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Anannaki and the connection to Atlantis

The Anunnaki’s Involvement

The Anunnaki were connected to the time of Atlantis but were not the primary rulers or overseers of Atlantis itself. They were influential during this period, contributing to the genetic and technological advancements of human civilization.

Genetic Manipulation and Enhancing Human Consciousness

The Anunnaki played a significant role in the genetic manipulation of early humans, which contributed to the rapid advancement of Homo sapiens in terms of consciousness and abilities.

This genetic enhancement helped Homo sapiens develop a more balanced frequency and consciousness, making them more suited for advanced development compared to Neanderthals, who were more violent and animalistic.

Presence During Key Historical Periods

The Anunnaki’s activities were part of broader cosmic and planetary cycles that included significant events like the rise and fall of Atlantis.

They were among various advanced beings who influenced Earth’s early civilizations, providing knowledge and technology that would shape human development.

Technology and Civilization Building:

Use of Advanced Technology:

The Anunnaki, like the Atlanteans, used advanced technology to dominate and guide early human civilizations. Their technology was far beyond the understanding of the native human populations.

This advanced technology and knowledge helped lay the foundations for the development of complex societies and the dissemination of crucial information about the nature of reality and consciousness.

Mission and Intent

The Anunnaki aimed to help humanity rise in consciousness and evolve rapidly. Their interventions were intended to accelerate human development and ensure that humans could attain a higher state of awareness and capability.

Their influence was both beneficial and domineering, as they often took control of human societies to implement their advanced knowledge and technology effectively.

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