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Atlantis and the Creation of Races

Source: Mathias de Stefano

Ancient Times

Elohim, as architects, created life in the universe starting from the sixth dimension, representing the pattern of life.

Early Human History

Annunaki Arrival: The Aesir (known as Annunaki), giants from another planet, arrived in the Middle East. They mixed with humans, creating a new civilization.

Poseidon’s Migration: Poseidon, known as Thalon, moved 12 children from the Middle East to the Atlantic Ocean, forming the 12 families of Atlantis.

Formation of Atlantis

12 Families: These families divided the main island of Atlantis into 12 regions, each controlled by one family. They acted as guides rather than rulers, maintaining information from the stars.

Geological Events:

Formation of Water on Earth: Around 4.6 billion years ago, when the moon collided with Earth, creating the Pacific Ocean and bringing elements necessary for water formation.

Evolution of Life:

First Species Creation:

Initial species were ethereal beings created from fire and gas on planets like Jupiter and Saturn.

Evolution progressed with beings created from water and minerals, leading to intelligent species such as the Pleiadians.

Earth’s Evolution:

Life started in water, with whales being among the first species capable of holding vast information.

Evolution continued with various beings, including early hominids in Africa.

Human Evolution

Selection of Hominids

Early hominids in Africa, such as those in South Africa, Congo, Egypt, Arabia, and India, were selected by extraterrestrial beings for their ability to receive and process information.

Genetic Experiments

Extraterrestrial beings, including Arcturians, conducted genetic experiments through reproduction to create Homo sapiens. This included interbreeding with humans on Earth.

Development of Human Races:

Different races were developed to adapt to various types of information, ensuring diversity and the accumulation of vast knowledge.

Current Civilization

Role of Humans:

Humans are seen as the holders of diverse genetic information from various star systems, crucial for future exploration and colonization of the galaxy.

Future Implications:

Exploration and Colonization:

Humans are expected to populate other planets and star systems, utilizing their diverse genetic information to adapt and thrive in new environments.

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