Matias De Stefano

Civilized humanity emerged around 70,000 years ago

70,000 BCE

Timeline of Civilization: Matias De Stefano discusses the emergence of civilized humanity, estimating it to be around 70,000 years ago. He suggests that civilization developed gradually, with pockets of advanced societies forming across the globe over time.

Atlantis: Matias delves into the topic of Atlantis, describing it as a highly advanced civilization that existed in the past. He explains that Atlantis faced challenges, including political instability, economic crises, and climatic changes. However, rather than experiencing a sudden collapse, Atlantis went through a gradual decline over many years.

Factors Leading to Atlantis’s Downfall: Matias elaborates on the various factors that contributed to the decline of Atlantis. These factors include internal conflicts, external pressures, and environmental changes such as climate shifts.

Predecessor Civilizations – Lemuria and Mu: Matias briefly mentions Lemuria and Mu as civilizations that preceded Atlantis. He hints at their existence and influence, suggesting that they may have played a role in shaping the ancient world.

Ancient Architects: Matias discusses the role of ancient architects, emphasizing their multidisciplinary knowledge and skills. He suggests that ancient architects were not just builders but individuals who possessed a deep understanding of various disciplines, including music, art, spirituality, mathematics, and geometry.

Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs: Matias explores the civilizations of the Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs, highlighting their architectural achievements, cultural practices, and spiritual beliefs. He explains that these civilizations were deeply rooted in spirituality and ancestral reverence, reflected in their monumental structures such as pyramids.

Antarctica and Pounta: Matias briefly mentions Antarctica and the potential discovery of ancient structures hidden beneath its ice. He suggests that Antarctica may hold secrets of ancient civilizations, hinting at the possibility of uncovering remnants of settlements or temples beneath the ice.

Interconnectedness of Civilizations: Throughout the interview, Matias emphasizes the interconnectedness of ancient civilizations and the importance of understanding their wisdom and knowledge in the context of contemporary spirituality and societal evolution. He suggests that studying the past can provide valuable insights into humanity’s journey and potential future directions.

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