Carl Calleman

Quantum Science of Psychedelics

5th and 6th wave

Carl Calleman’s book “Quantum Science of Psychedelics” is a comprehensive exploration of the evolutionary transformation in human society. Contradicting Darwinian and Newtonian evolutionary theories, Calleman proposes that human evolution occurs in quantum leaps, following geometric patterns pre-described by the ancient Maya.

He connects these patterns to the Mayan calendar and the construction of nine-step pyramids, illustrating a blueprint of creation.

The book delves into the ‘as above, so below’ concept, linking deep space findings to the cosmic structure known as the Preferred Axis in Cosmology, which resonates with ancient myths of the Tree of Life.

This cosmic axis, embodying dualism akin to yin and yang, aligns with the number nine, a significant figure in various global creation myths and understood mathematically by the Maya.

Calleman correlates Mayan knowledge with Earth’s prehistoric archaeological records and human civilizations, suggesting that geometric waves of higher frequencies have progressively created complex life forms and social structures. These quantum waves interact, altering creation’s manifestations.

Psychedelics enter this narrative as tools for mental health, offering relief from severe psychological disorders by fostering a connection with divinity.

The pineal gland, acting as a gateway for geometric wave patterns, is influenced by psychedelics, allowing bypassing of ego consciousness and fostering a holistic connection with the Divine Source.

Calleman also touches upon Shamanism and meditation as methods to reconnect with the Source, responding to feelings of abandonment and fear caused by the Sixth Wave’s dual geometric pattern. He discusses the significant Mayan calendar date in 2012, explaining that it marked a synchronisation of nine creation waves, leading to a phase shift in the Universe.

The book ultimately encourages humanity to align with the Ninth Wave of Unity Consciousness, moving beyond ego limitations and embracing an awakened state of Being. This process, Calleman argues, has the potential to become a new default setting for Conscious Being.

Carl Calleman’s “Quantum Science of Psychedelics,” the concept of “Waves” refers to distinct periods or phases of evolution and consciousness, each characterized by specific qualities and influences on human society and the natural world. These Waves are central to his theory that human evolution and societal development occur in quantum leaps rather than gradual Darwinian progression. Here’s a breakdown of the Waves as mentioned in the text:

Creative Waves

These are fundamental patterns of evolution and consciousness, expressed as geometric wave patterns that influence the development of life and society on Earth.

Fifth Wave (Unity Consciousness)

Starting 102,500 years ago, this Wave is characterized by light, reflective self-consciousness, the emergence of art, spirituality, and ritual. It signifies a time when humanity was closely connected to the Source.

Sixth Wave

Beginning around 3000 BCE, this Wave introduced a dual pattern, symbolized by one side being dark and the other light. This duality led to the dominance of the left-brain ego, creating a sense of separation from the Source and giving rise to individual power dynamics and patriarchal structures.

Ninth Wave (Unity Consciousness)

Activated in March 2011, this Wave represents the highest frequency of consciousness. It has a short cycle of 36 days and is associated with unity consciousness. During its ‘Day’ phases, there’s an easier access to creative vibrations and co-creating new realities. The ‘Night’ phases are times for introspection and alignment with inner consciousness.

Synchronisation of All Nine Waves: On October 28, 2011, all nine waves of creation synchronized, leading to a phase shift in the Universe. This event was significant in Calleman’s interpretation of the Mayan calendar and had profound implications for the evolution of consciousness.

Calleman’s theory posits that these Waves are holographic in nature, affecting all levels of creation from the macrocosmic (like galaxies) to the microcosmic (such as human consciousness). The influence of these Waves is seen in the development of human societies, the rise and fall of civilizations, and the evolution of consciousness. Psychedelics, according to Calleman, play a role in aligning with these Waves, particularly in bypassing the ego-dominated consciousness of the Sixth Wave and embracing the unity consciousness of the Ninth Wave.

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