Joy Kingsborough

Historical Context and Lessons from Atlantis

Rise and Fall of Atlantis

Atlantis, along with Lemuria and Egypt, represents ancient advanced civilizations with significant knowledge of frequency, energy, and consciousness.

Atlantis was primarily driven by masculine energy (focused on technology and outcomes), whereas Lemuria was driven by feminine energy (nurturing and emotional balance).

The fall of Atlantis is attributed to the inability to integrate these masculine and feminine energies harmoniously. This resulted in conflicts and imbalances that led to its downfall.

Migration and Influence Post-Fall

After the fall of Atlantis, its survivors spread across the globe, settling in places like Egypt, Mesoamerica, and China.

Atlanteans often overtook local leaders and established themselves as rulers and teachers, using their advanced knowledge to influence and guide the development of these new civilizations.

This was sometimes done with force or through the use of advanced technology that local populations could not understand or resist.

Technological and Cultural Legacy

The Atlanteans carried with them knowledge of geometry, numerology, and frequency, which they integrated into the cultures they influenced.

For example, the precision and mathematical alignment found in the construction of the pyramids are seen as remnants of Atlantean influence.

This knowledge was intended to help humanity progress and avoid the same mistakes that led to the downfall of Atlantis.

Atlantean Beings and Their Origin

Atlanteans were not entirely human but came from different star systems, having lived on Earth for eons.

They played a role in cultivating early human civilizations and enhancing human consciousness.

Their genetic manipulation and influence helped Homo sapiens rise rapidly in consciousness, outpacing other hominid species like Neanderthals.

Cosmic and Planetary Cycles

The rise and fall of civilizations like Atlantis are part of Earth’s natural cycles, which involve periodic resets through events like floods and pole shifts.

These cycles help realign the planet and prepare it for new phases of growth and development.

Current Relevance and Future Insights

The current era is seeing a resurgence of interest in Atlantean knowledge, as humanity is once again learning to balance technology (masculine) and emotional/spiritual awareness (feminine).

This integration is crucial for avoiding past mistakes and achieving a higher state of collective consciousness.

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