very paradoxical expression, considering that he avoided sunlight. In this case, I felt some disappointment in you because you expected me to show my unpleasant feelings. That observational tendency isn’t actually entirely your fault; Because you are simply following the parts inherited from your ancestors.

The really disappointing part is that most of you humans have a strong enough individual self-consciousness to overcome your surroundings. It means that you don’t have it. As I said before, we have had direct contact with some of your primitive tribes over the past few centuries; The tribes had succeeded in breaking the old “creation programming” They could meet us without any tension, hatred or resistance.

Your modern civilized selves have not yet found their place. On the contrary, there is a strong tendency to only follow old religions (this religion is also part of the Illohim’s plan and manifests ancient programming) and programming. Therefore, these types of comments are considered funny rather than annoying; These are just important data for my reasoning to define your way of thinking.

Question 42: Then, you are a “race of evil origin” You mean no?

Answer 42: How can I answer such a question? You humans still have simplistic thinking that is completely inadequate for generalization. To put it simply, there can never be a purely evil race.

All races, both internal and external, exist with both good and evil aspects; The same goes for you; Therefore, there can be no such thing as a completely evil race. This is really a very primitive concept. You have believed from time immemorial what you imagined you should believe—what your Creator foresaw and wanted you to believe. It is made up of rituals. (Although consciousness is connected as a field, at least some parts of it can be said to be separate); These self-filled souls are free to decide their own way of life, good or evil, according to the standards of your society.

Again, good and evil depend on perspective; You humans are not at a level to judge the good and evil of more highly evolved races. Because you are from a low point of view, just observing them, much less being able to impose anything on them.

Your simple words “good” and “evil” are general. Although it is only used as a standard-oriented example, our language describes many concepts of different behaviors that can be displayed when compared to society’s standards. ;

A race of evil origin” There are some, if not all, who express aversion to your species. They may even appear to respect your species, while engaging in negative manipulation. They do not think that they are evil because they have their own reasons for doing this; This way of thinking is more linear and more focused in your case, and you act with such passion.

The attitude towards other species in nature is different from each other. It depends very heavily on your way of thinking; Each race has its own priorities. There are so many different aspects to the existence of any race that the distinction between “good” and “evil” is truly primitive, and as you well know, your race also has a variety of negative tendencies. Looking at it this way, when I look back on various incidents that have occurred in the past, I personally don’t like it, but our species also has that tendency, and I don’t want to go into detail about it. Still, such things haven’t happened in the last 200 years, at least in your time.

To summarize, there is no such thing as a completely good or completely evil race. Because every race contains various personalities.Question 43

: This is a question I often see in the letters I receive. In our last meeting you described some of what is considered to be advanced physics, for better or worse. Many people said this was nonsense. For example, how a UFO operates, how it flies, and how to draw such a flight trajectory.

Answer 43: I explain that part. Should I do it? This is really not that simple. Let me think about it for a moment. To help you understand the basic theories used in high-level science, we need to use some simple words. So let’s put it this way: You should have a clear understanding of the basics. Therefore, the first thing to do is to separate the concepts from the physical world. Because each existence has a different basis;

Please understand that I can only talk about it simply. An object is made up of a material illusion and sphere of influence. {Translator’s note: In the original text, ‘Feldraum’ There was a word; “Feld” means “Feild-field”, and “Raum” means “space, room, place” Since there was no suitable expression here, it was translated as “sphere of influence of the sphere.”}

Some physical states exist only in the material realm (like ‘concrete’). Sometimes they are clustered together, but in other cases, more complex material states are clustered together as spheres of influence in the material world. Your concept of the material world is based on a simple material illusion.

This illusion may be separated into three sub-elements, or basic environments of matter. There is also a fourth and very important environment, which changes depending on how much you focus on the object, bounded by the sphere of influence or plasma field.

For you, it changes shape. The theory of raising the frequency of matter, or the stable existence of the fourth overall environment of matter, does not exist at a very general or very primitive level. (As a side note, there is also a fifth state of matter. But the post-plasma state is really too far away and will only confuse you. Also, this will help you understand the basic theory. Therefore, it is not necessary; it is connected to various phenomena that are stereotyped as scientifically unknowable.) Now, back to the essence: Plasma… Now, the plasma I am talking about is simply a “hot gas”- I don’t mean the generally simplified concept you humans have.

What I mean is closer to the state of matter in high density. Being in a plasma state is a special state of matter that straddles the realm of reality and sphere of influence, in which it is completely devoid of weight and is a pure accretion of various forms of energy, in which matter is “pushed out and dug out”

It is the [7] state.

The fourth state of matter is very important under certain physical circumstances. Let’s take this environment as an example… How about this as an example… generating anti-gravity. (This is a strange human word, and it doesn’t have an exact meaning, but you have to understand it this way.)

Essentially, in a truly physical world, there are no opposite forces, no other forces. Attitudes reverberating depending on the observer, in a largely united force at the levels. There are only degrees.

When anti-gravity or gravitational properties are replaced at different levels, one thing is possible, for example, to make solid solid objects levitate. no see; As you probably know, this method has been adopted in part by us and extraterrestrial races as a method of UFO propulsion.

Humans are also using similar theories in secret military projects to travel at a primitive level. , it is no more or less than stolen technology (which was also delivered intentionally and poorly by aliens), and lacks a true understanding of physics;

As a result, , your “UFOs” are struggling with radiation and instability problems. As far as I know, a huge number of people have died due to extreme radiation and field disturbances. If you don’t agree with me, should we treat this as another example, just like we dealt with the question of “good” and “evil”? drove them to death. If we were to give a name to the cause they died for, it could be said to be technological advancement. But the result is that everyone is once again driven to war in pursuit of negative ends.

Now, if there is anything you can gain from doubt, only a few humans will keep it top secret. This is knowledge about hidden alien projects. This is what I told you, high priority or ranking in basic issues, which simplifies as the situation gets stronger, but only partially true.If you haven’t fallen into the trap of these forces, run. It would be best not to lift it. But your species has always ignorantly attempted over time to manipulate forces it does not understand. Why isn’t it changing?

Remember when we talked about copper fusion? This means that copper fuses other elements at the wavelengths that occur when the induced radiation field is placed at the correct angle. (The material illusions are fused, and the spheres of influence overlap with those of other elements, with the main force echoing the process and showing characteristics similar to reactions.) The resulting connections and fields are not stable under normal material environments and are difficult to use. As a result, the overall field spectrum rises to a highly plasma-like state, where the spectrum rises wildly toward the opposite side of the force field – this is not the correct word. And this certainly appears to be similar to an increase in gravity. This rise “tilt” counteracts the quasi-reaction. It exerts no force inside the force field, but exerts some force outside the force field.

As a result, an inner-layered reflective force field is generated, which has its own characteristics and Relatedly, in some ways it is very complex to control within the technical realm. This force field has a variety of abilities, such as being able to levitate and operate a giant airship. It also allows for camouflage and other things by arbitrarily manipulating a series of processes within the field of electromagnetic radiation – really only within a very limited range.

Your “quantum tunnel effect” “Are you familiar with it? Although the amplitude is uniform in pure matter, similar types of fields can be created if the frequency and distance from the field horizon are sufficient. Unfortunately, I am afraid that everything I have explained through your words will be interpreted at a primitive level.

This may sound strange and impossible compared to your ability to understand, but perhaps this simple explanation is It might have helped you understand. Again, maybe not.Question 44: Can you give a scientific explanation for the abnormal force? For example, about the power you create with just your thoughts.

Answer 44: Yes. To explain it, we must first acknowledge the physical reality of the sphere of influence {Feldraum}. Let’s give it a try…just a moment…you have to be able to mentally separate yourself from the illusion you see of the true nature of the universe. This might be best. Let’s start from the edges.

Imagine yourself and all the objects here – you, this table, this pencil, this mechanism, this paper – these do not really exist, only of the field. It is simply the result of shaking and concentrated energy. Everything you see, every living thing, every planet and star in this universe has an “information-energy correspondence” value within the sphere of influence where the main field is located – on a general level {of all things}.

Now, there is not just one level, there are several. Last time, I mentioned that highly-evolved races are capable of changing levels. (This is completely different from simply changing bubbles, bubbles are part of each and every level) Do you understand?

What you call dimensions are parts of individual bubbles, bubbles or cosmic bubbles are parts of levels, and levels are layers of spheres of influence. In its sphere of influence, it can act with individual physical size and volume. This is essentially endless; It is woven into countless information-energy layers and a wide range of levels.

There are no worthless levels within its sphere of influence; Everything is the same, but semantically separated according to their energy states. I’m confusing you now. I guess I’ll have to stop what I was supposed to explain.

Question 45: No, please continue. How do you increase abnormal strength?

Answer 45: Well, let’s do it. Let’s make it a little simpler. Again, this is not entirely accurate; The material in this form is a field with individual layers, and the sphere of influence is reflected. These layers contain information, for example about the simple structure of matter or changes in frequency, and also contain information systems derived from the development of the object.

“Form Resonance Have you ever heard of the human concept of “chairman”? Some of the layers are designed that way. Now there’s still another layer of intermediary there. Unfortunately, humans do not have this concept because this theory does not adequately fit people’s thoughts. Let’s call it the “displacement-layer”.

This layer lies outside the boundaries of your primitive science and responds primarily to what you call PSI and anomalies. These displacement-layers are located between layers of matter and are layers that generate form within their sphere of influence.

They are both actively capable of fusing together. Your body, for example, is a reflection of the sphere of influence {Feldraum}. This does not mean that your body does not exist here as atoms or a series of physical forms – blood, flesh and bones. But that only ends there.

There is always a duality in existence. Some layers in the field contain simple information about the solid objects that make up your body and their frequencies. Other layers contain information such as your soul, your consciousness, or your language.

From a human religious perspective, your soul, perception or consciousness, in this case, is a simple energy matrix divided into different layers within your sphere of influence. Nothing more, nothing less.

Pure awareness exists here on the material side as well, but only in the form of post-plasma {the fifth form of matter}. With the necessary physical knowledge and corresponding skills, it is possible to separate the consciousness/awareness matrix, or soul, from the rest of the field. In that case, despite being eliminated, it continues to exist in an attitude of self-satisfaction for a certain period of time.

It is also called “soul snatching” under a strange and mysterious name. First of all, we are talking about science, not magic or evil forces.

[Ole. Note from K.: What has been called “soul snatching” is a radical, religiously motivated one and is associated with the religion of the reptilian race.]

But back to the question. :

More mentally powerful creatures can directly influence the para-layer through their consciousness/awareness fields. Now this layer is not limited to individuals. But it might be better to view it as part of a universal information layer – you could call this in a boring sense the soul community – which is connected to all the moving and non-moving objects and all the consciousnesses that exist on this main level.

Answer 46: That’s fantastic. What other things can you do with these abilities?

Question 46[Ole K’s note: The pen mentioned above suddenly bounced about 20 cm into the air for a brief moment and then fell to the table surface. The sound that occurred at this time could be clearly heard on the recorded tape. Visually, I guarantee that no one has touched the pen.]

The para-layer is the physical body. Because it’s not confined within, I don’t have to move my physical body, even if there’s a problem where the pen is out there and my body can’t reach it. The post-plasma is on one side, and the para-layer is on the other. I have control of the pen. An interaction then occurs with the material field of the pen, at which point a change in behavior occurs.

For example, if I use my mind power to command this pen to move once more, Then, briefly, I imagine in my mind how I would expand/amplify my consciousness/awareness from the physical aspect into the physical aspect of the pen’s post-plasma form. Within the sphere of influence, these actions simultaneously generate automatic commands from the consciousness/awareness layer, affecting the para-layers that interact with the physical layer of the pen.

By biological origin, these abilities depend on aspects of matter. In other words, it’s in the pituitary gland. This always generates frequencies to activate and control the sphere of influence {Feldraum}. Even you humans are theoretically capable of this activity; However, you are firmly blocked from this ability. As I said, the para-layer interacts with the mind as matter.

: It can do all kinds of things, everything you would call abnormal. As I said, this special layer located in the sphere of influence exists between the morphogenetic information layer and the material layer and can interact with both sides.

So to speak, it is a solid layer. It involves interaction between matter and the mind or mental information. We use these abilities widely, but we usually use telekinesis or telepathy. “Decoupling” with external consciousness/awareness is generally the process of decoupling from the mere influence of matter, with different fields of consciousness/awareness operating at different vibrations. Anything that comes from or enters consciousness/awareness must first adapt itself to another mind precisely before any connection can occur. Most species have the opportunity to block this external access, but you humans do not have this ability. The following is generally relevant: the stronger the unusual abilities of a species, the simpler the adaptation and connection.

Our own abilities have not been developed to be strong enough: therefore, our To use Appearance, first we learn specifically about extraterrestrial mental influences, i.e. – Practice how Appearance Modification works reliably and simply using the on/off switch in your mind.

Answer 47: I have just one more question. At your first meeting in December, you made it clear that you would not discuss scientific issues and unusual phenomena. Why did you change your attitude like this?

Question 47All abnormal things are dualistic, and if they exist in material space, they also exist in the sphere of influence. Let me explain… I guess this will only be explained later, because the sphere of influence is the basis. Since you really can’t accept this knowledge, I’d like to end the scientific questions. We are wasting neither more nor less time with this problem.

We have grown up with this kind of knowledge, we know how these forces are created and where they come from. We learned it through theory and experiment. Not you. That’s why you don’t really understand what happens in your world – you only see one side of existence and not the other. (What I mean is that both are physical worlds)The moment you close your eyes, the field becomes “flat” And extraterrestrial access becomes possible {via the mind} instantly and without restrictions. You say you’re a condition for a more highly developed race, and nothing works. They can adjust their vibrations faster than you can change them. I could demonstrate this process to you, but you’d end up really scared and confused, so we’ll just explain it and call it a day. To you, it may sound like esotericism, mysticism, or magic – as you call it. The reason is simply that you lack a basic understanding of the background or causes of the world you see. All unusual phenomena have a completely scientific origin. Nothing has supernatural powers.You humans last time You asked if there was any chance of defending yourself against these influences, and I told you that the only way to combat these influences was to be alert and mindful. If the mind is kept in this state, the advancements will jump very suddenly and the connections will become complicated; To be more precise, a painful recoil follows.This is not particularly difficult. This is followed by exploration of other consciousnesses/awareness simply through posto-plasmic manifestation in the mind, the sphere of influence becomes responsive and a connection is made. Now, firstly, someone can read someone else’s information, and secondly, you can tell someone else to write the information you want in the right place.When an alien mind begins to be influenced, there are some general appropriate procedures, which consist of the behavior of the alien race. First and foremost, the extraterrestrial frequencies must fall, and in general some processes are carried out automatically by the brain. To summarize, if there is a field oscillation, for this other quasi-electronic brain waves are generated here in the general space {matter exists. You have to be in a place where you can do it.If the abilities are not fully developed, the risk of being discovered is too great for you. On the other hand, of course, various secret lessons about real possibilities are given to those who have the ability. But I really don’t know anything about such things.Some of these abilities are partly inherited; For example, mothers and children of our species are exactly on each other’s wavelength for the first month of life – partly also between the egg and the expectant mother – and communicate telepathically.

To influence you humans with this ability, despite your simple structure, we also need a certain period of practice. That is why, for example, adults of my race who have not passed through the “Age of Light” are prohibited from coming to the surface of the Earth. (This deadline applies equally to everyone and is enforced entirely by physical force)

: I really didn’t see the need because last time I saw you overreacted to that fact and issue. (And now you’re clearly excited) So, I only touched on the subject in a minor way. Obviously, nevertheless, some of my actions today have made you think about your world and not think that it is all bad.

And on the other hand, you human scientists They are going to treat my comment as a “gimmick.” And I don’t think there’s much danger in spreading this information. No one pays attention to this. On the other hand, people try to stereotype me with the words “evil race” based on non-existent mystical powers and magic and their religious knowledge.

There is no magic. There is only highly developed science, and everything you label “magic” is only a part of science. If you just barely understand, you’ve taken a step forward in your development. This is the end of my openness on the matter. Please, please ask another question.

Question 48: Okay. Let’s talk about UFOs. Can you explain to me how our government came into possession of UFO material and when did they begin their project? Was there anything related to the “Roswell Incident”?

Answer 48: Yes, but it wasn’t the first incident. Since I am not a historian, I am merely a student of your current habits, and I assume that my knowledge of such events in your history will not be very extensive.
Let me explain to you what I know about what happened at that time. Let’s think about it for a moment. From 1946 to 1953, your time unit, there were five incidents of alien craft crashing into the Earth’s surface. There is also something called the Roswell Incident, where there was not just one alien craft, but two crashed and broke up in different parts of the western part of the country called the USA. (You should know that the ships of this particular race stayed in the air for some time despite being damaged; this depends on spatial differences {from their crash sites})

This It wasn’t the first crash, it was the second and third crashes in that period. Another ship crashed in 1946, and this one was destroyed before it could be used. So, the number of things broken is quite large compared to a short period of time. Explaining it this way has become an even more strange expression. But this is the correct expression. This did not happen because of the ship’s operation.

On the contrary, it happened because of the field orientation of your planet. These races we are talking about – and these races at this time had disk-shaped airships using propulsion systems based on basic fusion principles – employing more inconvenient methods of field alignment. Although this method had various advantages, it also had disadvantages. The rebounding field must of course be placed at a perfectly precise angle from the Earth’s surface.The alignment technique these races used for their ships was such that the field was fixed at every point in the Earth’s magnetic field. At that time, the species had just arrived on Earth, and the planet they came from was in a fairly stable magnetic field, so they developed navigation techniques. The Earth’s magnetic field is not really all stable; This is an object with cyclical changes, and the shape field is swirling under unfavorable conditions.

When ships using such a navigation system enter the wave of the field or an overly strong vortex, The fields are no longer precisely aligned, bounce for a short period of time, and the ship begins to slide out of control in its flight trajectory. The navigation system worked properly. Just to be clear, waves in the field from all directions can cause a ship to crash.In the 1947 case you pointed out, as I understand it, one of the ships got caught in the wave. The field unintentionally connected to the squad leader affected the other ships, causing them both to suffer severe damage. It is assumed that the cause of the magnetic field fluctuations at the time was probably an electronic disturbance caused by a weather phenomenon.

As a result of the crash of the two ships; One crashed near the initial impact point, and the other crashed about a hundred kilometers away from you. All crew members died on impact. The thin skeletal structure of that type of disk-shaped ship was not very stable, either internally or on its own, and was designed for external pressures applied during flight, not for collision. Now, your human forces are the first to collect fragments, and soon find entire ships with their crews dead. Immediately they classified it as “Top Secret” and moved it to their military base to analyze the navigation system.

The secret work on alien technology made there was to be used later to deal with the evil enemies of the great nation. It’s as primitive as it makes no sense. I believe what I remember – I don’t want to give you the exact date according to your standards – there was a serious accident while studying one of the wrecks that was discovered, probably sometime between 1949 and 1952.

From what I’ve heard – what I’ve heard from members of my species and members of the government at the time – it was the result of unintentional activity of some element of the navigational device in an unprotected state. As a result, for a very short period of time – how can I explain this – there was an unidentified rise to plasma-like conditions in the environment, while a very, very unfortunate accident occurred, turning the normal power field into a magnetic pulse of immense power. Have you ever thought about what effects occur when plasma-magnetics fluctuate? Especially if it comes into contact with organs. No, how can you know, of course you cannot know.

The field structure and bioelectronic response are damaged. Imagine, if you were a human being, your body would be engulfed in a bright flame for about 3 or 4 days. Those flames never go anywhere else; they burn right under the body down to the last component. Well, I guess this gives you an idea of ​​what happened. I think between 20 and 30 of your scientists died in that laboratory. From 1950 to 1953, there were two crashes in water collection areas in the Americas. At this time, complete wreckage could be recovered compared to the incident. (As I recall, one was in 1953, when we were able to obtain a complete drivetrain. That is to say, this was your first time seeing a drivetrain, and you understood the whole concept completely wrong, and you still put it together completely wrong. Even to this day you are not doing it right.)The races back then, the race that built the ship, were us, whereas you are the ones with whom you do not feel comfortable, Naturally, I was concerned about you guys researching your own technology. They did not want to, but nevertheless, in those early days, a direct conflict against you began, and they chose the diplomatic route to contact your 1960s government. [Note: Probably referring to the Zeta Reticulan, the upper part of these is likely to be the three hostile species, including the orange species of Orion]Of course, the real reason they came here, copper, hydrogen, and air, is I hid it and simply pretended to be a curious “researcher” and showed people the functional principles of the ship and expected “favor” from them. Simple-minded people like you, of course, agreed… but this was deceived.

You gave them natural resources and allowed them to set up their own bases. They gave us protected areas. Gave them access to most of your secret defense data, gave them access to your DNA and more – and just unleashed your greed for power and information.

Of course, the alien races quickly realized that they were dealing with simple-minded creatures. And they have given you false and inferior information about their technology and taken more through partnerships with your species.

For example, they have given you high-level unstable elements. They only gave information about the actuator that can be made with low-level elements, but they withheld information about how to make stable field drives in various variations with low-level elements. And in general it has been so.

By going through these half-truths, they made you dependent on higher-level elements, and they updated their own technology. Their clues to creating your “UFOs” were passed on so that solving old problems would create new problems. They never tell the full truth. But you only end up making more and more plausible lies over and over again, and these lead to technical problems – as much as you depend on them…

Throughout the late 1970’s and early 80’s there were various events that ultimately occurred between the extraterrestrial species and your government.I do not want to go into detail about them here. Because we don’t know exactly what happened and we can’t be entirely sure what new and better things will come from those events. Some technical problems with the camouflage and navigation capabilities of your discus craft have arisen during public test flights. As a result, secret work has been threatened. Your military and politicians have been being deceived by the aliens for over 20 years, slowly – very slowly – until a conflict becomes inevitable. The simultaneous disagreements and excessive greed of both sides eventually created a heated argument between the aliens and you.

In the end, three alien flying objects took off and a special-how should I put it-EMP? {Electromagnetic field} weapons and military skirmishes will take place in one underground base. In the aftermath of this attack, the alien species ultimately broke off all contact with you and developed a hostile interpretation of your species.

Therefore, of the three races, one has taken a decidedly hostile attitude toward you, while the other two have become more preoccupied with their own business. They have been waging a cold war for control of the planet, and your old “friends” and allies are preparing to finally get their hands on natural resources and human DNA.

At this point, Perhaps they feel technologically inadequate to have the great power to directly achieve their goals. Nonetheless, we expect negative actions against you – that may not be overt – to occur in the coming years or decades.

Question 49: Are other alien races taking no action against this war-like situation? Especially the highly evolved species that try to stay on Earth.

Answer 49: I would have to say that that question is the wrong question. In particular, the more highly evolved races have no interest in your fate. You are like animals to them. Animals in a very large laboratory. Naturally, alien interference on Earth interferes with their projects. But I don’t think they will go against other races for that reason.

Many are looking for planets other than Earth to study, or are interested in your post-crisis consciousness/awareness, and many are looking for distant planets to study. is observing. As you were observing your humans’ anthill, and another person stepped on the anthill. What would you do? You have no choice but to continue on your way, change your destination to another anthill, or observe the ants going through their crisis.

But who – even the one who stepped on the anthill Even if they are bigger and stronger – will they provide defense for the meaningless ants? Nope. You are imagining yourself from the perspective of more evolved creatures. You are ants. Don’t expect any help from them.

Of course, if it becomes clear that your old associates are trying to rob you, we will ask you if they will help you. Some members of the current Earth human government are well aware of our existence – including in part on an old religious basis. For example, we know that there is a very large underground building in the capital of our race, with elevators leading to the underground system.

In some of these buildings, meetings between us and humans are arranged. Over the years we have been providing you with information; From what I know, we’ve kept our secret as best as we can. You must learn how to solve your problems yourself, or be intelligent enough not to create such situations. What and who can be on your side? Only time will tell. I really don’t want to give any instructions on that.

Question 50: I have brought here 5 different pictures of UFOs and I will show them to you. Can you look at the pictures and explain which ones are real alien flying objects?

Answer 50 : I can. You know I can’t answer properly today. I’ve prepared so many questions. Please don’t overestimate my knowledge. I am not an expert in alien technology and building alien ships. To be clear, most real “UFOs” have several technical structures and characteristics that easily distinguish them from natural or human phenomena. You sometimes forge pictures of ships; because. I guess identifying the object won’t be that easy. Let’s do it. Show me the pictures.

[Ole K.’s comment: She looked at the pictures carefully for a few seconds and then selected pictures 1, 3 and 5.]

The three pictures here are either obvious imitations or misidentifications. In one picture, it looks to me like there is a real-life model of a miniature version of an alien race. However, even in this case, important features related to the field, both technologically and physically, are not expressed well. Generally speaking, all the photos here are fake.

The clearer the color and appearance, the more so. This is because airborne ships are generally hidden in an elevated field environment, and can even change color and even appearance depending on the alignment of the field. This may sound strange, but blurry, spectrally blurred pictures are sometimes decoded for authenticity.

On the other hand, here is an object floating on the water. If this were a real ship, in any case we should be able to observe bulges on the surface. If the water is level, it’s not a real ship. In my personal opinion, none of the three pictures here are real UFOs or flying objects. There are no artificial objects visible here in this picture either;
What you see is closer to reflections from your optical cameras. You really need to be intelligent enough not to fall for these falsifications. Your general public institutions have been chasing counterfeit products and frauds for so long that they always discover and assume too late the truth about what is going on in the atmosphere.

Picture 2: Albee Ausk, France, 1974 #

This is a photo that looks real. This photo shows the minimum essential features. At first glance, you can tell it belongs to an alien race that has been visiting your planet for the past 35 years. This object has a metallic disc shape; There is also a distortion of the shape and color, which indicates that it is being influenced by the field.

Here, the four long white “projectiles” on the and of the ship are pseudo-gravity-directed light manipulation. This shows that there is. In other words, the overall force field is strengthened in the direction of artificial gravity. In fact, this is not the original light. (What you see when you see “UFOs” is not actually light.) But the special, powerfully charged form field itself changes the properties of space and matter into something similar to light. Question 53Perhaps they drew too much attention there. The idea of ​​this ship traveling that distance across the ocean with these kinds of unstable field structures – as seen in your photos – raises concerns that I don’t want to think about. There may be a test base here on your continent. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything more. : Why do you think I’m the only one who can explain the strange impulses of humans? This could be a long-distance test flight or a test flight for electromagnetic camouflage systems. America’s old enemies are in this part of the world. So why don’t they do test flights here? At home they would have had plenty of time to experiment with forward and reverse motion with the ship.Answer 52: Why did they fly to populated areas in Europe? This photo was taken in Belgium. This is something I don’t understand. Can you explain?Question 52 : Yes. In general, I guess that’s true. They appear in the western part of the American continent.Answer 51: I don’t know. Where do military-produced “UFOs” come from, the United States?

Question 51: This probably looks like a case of high-level elements being conventionally reused for ascension, which is very unlikely in any case. This is dangerous and indicates that the area adjacent to the field is completely undefended. Did the person who took this photo see any kind of radiation or burn marks?

This kind of drying doesn’t make the system better, it only makes it more unstable. The cylinders in the front shown in the picture are too close to each other; They are clearly interfering with each other. The colors you see here seem to me like overloaded radioactivity;

They are very dark in color and the optical distortions inside them are very eye-catching. Perhaps the original system was reconstructed by your scientists. Even if the alien race did not hand over any more information after the discrepancy, your scientists could actually rebuild the system at a very crude level without understanding what kind of dangers there might be in what they were doing. There is.

Here, for example, the ship operates using field drives, among other things. Do you see quantum-like distortions around the rotating cylinders? This is convincing evidence of the photo’s veracity. But why? Didn’t you ask about the four cylinders? These cylinders – even if the spacing is irregular – are unusual.

Your project was built to test extraterrestrial navigation fields, but it also has a jet engine system; That’s why they always try to maintain a triangular, streamlined shape so that jet propulsion is possible just in case.

Generally speaking, it resembles the outer framework of real extraterrestrial ships. It is not given any weight. Because by being in the field they are completely cut off from external forces; Typically, ships are built in a round shape – a disk or cylinder – with no sharp edges. This is because the field can easily flow around the ship.

Triangular flying objects are not used by aliens, nor are there any that have this shape. This streamlined form is a human concept. It was created as a secret military project using incomplete extraterrestrial technology – technology acquired from extraterrestrials throughout the 1960s and ’70s.

This is a photo of a real aerial object; But it doesn’t come from extraterrestrial origin.

The reason this special high-energy system works is that the atmosphere does not appear clear; It can survey and influence the environment around it. In any case, the fact that these technologies were photographed by humans makes us think they were acting very carelessly. Hmm, I guess you don’t understand most of my explanation. Considering the general public, it would be better to leave this matter alone.

: After the first document was released, many readers asked you and E.F. asked how we first met. I already know from your explanation, but could you say it one more time so I can write a new document here?

Answer 53: Of course. The story started here in Sweden two years ago your time. Ever since I was young, I have had a strong curiosity about your race and habits; I had already studied as much of your literature as I could at the time. (Naturally, in my homeland it is not easy to own human books. But since my group and family were of high rank, I collected some items and occasionally spoke to others of my race who had had contact with you. I was able to share.)

I was truly very curious about your species, and was given permission to ascend to the surface as quickly as possible. I immediately tried to gather more information; But above all, in my position at the time, initiating direct contact with humans was clearly prohibited because there was no need to do so.

In 1988, your year, I traveled north from here. In a remote forest, near the entrance to my world, I was collecting various biological specimens. The samples were intended to observe how the environmental pollution of your species has destroyed the state of flora and fauna. At the time, I was already on my way back to the entrance – we can orient ourselves more easily using our instinctive sense of the Earth’s magnetic field – and when I arrived near the large lake, I was surprised to find a cabin in the woods.

I could sense human consciousness/awareness inside this hut, and he was none other than E.F. It was. Although I was not permitted to make contact with other races, I had certainly developed camouflage skills for such situations – even in large groups. (But I’ve never actually mixed myself with a group of humans before.) At that moment, a primal curiosity arose; I wanted to talk to the person inside the cabin, so I knocked on the door.

E.F. opened the door and we had an interesting conversation. At that time, I was not yet familiar with his language. However, learning a new language by reading information from the other person’s consciousness/awareness was not very difficult. I simply told him I was from a foreign country in the east. Of course, at the time, he didn’t “recognize” who I was; He was completely convinced that he was talking to a human just based on my disguised image.

No matter how I introduced myself, my goal was to investigate the ecology of the area over the past few days. I visited him as a human being three times over a short period of time. At first we mostly talked about really ordinary things; Later we talked about topics like religion and physics. He seemed impressed by my knowledge.

And I was also impressed by his clear thinking and his well-organized personality and opinions as a person. You like to impose on yourself completely public opinions and conditions. For example, “The reptilian races are evil.” I steered the conversation in that direction.

And while E.F. believes in the existence of aliens, he doesn’t necessarily think they’re evil. I just thought it would be different from humans. That made me happy. It seemed like an opportunity to me at the time, but of course I couldn’t really tell him about my knowledge. Because he wouldn’t believe me – he would think I was just joking.

I was careful to say very, very nonsensical thoughts and show my true self. This process took place during the fourth meeting at the cabin. In fact, he was destined for contact; He was open-minded, honest, and an intellectual unbound by conditions or beliefs; He was living alone in an isolated place, and if he decided to go public with his story, no one would believe him.

I was also afraid to go through with the process. But I had serious doubts as to whether my actions were against the etiquette of my actions. Especially whenever he reacts very violently. Over time, he was able to control himself, and we finally talked about the issues that needed clarification. Now he has no choice but to trust me.

This is the beginning of a series of meetings in a place in the forest. But later we also met at his distant residence. Finally he brought you into contact with me… And that’s why we’re sitting here once again talking about things that we probably don’t believe and don’t want to believe in human society.

Question 54 : You said you weren’t authorized to contact humans at the time. So do you currently have permission to meet E.F. and me and even talk about anything that will be disclosed to the public scientifically?

Answer 54 : Yes. I guess it’s hard to explain it so you can understand. Still, so to speak. I have found a way to put myself in a position where I can be granted permission, no matter what the cost. In this position, I am almost ‘exempt’ from any restrictions. In this way, the current situation is possible.

Question 55: If someone else comes here and tries to contact your species, it will not happen. Is it possible?

Answer 55: Generally, it is not possible. We are reluctant to make contact with you, and when we carry out missions in remote parts of the Earth, we use camouflage to avoid contact with people. Just because I’m here talking to you doesn’t serve as an example to others that it’s possible. I don’t want to tell you here that you may try to find an entrance into my world, or you may infiltrate in your own way.

But there are swift and unfortunate consequences for the intruder. It will work. You will not get another chance to recognize us on earth. You cannot contact us directly, we will contact you like I did with E.F. That kind of contact would be very rare because it is not done according to the rules.

Question 56: Can you describe your underground dwelling? Is there one?

Answer 56 : I’ll try, but I can’t tell you the location. My house is located in the smallest underground facility east of here. I’ll also give you some numbers so you can recall them better.

Wait a minute… Converting our units… . At a depth of 4300 meters above the ground, there is a dome-shaped space.

This space was created as part of a colony about 3000 years ago; The main part of this space has been reconstructed from artificially integrated rock and foam to the ceiling, with a very flat dome gently covering an oval-shaped surface. The diameter of the dome is about 2.5 kilometers in your terms, and the height of the dome is 220 meters at its highest point.

Below the highest point of every colony is a special, almost white, cylindrical building. This building has a honeycomb-shaped structure that supports the dome to prevent it from collapsing. This building is the largest, tallest, and oldest building in the Dome and was built from the ground up to ensure the structural safety of the Dome. (But, of course, it is sometimes rebuilt during use.)

This building has been given a very special name and religious markings. We have one pillar; However, the larger the colony, the greater the number of columns used.

One major colonial state in Central Asia, for example, has nine columns and is over 25 kilometers in diameter. Although the central building is usually just a religious symbol, its pillars also serve as climate control centers and control the lighting system inside the residence. Where we live, there are five large artificial light sources in total, which generate ultraviolet rays and heat using the same principles as gravity. Air circulators and lighting systems drawn from the ground are also connected to the columns, but are of very limited use.

Meanwhile, we have three air circulators and two elevator systems. , and even has underground tunnels connected to the main colony 500 kilometers to the southeast. One elevator leads to a cabin near the ground, and another leads to a dock with ships. The cylindrical ship is hidden below the surface behind a rocky mountain. Typically, only three ships operate from the small dock.

The colony’s other buildings, for the most part, are located in an oval shape around the main pillar and do not attract much attention; Generally, it has a height of about 3 to 20 meters. The exterior of the building is round like a dome. The color of the building varies slightly depending on the distance from the main pillar. To the north of the pillar, there is an additional, domed but very large and flat building. This building operates separately from the colony’s central system and is about 250 meters in diameter. This is an area with artificial sun, giving the interior hallways and rooms a special glow. Very powerful ultraviolet rays dominate this area, which are mainly used to warm the blood.It is also a conference center and a source of medical services. Around the outside of the colony, there is a place to raise animals because we eat meat for nutrition. There are also gardens and mushroom fields to provide another source of nutrition; Additionally, hot and cold water flows from underground. The power plant is located at the edge of the colony. It is based on fusion and supplies energy to the entire colony and its “suns”. My group or “family” resides in the fourth circle from the central main pillar. It’s such a short time. There is a long way to go to explain to you all the buildings and their purposes. Some things may be difficult to explain to you because they are so different from the lifestyle and culture you are accustomed to on earth. You won’t believe my explanation until you actually come and see it.Question 57: Can I see it sometime? Answer 57: I don’t know. maybe. Time offers new opportunities.

Question 58: How many of your species live in this colony?

Answer 58 : About 900 people.

Question 59: This concludes the interview. Do you have any final thoughts for people who will read this?

Answer 59: Yes. I continue to be amazed by the many comments made on what I said; Of course, at the same time, naturally, I am also disappointed by their religious prejudices against me and the voices of hostility deeply ingrained in your hearts.
You must try to free yourself from the old prejudices that arise from the circumstances in which you lived, no matter who did it 5,000 years ago. Free spirits. These are my last words.


Copper 28:27

iridium –

artificial nuclear winter – colder than before

-birds, sharks, various reptiles

small dinosaur 20 million years – lived in cages, used tools, used fire

27 subspecies – 24 are extinct

50 million years after 3 species evolved – highly advanced

10 million years ago – more humanoid species – colonized other planets

your genes were primitive – african continent

1,5 million years ago – species arrived


help apes to evolve faster

our 6th and 7th creation was a reason for a war

reference to the bible

young and genetic engineered species


proof of reptilians


underground cities

-artic, north america, Australia




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