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Frank Ontario

The 12 Elohim

The twelve Elohim, also known as the Anunnaki Councils or Founders. This topic has long been a subject of fascination. The term “Elohim,” originating from Hebrew scriptures and translating to “God,” appears over 2,500 times in the Old Testament.

These beings are described as the divine twin flames of the godhead, responsible for creating male and female beings in their image. They are powerful angelic entities born from the essence of divine power, embodying the purest form of divine principles.

The Elohim, also referred to as the Anunnaki or Star Seeders, are credited with creating planets and star systems, essentially acting as the architects of our physical universe.

Within their structure, they include Elemental Builders responsible for various natural elements and have dominion over entities like Gnomes, Salamanders, Sylphs, and Undines.

The Elohim and their feminine counterparts are considered the builders of creation, responding to the divine command of “Let there be light.”

It is believed that the Elohim mastered the use of creative powers such as thought, emotion, spoken word, and action, as intended by God.

They are said to have manifested our entire system, with Earth being a part of this creation.

Each star system is governed by twelve male and twelve female councils, who are thought to incarnate as human beings.

The mythological figure Hercules is suggested to be a remnant of ancient encounters with the Elohim, with his image evolving over time due to the degradation of human soul faculties and a tendency towards idolatry.

From a dimensional point of view, our planet and others were engineered by the Elohim and Anunnaki, and as humanity evolves in consciousness, new aspects of the universe will become visible to us.

The Earth is a microcosm of the Galaxy’s history and the collective human experience on Earth is a reenactment of galactic history.


The Elohim meaning “Gods” in Hebrew are a demiurgic intelligence sent by Creation/God to assist in forming a series of planets across many galaxies where access to free will and higher states of consciousness could be achieved.

The Elohim are a group of twelve etheric beings or dyads (24 beings in total) or the Instrumentators surrounded by the Etheric Higher Consciousness Light (EH-C Light) within the body of the Elohim.

The EH-C Light is made up of high vibrational photonic plasma from the 13 Dimensional Level.

The Elohim helped form the physical or corporeal Earth, anchored the human vibration, and assisted in fostering free will as an access pathway to higher consciousness.