The 7 Hermetic principles

The Hermetic principles provide a foundation for understanding the universe and our place within it.

1 The Principle of Mentalism

    This principle states that “The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental.” It suggests that everything in the universe is a creation of the mind, and thus, our reality is shaped by our thoughts.

    The power of thought in shaping our reality, touching upon the idea that our consciousness creates our life experiences. The power of the placebo effect was highlighted as an example of how belief and mental states can influence physical health and outcomes.

    2 The Principle of Correspondence

      This principle is often summarized by the phrase “As above, so below; as below, so above.” It implies that there is harmony, agreement, and correspondence between the different planes of existence—physical, mental, and spiritual.

      The idea that cells in our body mirror larger processes was mentioned, illustrating how small-scale processes reflect larger ones. This principle ties into how our internal state can manifest in our external reality and vice versa.

      3 The Principle of Vibration

        This principle posits that nothing rests; everything moves and vibrates. Different states of being are the result of different rates of vibration.

        The concept that our thoughts and emotions have vibrational frequencies that influence our physical reality was discussed. Positive thoughts create a positive vibration that can enhance our health, while negative thoughts can create a harmful vibration.

        4 The Principle of Polarity

          This principle explains that everything has its pair of opposites, and that opposites are identical in nature but different in degree.

          The idea that good and bad are not separate, but different degrees of the same thing. The importance of moving our mental and emotional focus from negative to positive poles was highlighted.

          5 The Principle of Rhythm

            This principle states that everything flows in and out, rises and falls, and moves according to certain rhythms. These rhythms establish cycles, stages of development, and patterns.

            Life cycles, such as how cells regenerate and how beliefs influence our biological processes, illustrates the natural rhythms and cycles that govern existence.

            6 The Principle of Cause and Effect

              This principle asserts that every cause has its effect, and every effect has its cause. Nothing happens by chance, and there are no coincidences.

              How our beliefs (causes) create our physical realities (effects). For example, believing that we are sick can cause illness, while believing in our health can cause wellness.

              7 The Principle of Gender

                This principle states that gender exists in everything; it manifests as the masculine and feminine principles. These principles are not just about sex but about the dynamic creative force that drives the universe.

                Both masculine and feminine characteristics exist within us and how they need to be balanced. The idea that cells embody both types of characteristics, and how these can be aligned for holistic health, was explored.


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